EU Feeds, “Protects,” and “Assists” Invaders Massing in Libya

The European Union has set aside an additional €90 million (US $95 million) to a €120 million (US $127 million) project which will provide food, healthcare, and “assistance to, and protection of, migrants and refugees at disembarkation points” in Libya.

According to a press release issued by the European Commission—the EU’s executive body—the additional €90 million will be used for the “protection of migrants and improved migration management in Libya.”

High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini was quoted as saying that “Libya and the Libyans have been and stay a top priority [for the EU].

“We are working to promote a political solution to the Libyan crisis and to support the Libyan authorities on the many challenges they have to face, including the managing of the migration flows,” Mogherini said, omitting to add that it was the EU’s military campaign against the Gadhafi government which caused the crisis in the first place.

“As the first donor for Libya, we already are providing a sizeable package of support worth €120 million to assist the authorities and the population,” she continued.

“We are addressing the appalling situation the migrants stranded in Libya face, together with international organizations such as IOM and UNHCR.

“The additional €90 million we adopt today are aimed at protecting and assisting migrants in the country, and the people who host them.”

The Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, said in the press release that by “supporting actions in Libya, today’s newly adopted program will address the needs of the migrants and contribute to a better management of migration flows.”

The statement also effectively admitted that the Third World invaders who claim to be refugees are all utterly bogus. The admission was contained in the detailed explanation of the new assistance program, which said that money was also being set aside to facilitate the “voluntary return of migrants from Libya to their countries of origin.”

To this end, the EU estimates that “voluntary humanitarian returns and reintegration of migrants to their countries of origin” aims to help 15,000 such invaders go home—a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of thousands who are pouring into Libya to swindle their way into Europe.

However, the main thrust of the program remains helping the invaders in Libya—which will have the effect of encouraging the invasion, not deterring it.

According to the EU statement, €48 million has been set aside for “assistance to, and protection of, migrants and refugees at disembarkation points, in detention centers and urban settings (e.g. primary healthcare, psychological first aid, identification of vulnerable persons — including children — access to food and non-food items).”

In addition, the EU cash—raised of course from the taxpayers in member states—will provide for the “creation of ‘Safe Spaces’ as alternatives to detention (shelters providing 24/7 care and specialized services); assistance to migrants on the move in the form of information on viable options (including returns), and risks of irregular migration as well as food and non-food items; collection and analysis of data on mixed migration flows, routes, and trends through a ‘Displacement Tracking Mechanism’ which will help better understand the migration dynamics.”

Another €42 million has been set aside for “socioeconomic development at municipal level and local governance” in Libya, with the aim of “strengthening [the] capacities of local authorities to provide services and foster local development and stability, through provision and access to quality services for Libyans and migrants (including health facilities and education and rehabilitation of local infrastructures for example) and through local economic development and access to job opportunities (including through safe income for migrants and host communities in the South where smuggling and trafficking provide major revenues).”

The program will be implemented through five partners: 1) the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 2) the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), 3) the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 4) the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and 5) the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

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  1. 'Managing migration flows'.

    -Weasel words meaning 'massive uncontrolled black African immigration into Europe'.

    Jonathan Ported.

  2. EU cash—raised of course from the taxpayers in member states
    With respect, this isn't quite true, at least in the current cashflow sense. The costs will be added to debt. Debt is managed by the Jewish paper money system, adding to the colossal debt which whites are expected to pay into the indefinite future. Thus, Jews expect to make money in future, while damaging Europe; Libya having already been damaged. A win-win situation, for Jews, while the propaganda lies are still believed.

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