EU Court: States Not Allowed to Question Refugees if they Claim to be Homos

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that European Union member states are not allowed to question the claims of any nonwhite invader claiming asylum in Europe on the basis of being persecuted for being a homosexual.

The decision, which opens the door for all invaders to claim to be homosexuals without fear of being exposed as liars, was made by the ECJ in Luxembourg today, in a ruling on an appeal by a Nigerian invader whose claim to asylum in Hungary was rejected.

The court ruled that Hungarian immigration officials should not have put the Nigerian through psychological tests to determine whether he was telling the truth that he was a homosexual, the court said.

Barring use of sexual orientation testing as an invasion of “the most intimate aspects” of life, the court said that the unidentified man from Nigeria should not have been pressured into examinations that included drawing a picture of a person in the rain and the Rorschach ink-blot test.

The unnamed man filed a request for “refugee” status in the Hungarian city of Szeged in April 2015. He claimed that, as a homosexual, he faced persecution in his home country.

On the basis of a number of tests, the Hungarian state-appointed psychologist concluded that the Nigerian man was not homosexual and his claim was rejected, prompting an appeal.

The EU court ruled: “The performance of such a test amounts to a disproportionate interference in the private life of the asylum seeker.”

In responding to the Hungarian court which referred the case, the ECJ said it was acceptable to seek expert opinion but this must be obtained in ways consistent with human rights and should not be the sole basis of a ruling.

Hungary’s government has been in the forefront of efforts, particularly among ex-communist states in the east, to stiffen the European Union’s frontiers against the fake asylum invasion.

The decision means that any invader from anywhere, coming from a Third World which is universally hostile to homosexuals, can claim “asylum” even if there is plentiful evidence that they are not.

Even worse, once granted “asylum,” nothing stops these fakers from then “converting” to heterosexuality, but still claiming asylum based their alleged past behavior in their home countries as being a “threat” to their lives should they be returned home.

The ongoing obsession with homosexuality and other mentally-ill sexual deviancies is thus proving to be highly destructive to the very concept of civilization, and it is becoming increasingly clear that it forms part of a broader attack on all things normal, traditional—and European.

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  1. Way beyond stupidity! The EU assholes should
    practice yoga, bend over backwards and kiss their asses and all of Europe goodbye.

  2. The fact is that just about anyone can lie and claim to be a homosexual.

    Unlike cases of so-called ‘political persecution’ the fraudster needs not be schooled in concocting stories about this or that faction which could be corroborated. Neither can the fraudster need to be of a ‘persecuted’ ethnicity or religion.

    Thus, this damned stupid ruling will open the floodgates to a simply massive and unlimited flow of non whites into the EU.

    More and more I am confirmed in the opinion that brexit was the right thing to do – and of the great debt Britain owes to Nigel Farage.

  3. Bearing in mind that the mass majority of ‘invaders’ ARE NOT REFUGEES, the EU is proving how bent they are in establishing FACTS FROM FICTION. No wonder the ordinary taxpayer in some countries are getting angry about the dictatorship of the EU. So glad, the UK said ‘LEAVE’.

  4. So the shitholes will discharge more of their sewage into Europe. They’re so weak they deserve to disappear under the sewage!

  5. Since the ruling is de facto Communist, has anyone ever read the preface of the editorial “The Ultimate Goal of Communism” by the same people behind the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?

    If not, then it can be read here:

    Here are some gems:

    “Many other countries in Africa and South America have ruled under the guise of a republic or a democratic nation, but are in fact practicing socialism. What’s more, there are also countries in Europe and North America that are not aware how their values have been eroded by communism.

    Whether it has expanded its influence with violence or infiltrated society in secrecy, the communist specter has resorted to destroying culture—established by the Creator to ultimately save people—as its way of annihilating mankind.

    After losing their culture, humanity will lose their standards for how to be human. In the eyes of gods, people will become mere animals covered in human skin—incapable of restraining themselves through morality—leading to their rapid descent toward depravity. They will be rendered unable to understand the heavenly message the Creator will reveal to save people. Consequently, people will lose their chance of being saved when calamity strikes. This is the biggest cataclysm awaiting all lives—to be forever destroyed—and the communist specter’s ultimate goal.”

    In Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,


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