EU: Invasion Costs €10 billion

Taxpayers in the European Union have paid over €10 billion ($10.7 billion) to provide services for the flood of nonwhite Third World invaders pouring into Europe.

This amount is more than the entire national budgets of at least 100 of the 183 countries on earth, including at least ten small European nations.


According to a statement released by the Council of the European Union (EU), the 2017 budget has allocated €5.91 billion ($6.4 billion) to provide services to the Third World invaders.

This is in addition to the €4 billion ($4.3 billion) allocated in the 2016 EU budget, which means that in just two years, the nonwhite invasion will have cost European taxpayers over €10 billion ($10.8 billion).

According to a statement on the 2017 budget issued by the EU, “agreed commitments of almost €6 billion mean that around 11.3 percent more money will be available for tackling the migration crisis and reinforcing security than in 2016.”

The statement went on to say that the “money will be used to help member states in the resettlement of refugees, the creation of reception centers, the support for integration measures, and the returns of those who have no right to stay.

“It will also help to enhance border protection, crime prevention, counter terrorism activities and protect critical infrastructure.”

The 2017 EU budget is expected to be formally adopted by the Council on November 29, and the Parliament on December 1.

The EU’s budget for 2016 allocated “more than €4 billion in commitments for helping member states and third countries to address the migration and refugee crisis,” while it also increased “the resources for the fight against crime and the protection against terrorist attacks.”

In Europe, ten states have budgets smaller than €10 billion: including Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia.

On a global scale, almost every Third World state has a national budget smaller than €10 billion, including all but three countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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  1. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and how many of the 27 countries in the EU actually make a contribution into the corrupt organisation? The EU are already looking at ways to screw the UK for as much money as it can because once we leave, they have no plan B in how to fund the shortfall. Basically the EU is teetering on bankruptcy, no audited accounts for 20 years says a lot.

    1. It’s the Socialist plan known in general terms as The Redistribution of

      Obama has been very successful at implementing this policy in USA, Brown was pretty good at it, Cameron was so useless he couldn’t get it right (fortunately). The Greeks, Italians,Irish & Portugese are trying hard to emulate the EU plan.
      Keep a careful watch or that tramp Corbyn will have another go in U.K.

      1. None of the people here have understood that taxes do NOT fund the Jewish-planned invasion. Money for housing, medicine, policing, handouts, naval ships to collect invaders, church fake charities, etc etc is paid by BORROWING from Jewish central banks. In this way, costs are spread out into the indefinite future. If payments were made directly, the costs would be instantly seen to be insupportable.

        1. Spot on Rerevisionist.
          However, OUR taxes will be used to repay the Joo-debt stretching into seeming infinity.
          We`ll be forever beholden to Joos who – as ever – will continue to wax fat on usury.

  2. That amount will rise every year, there’s still no women and children with this rabble. Next they sponsor their extended families from third world countries and will never contribute anything of value to society.

  3. If you Google

    ” Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi ”

    You will see the plan by the EU and UN planned for

    195 MILLION migrants to come to Europe by 2025.

    How will that be paid for?

      1. All immigrants should be sent to Germany. Merkel invited them in, let her deal with the problem. All other EU countries should just send them all to Germany, no return tickets.

  4. That’s just the EU budget. The money spent by individual countries comes on top of that. We are talking tens of billions a year in total. Lifetime expenditures will be hundreds of billions for those that get to stay.

  5. The British are busy builiding houses to give to these people as well, while the rest of Britain lives with public services cuts and austerity.

  6. No we won’t b Islam misled As long Christianity flows through my blood my kith AN kin will always remember what our FOREFATHERS fought for liberty freedom we shall NEVER RETREAT or surrender bring it on eu we r waiting MERKEL U AINT SEEN NOTHING YET SURPRESS THE MEDIA ALL U LIKE BUT THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS OUT WE R NOT RACIST WE R PARTRIOTS OF OUR CONTRIES WE FIGHT FOR OUR FLAG AN ALWAYS WILL LET BATTLE COMMENCE

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