EU: More Invaders in 11 Months than 5 Years

Between January and November 26, 2015 nearly 1.5 million “illegal border crossings” were registered by the European Union (EU) states—more than all those who entered in the previous five years added together, according to an official European Commission (EC) Communication.


The EC Communication, titled “A European Border and Coast Guard and effective management of Europe’s external borders” said that this 1.5 million “represented an all-time peak of arrivals in the EU.”

In fact, it is more than the past five years added together, the report said, pointing out that in the period 2009–2014, the total number of detected illegal border crossings was 813,044.

“Third-country nationals have been able to cross the external borders of the EU illegally and then continue their journey across the EU, without having been first identified, registered, and subject to adequate security checks,” the EC briefing continued.

It pointed out that the “scale of these huge secondary movements of migrants within the EU has fundamentally put into question the coherence of the Schengen area, and, as a result, some Member States have chosen to reintroduce temporary controls at their internal borders—a situation that cannot and should not endure in the long term.”

The paper announces that a “European Border and Coast Guard” will be set up to ensure the effective application of strong common border management standards and to provide for “operational support and intervention where necessary to promptly respond to emerging crises at the external border.”

The EC has also taken it upon itself to unilaterally intervene in border protection if a member state fails in its duties for any reason.

“In urgent situations, the Agency must be able to step in to ensure that action is taken on the ground even where there is no request for assistance from the Member State concerned or where that Member State considers that there is no need for additional intervention,” the paper says.

The EC also aims to bring about changes to the Schengen system, saying as “recent terrorist attacks have demonstrated, the threat can come also from persons enjoying the right of free movement under Union law.”

To try and prevent this, the EC paper says, they are “proposing a targeted modification to the Schengen Borders Code as regards checks of EU citizens against databases such as the Schengen Information System, the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents Database as well as relevant national systems.”

This will take the form of “systematic controls of EU nationals, including the verification of biometric information, against relevant databases at external borders of the Schengen area, making full use of technical solutions in order not to hamper the fluidity of movement.”

The proposed amendments will make systematic checks of EU citizens against databases at all external borders (air, sea, and land), the paper says, adding that external border checks will look out for authenticity of travel documents and to “verify that the persons entering the Schengen area do not represent a threat to public order and internal security.”

The EC paper does not even attempt to address the failure of its member states to implement border controls over the flood of nonwhite invaders who have poured unregistered into Europe over the past few months.

It does however address the problem of identifying and returning all those “staying illegally in Europe” by pointing out that the “lack of valid travel documents issued by the countries of destination of the returnees is one of the main obstacles to successful return and readmission,”—in other words, the invaders simply do not have any papers with them.

The answer to this problem, the EC says, is to create a new uniform document which will satisfy all biometric and security tests, and identify each person’s origin.

All of these proposals will now be put to the vote at the new European Parliament sitting.

The EC is, however, making the fundamentally inaccurate assumption that all the invaders are in fact law-abiding, well-meaning individuals who are genuine “refugees.”

The reality, as has been shown time and time again, is that they are nothing of the sort: they are, for the greatest part, opportunists seeking to parasite themselves off the EU’s generous welfare system.

To think, as the EC naively does, that this mass of Third Worlders will now meekly accept being told to go home, is further evidence of the delusion of the Brussels bureaucrats.

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    1. Couldn’t agrre more! Sooner or later this mess will lead to a collapse of the EU in current form.
      Unelected nitwits were running that defunct organization based on some utopian principles for way too long, anyway!

    2. No they are not communists.
      On the contrary they are right-wing, neo liberal, ‘Economist’ reading globalist types.

  1. Meanwhile that asshole Schulz said today in the German radio interview that PE should pass some sort of resolution allowing to exclude states which do not want to take “refugees” from Schengen. That’a a clear blackmail against Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia and Hungary.

    Sweden already asked that 26,000 of their invaders be “distributed” between EU countries because they simply accepted too many – total mess!

    1. Yep.
      And this was the same Sweden which said a few months ago that there was ‘no limit’ to the number of ‘refugees’ it would ‘shelter’.

      Dirty liars – dirty two-faced, hypocritical bullying liars.

  2. Well when we have the Royal Navy fishing them out of the Mediterranean and ferrying them straight into Europe, what else can we expect!

      1. Indeed, exactly why I now refer to our ‘once honourable’ Royal Navy. There’s nothing honourable in what they’re doing in the Mediterranean now.

  3. More E.U. ‘Fudge’ to swallow and time wasting to exacerbate the problems.
    Welcome to stage one of the implementation of ‘1984’ brother and sisters ; identity checks, questions and no privacy. It is to protect you, we have ‘leaky borders’. You WILL register your total identity. Whatever they announce, the opposite has always been, and always will be, the truth.
    As Stu points out, how can you secure borders when organisations trawl for invaders a few miles off the African coast to ‘ferry’ them all the way across the Mediterranean sea to Europe. Now that is people trafficking.

  4. Who is in control of the NWO ?? It is so organised and is worldwide. Every country is paying them to breed, breed and take them over…WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ??

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