EU Ignores Warning of CBW Attack

The European Union has deliberately ignored an official warning from its own research service which says that Europe must prepare itself for the possibility of a chemical or biological weapon (CBW) attack upon its shores.

The December 2015 report, titled “ISIL/Da’esh and ‘non-conventional’ weapons of terror” was prepared by the European Parliamentary Research Service as a briefing for Members of the European Parliament, but has been blacked out by the controlled media—and the EU itself.

Briefing European Parliamentary Research Service

According to the report, ISIS “may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks” and have already recruited suitable scientific personnel and “already smuggled chemical and biological weapons into Europe.”

The type of attack could be a “dirty nuclear bomb” (an explosion which distributes radioactive waste material), biological, or chemical weapons, the report warned.

It points out that at least 150 cases of nuclear or radiological trafficking have been reported last year, and that “chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) substances” have been carried undetected into the European Union. Interpol’s monthly intelligence reports show numerous examples of attempts to acquire, smuggle, or use CBRN materials.

Intelligence services have also been warned to screen returning terrorist fighters for “specialist chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear knowledge.”

Furthermore, the report says, ISIS has “recruited and continues to recruit hundreds of foreign fighters, including some with degrees in physics, chemistry, and computer science, who experts believe have the ability to manufacture lethal weapons from raw substances.”

ISIS is documented to have used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq. The group appears to have manufactured rudimentary chemical-warfare shells, and used them to attack Kurdish positions in Iraq and Syria at least three times in June and July 2015.

The report says that there is a particular risk that terrorists might use sarin, ricin, or anthrax in an attack or attacks.

“At present, European citizens are not seriously contemplating the possibility that extremist groups might use chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) materials during attacks in Europe.

“Under these circumstances, the impact of such an attack, should it occur, would be even more destabilizing.”

The report urges that “European governments and EU institutions need to be on alert, and should consider publicly addressing the possibility of a terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological, or even nuclear materials.”

This warned has been completely ignored by the European Union, and its member state governments—most likely because it would have to address the issue of how the CBRN material has been smuggled into Europe, and how it is being hidden.

The answer to both of these issues is of course mass Third World immigration, which has created large nonwhite invader occupied areas all over western Europe (such as Brussels, now known as the “Jihadi capital of Europe”), and which provides the recruiting ground for Islamists and ISIS.


Brussels last week: Soldiers stand guard in the Jihadi capital of Europe, caused by mass nonwhite immigration into Europe.

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  1. Maybe Merkel does not wish to add insult to injury by admitting those terrorist have already arrived. I would think the German government maybe with holding a lot of damaging facts from other European countries whom they want to pawn migrants on. Europe’s worst enemy, deceit.

  2. So, given the fact that Angela Merkel has intentionally thrown open the gates of Europe to hordes of unknown Muslims, many of whom are jihadists, and that this is very predictably very dangerous and destabilizing, she must be either declared incompetent to fulfill her duties and removed or, if judged competent, she must be held criminally responsible for subjecting Germany and Europe to drastically heightened danger. She must be removed and migration policy reversed.

  3. Merkel is a Communist. She is also following the Kalergi Plan and engineering white genocide together with other traitorous politicians

  4. Whether sooner or later, it is inevitable the West will be at war with Islam. I believe it will start as a modest civil war based on unchecked sedition followed by insurrection within a EU state and it will quickly spread throughout Europe. All the signs in already in place: National Broadcasters failing to report accurately (or not at all); the rapid decline in the Western support of religion in general resulting in a widening gap day by day with virtually all of the Muslim population in Europe who have no respect for the Western way of life. Conversely, the natural progress of human endeavour and development was stalled many centuries ago for those following Islam. Do a Google search of ‘famous Muslim scientists’ and study the results. Islam is stuck well before the 1500’s – during a time when the Catholic religion restrained scientists of the period – under the threat of death for heretics who declared that the planets go round the Sun!
    Nobody can convince me that the Muslim zealots who are obliged to pray up to five times a day, sometimes starting in the small hours of the morning, do not believe wholeheartedly in the teaching of the Quaran. We ‘kaffir’s’ (non-believers in Islam) are despised by Muslim’s and (now) with an army of young Muslim invaders to hand within Europe the stage is almost set. Almost……………
    So far as the various Government’s of the States’ of Europe are concerned (particularly the British) strong legislation has been incrementally introduced over the decades to deter sedition/insurrection. What has happened to the legislation in your country? Maybe having asked that question, you will conclude that the plans to impregnate the West with Islam were laid many decades ago and, for the Government’s of Europe, the final stages of that Grand Plan is coming to fruition. Is is a case of : ‘The best laid schemes of mice and men, often go awry?
    So, as to the article to which this comment is attached, maybe a CBRN attack? maybe just simply the, ‘pot boils over’ to arrive at the confrontation.

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