EU Gives Cash to Invaders in Turkey

Taxpayers in the European Union (EU) have been forced to start paying monthly cash grants to invaders in Turkey who claim to be Syrians to the tune of at least €348 million, it has emerged.

The scheme means that the EU is now paying the nonwhite hordes while they are still on their way to Europe, effectively encouraging them to carry on with their trek.


The arrangement will give cash to anyone claiming to be a refugee from Syria via pre-paid cash cards which are supposed to be used for food, housing, schooling, or medical expenses in Turkey.

The program, launched on Monday, is called the “Emergency Social Safety Net” (ESSN), and is part of the EU’s already failed “deal” with Turkey to try and reduce the hordes of nonwhites invading Europe from that country.

“Today we launch the biggest and largest humanitarian project the EU has ever supported. It will provide a basic source of income for one million Syrian refugees,” EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides told a news conference.

ESSN is being implemented by the World Food Program and the Turkish Red Crescent, in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

A fact sheet issued by the EU on the program said that the ESSN funding is “on top of €164 million that the EU has already made available for humanitarian aid projects in Turkey since the beginning of the year.”

The invaders will each receive an electronic card, into which monthly transfers are made.

The EU fact sheet said that this will “provide them with the dignity of choice”—in other words, there is actually no control over what they choose to spend the money on.

Under the heading, “who can apply for ESSN support?,” the EU fact sheet says that “humanitarian aid is intended for the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis, whether they are Syrian or non-Syrian, registered as refugees or not,” and that “a referral system will be put in place as part of the ESSN to address the needs of other persons of concern too.”

This means that the EU knows very well that it is not just those claiming to be Syrians in Turkey who will receive the cash, but any invader from anywhere who has managed to get to Turkey on their way to Europe, and who can show “need.”

The fact sheet adds that the “Facility for Refugees in Turkey” has an overall budget of €3 billion for 2016–2017, made up of €1 billion from the EU budget, and €2 billion from the EU Member States.

The cash payments in effect mean that the invading hordes will receive their first taste of European cash handouts even before they reach the Continent.

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  1. They will keep on printing their Euros until they are completely worthless……..must be getting advice from Mugabe in Zimbabwe!

  2. We must get together and deal with all forms of traitors immediately.
    I can’t deal with humiliation any more.
    There is only one punishment, and we all know it.
    If we the people don’t deal with non-whites in Europe, we are all as good as dead anyway…

  3. If they want give handouts to people in need, they should start in Greece. Christos Stylianides sounds like a Greek name to me. It seems the irony is lost on him.

  4. Just a question… Who’s left in Syria? I would think by now the country is empty. With all the mooches in Turkey and Europe looking for a free ride the place would have vacancy signs on the country. Maybe the white hordes of Europe should move there and take the oil and live like Saudi Kings!

  5. “Taxpayers in the European Union (EU) have been forced to start paying monthly cash grants to invaders in Turkey who claim to be Syrians to the tune of at least €348 million, it has emerged”

    I suspect that this will probably be due to blackmail by Turkey but the media will not directly say so in case it derails Turkey’s process to EU membership.

  6. No end to the idiocy of the EU. First Merkel invites all and sundry to come to EU then they gives them monthly payouts to encourage them more. Now she is talking about similar agreements with North African countries, oh deep joy! Just further proof the EU is completely useless at government. Lets just get on with leaving this hopeless self destructive bunch of idiots.

  7. Sounds pretty bulletproof, I’m sure that there will be no scandal or massive fraud associated with this scheme, what could go wrong. Think about the children you heartless swines. Hey scarecrow, did you see where I put down that clock.

  8. Maybe a conspiracy theory, but I can’t help thinking the millions of young ethnic males being imported into Europe, are here as a replacement male population, for when the enablers begin ww3, and conscript millions of white europeans for bloodshed in the name of kalergi.

  9. The chosenites and their lackeys do everything to bring us down. We are in the final lap. and as Graham Richards above has already pointed out the Euro is simply being printed.

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