EU Claims Russia Supports “Far Right”

European Union leaders are going to discuss “intelligence” which they claim supports allegations that the Russian government helps “European far-right parties and movements.”

The far-fetched claims form part of a large campaign against Russia, which has included the closing down of Russian state broadcaster RT’s bank accounts in Britain.


According to an article in the Financial Times (FT), EU leaders “are to discuss covert Russian funding of far-right and fringe parties in Europe in light of intelligence findings that show that Moscow is interfering in European domestic politics” on October 21.

Senior EU diplomats told the FT that the intelligence agencies of “several” countries had stepped up scrutiny of possible links with Moscow.

“It’s a serious concern. It becomes an existential concern,” a senior diplomat involved in preparations for the talks told the newspaper.

Opinion against Russia has sharpened since the attacks on the ISIS-held Syrian city of Aleppo—because the EU would rather support the terrorist ISIS against the Syrian government.

Other examples referred to in the article include a 2014 loan of €9 million to France’s Front National from a Russian bank. The FT claimed that the bank was “said to be close to Mr. Putin.”

In addition, “further questions were raised a year ago” when the European Parliament stripped immunity from an MEP from the nationalist Hungarian party, Jobbik, so prosecutors could pursue an inquiry into whether he spied for Russia,” the FT continued. Of course, nothing ever came from that “investigation,” a fact the FT declined to point out.

The Financial Times report then ended its article with the admission that there wasn’t any proof at all for the claims, saying that “no policy conclusions are expected from the EU summit” because the “question of any response is riddled with difficulty, not least because of the covert nature of Russia’s activities.”

At the same time, all the bank accounts of Russian broadcaster RT in Britain were closed down, that station’s editor-in-chief announced today.

The UK bank servicing RT, Natwest, gave notice that it was closing the broadcaster’s accounts, without explanation. “They closed our accounts in Britain. All of them. ‘Decision not to be discussed’. Long live freedom of speech!” RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said on her Twitter account.

An article in RT quoted John Laughland, Director of Studies at the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris, as saying that the move was “part of a coordinated EU policy aimed against Russian-linked organizations.”

Laughland noted that the British government took over the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2008, at the time of the financial crisis, and still owns approximately 75 percent of its shares.

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  1. Tell us about that low life scum Soros financing the lefty marxist scum who force third world immigration into Europe! Pot, kettle, black. Merkel inviting the same scum.

    1. Exactly. Would it be too much trouble to investigate Soros? Everyone and his dog knows that Soros doesn’t just interfere in European domestic politics, he runs the whole effin show.

    1. What bloody cheek from those EU Jew and anti-white spokesmen to accuse others of interference. A few years ago the EU intervened in the fighting in the Ukraine and suddenly in Kiev’s Maidan Square before the world’s press & cameras they had the French Jew ‘philosopher’ Henri Bernard Levi welcome the Ukraine as a new EU member before the Ukrainians had yet decided wether to join the EU or move politically closer to Russia. Now that’s what I call EU/Jew chutzpah/interference.

  2. Picking on Russia & Pution is just a convenient distraction / diversionary tactic to & cover up the UEU. (Useless European Union) self made disaster.
    The Obama Administration is picking on Russia because they instigated cleaning up the intentional mess made by Obama & the Bush mob’s blatant interference in the Middle East.

    So Putin decided to clean it up and USA is really pissed off because their incompetence is on show.

    The Ukraine was conned into rebelling against Russia by the EU to discredit Putin, after all he was trying to protect his only ice free port for the Russian navy. Did the EU / USA have ambitions for that Naval base? Both EU & USA need to stop trying to run the world as their own territory. Nobody.wants their presence except probably the WWW!

  3. Yep.

    And note a word about the EU directly sponsoring the black/brown takeover of Europe through its absurd ‘asylum’ and ‘rescue’ policies and its obscene ‘quotas’ which force previously unsullied states to turn black.
    – and those bastards in the EU keep linking any oppostion to their evil scheming to Vladimir Putin, a man I’ve never met and do not know.

  4. The EU elites are lap dogs of US of A and seek to destroy europa with malicious politicians and bad policies. They have turned europa into a cesspit with high unemployment, high insecurity, high debts, high social costs, high risks continent.

  5. The EU is illegitimate, Russia funding right wing organizations is a good sign of things to come. The patient man is always rewarded.

  6. And the rest of the world supporting far left is fine?
    Besides, Russia is anti-white like the rest.
    “Bell1” gives it in a nutshell.

    1. if you believe Russia is anti white , you are totally delusional, SOURCE = My cousin works there , majority of Russians are white.

      1. Media propaganda is. So they are working on it. 20+ million muslims alone.
        They might be majority white for now. No free stuff, and men would kill non-whites for RAPING CHILDREN.

  7. Since when did ‘Normal’ thinking people become, “Far-right”? I didn’t notice the ground moving under my feet. So, Russia and another conspiracy theory. The Russians are renowned for promoting and supporting “Far-left” (most of the political elite of Europe) but they have never, to my knowledge, manipulated politics to achieve a, ‘normal’ view. The better idea is that the current political elite need a distraction and this is it.

  8. So Moscow “is interfering in European domestic politics”? I seem to recall that a certain B. Obama travelled all the way across the pond in an attempt to bully the British people into remaining in the E.U. shortly before the referendum on continued membership. A sentence containing references to kettles and pots comes to mind…

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