EU Hypocrisy: Turkey “Refugee Deal”

The European Union’s “refugee deal” with Turkey is a staggering display of political hypocrisy and will boost, not slow, the nonwhite invasion of Europe, an analysis of its various components reveals.


The deal has followed an EU-Turkey summit held in Brussels, where it was agreed that in return for Turkey “slowing down” the influx of “refugees,” the Europeans will speed up Turkey’s application for membership in the bloc and also provide a €3 billion ($3.2 billion) “aid package” to that country.

Furthermore, all indications are that the EU leadership also plans to import Third World invaders directly into Europe from Turkey. A European Commission meeting on November 30 between leaders of eight member states agreed to prepare a framework for a “voluntary scheme” to resettle invaders from Turkey by December 15.

This move was immediately described by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a “trick” through which another half million or more invaders would be brought into Europe.

According to Orbán, the plan to take in invaders directly from Turkey was also raised at a summit of EU leaders in Malta last month, but it was shelved after it became clear that some countries—including Hungary—were prepared to use their veto power to block it.

For his part, the Turkish Prime Minister described the agreement with the EU as a “new beginning” for his country. He said he was “thankful to all European leaders for this new beginning, which is not just a beginning of a meeting but the beginning of a new process, which is very important for the future of our common bond in Europe.”

However, he then went on to demand that the €3 billion payment be made annually, and not just as a one-off.

Typically, the EU leadership caved in, and agreed that the money would only be an “initial” payment. Further payments would be made after reviews “in light of the developing situation.”

In return, Turkey was supposed to have stopped all illegal immigration into Greece from its shores—something which has of course not happened at all, and which it is doubtful that the Turks could stop if they wanted to.

Just a few months ago, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said there would be a five-year pause before any more countries were allowed to join the EU, when it became clear that almost no European governments were in favor of allowing Turkey to join the union, arguing that the cultural, geopolitical, and economic differences are too significant. (Interestingly, one of the few EU leaders to support Turkey’s membership bid has been Britain’s David Cameron.)

Arguments being used against Turkish EU membership just a few months ago included the threat of unemployment which would follow visa-free entry for millions of Turks into Europe, and the fact that Turkey will require massive EU subsidies. Its gross national income per capita is just $18,800, less than even that of Greece.

Turkish membership of the EU is therefore likely to result in an even greater economic catastrophe than that which occurred in Greece.

Also, it was argued, Turkey’s political system is now under the control of a party with roots in Islamism, and is still in an undeclared war with Greece over a territorial dispute on the island of Cyprus.

Not mentioned by the EU objectors, perhaps for fear of being called “racist,” is the fact that Turkey’s 75 million strong population is overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim—the same sect as all of North Africa, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh—precisely the nations from where the most fundamentalist Islamists have come.

The deal will also in fact speed up the nonwhite invasion, not slow it down. Firstly, EU membership will grant 75 million Turks visa-free access to Europe, and also thereby make it even easier for “refugees” in that country to cross over into the Balkan states.

As the New Observer pointed out earlier, the plan to admit Turkey to the visa-free EU arrangement will, contrary to Merkel and the EU’s belief, actually only worsen the problem.

The reason for this is that Turkey abolished visa requirements for Syria (as of Sept. 16, 2009); Libya (as of Nov. 24, 2009); Jordan (as of Dec. 2, 2009); Tajikistan (as of Dec. 13, 2009); Azerbaijan (as of Dec. 25, 2009); Lebanon (as of Jan. 11, 2010); and Saudi Arabia (as of Jan. 10, 2010).

This means that any Third World invader, who gets into any one of those countries, essentially has free passage into Turkey—and will also have free passage into Europe should Turkey join the EU.

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  1. Of course they don’t actually want to solve the problem that they intentionally created! They must be removed from office and prosecuted as the criminals they are!

  2. Without any doubt the visa-free entry for millions of Turks into Europe by fall of 2016 is the most troubling part of this “agreement” – let’s hope that Schengen will be scrapped by then!

  3. So Turkey helps create the problem & wants money to offer the “solution” & the EU falls for it.

    The fact that Bilal Erdogan is involved in the purchase of IS oil & was at a mosque where I.S flags were present, obviously means that they don’t support I.S by stealth….

  4. The Empress of Europe has invited Turkey to join Europe. What else does her majesty have in store for Europe ? Seems all she is dishing out is BS. Perhaps a democratic voted ?

  5. Billions of Euros will be given to Turkey for nothing. I doubt they will stop anyone. The Turks will just charge the migrants an ‘over ride tax’. There is only one way to stop the migrants and that is to patrol the Aegean yourselves. Let Orban run Europe and junk Juncker.

  6. Germany’s new flag should be pure white in honor of Merkel’s negotiating skills and all that she has done for Europe even though she is not officially running Europe.

  7. Let’s see whether the EU is committed to combatting religious discrimination by insisting that 50% of the refugees imported to the EU must be Christians and persecuted minorities like Yazidis, Mandaeans, etc.

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