EU Plans “Turbo Asylum”

The European Union (EU) is working on an “accelerated selection process” to quickly absorb large numbers of nonwhite invaders currently in Turkey, according to Die Welt newspaper in Germany.

“Experts” from the EU negotiation team—which has laid the basis for the agreement with Turkey—discussed the “speeded-up” invasion plans yesterday, the paper reported.


“Refugee” camps in Turkey. Although they are already in a “safe” country, Merkel and the EU insist on taking them into Europe.

The aim is to finalize everything before the end of the week. The new initiative will bypass the established selection process set up by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR).

The reason for this is that the UNHCR’s process would “only” allow no more than 50,000 “Syrians” per year to be transported to Europe, whereas the EU wants far larger numbers to be taken in, Die Welt said.

In terms of the “accelerated” procedure, the focus will be placed on ensuring that a refugee is “in danger.” More extensive interviews “could be rescheduled later in the EU,” the report continued, adding that the “role of the Turkish authorities in the selection process will be significantly expanded.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the EU to accept the Turkish demand for higher cash payments—up to €6 billion—in exchange for their cooperation with the invasion. In exchange, Turkey would agree to take back every “Syrian” refugee who crosses into Greece illegally. For every “Syrian” returned to Turkey, the EU will accept one applying through legal channels from Turkey.

However, the EU’s proposed agreement with Turkey has not yet been finalized, and European Council president Donald Tusk has rushed to Cyprus for talks with the country’s president, Nicos Anastasiades, on its most dangerous aspect: the offer to speed up negotiations on Turkey’s application for EU membership.

Cyprus is one of the biggest opponents to the EU-Turkey “agreement” struck earlier this month, not because of any concern about the nonwhite invasion of Europe by fake “refugees,” but simply because the Turkish government refuses to recognize the Cypriot government.

In 1974, Turkey invaded and occupied the northern one-third of Cyprus, an area which is still under Turkish occupation and is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, only recognized by Turkey.

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  1. Madness. Why would Europeans allow themselves to be blackmailed by Turkey. Unless Merkel and her EU cronies have struck a dirty businessdeal with Erdogan bringing in lots of cash for them. A true EU representation would simply tighten borders and begin deportation.

  2. Megalomaniac Merkel is willing to bankrupt the whole of the EU to fulfil her grandiose dream of total omnipotence .We will be seen as collateral damage in her pursuit of One World Government and Monotheism.

  3. Mad Merkel really appears to be running the EU single handed. There are many members who are absolutely totally opposed to her plans yet are they given any credence by Mad Merkel?

    1. I think this is why Merkel wants to pump more money into the German military. Money and being a bossy cow is not doing it. She needs to rearm Germany on the sly like Hitler did. Will she be bringing the SS back as well ?

        1. Merkel’s dirty work is done by the mobs
          of the so called Autonomous Left paid by
          government agencies and trade unions to
          disrupt demonstrations of patriots against
          the invasion of Europe by aliens.

  4. Austria has finally listened to it’s citizens, Hungary was understanding from the start. But Merkel is acting like a true dictator and said she will continue with her madness. She really does not give a crap about Germans. She hates her citizens and will continue to treat them as worthless sheeple.

  5. May I congratulate this site on its continuing plain presentation of the lunatic policies of the puppets. These events are so incredible it is hard to know how they should be presented; like trying to describe a set of lunatics controlled by another set of lunatics. Let’s hope we can survive through all this. And maybe emerge more and more ruthlessly determined.

  6. I believe that the Turks are demanding 6 *billion* euros rather than 6 million.

    Anyway, Britons must vote to leave the EU in June.

  7. I may be wrong, but this invasion is far worse than that planned by Hitler. Then people fought for their country and stopped his take over of all Europe and Russia. Now there is a feeling that the people of the whole of Europe are unable to do anything due to the power of the EU led by Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Tusk and all the others. They have introduced laws to prevent opposition to their policies, and the thought of civil disturbances on a grand scale could lead to armed conflict is worrying. No one wants that BUT there is an under-current already in existence.

  8. Sensing that the window of opportunity is fast closing, Merkel accelerates her plan to destroy Germany, Europe and the white Christian people thereof. It’s not about helping refugees anymore.

  9. Another thought, bearing in mind that it was said that Hitler rose to power because he was so disgusted that Germany lost WWI, and it is said that Merkel was brought up in Eastern Germany under Soviet rule, so is this her way of screwing all those that allowed Germany to be split after WWII? If so, as France was also one of the signatories to that, why is she so happy to have Hollande as a partner in crime?

    1. I think the answer to that could be that Hollande is in her pocket & probably fears her more than anyone else……basically, like Bliar, nothing more than a lap-dog….

  10. This ‘accelerated selection process’ demonstrates that a part of the European establishment want the invasion of Europe by fake refugees and that all they object to is the means by which they get here, ie in dinghies and rickety fishing boats prone to sinking, and with fake documents or no documentation at all. In other words instead of an uncontrolled invasion we will get a controlled invasion with less deaths at sea. No doubt all this was planned years ago in secret by bankers, UN officials, politicians and various think tanks like the OECD ostensibly with the purpose of reversing European demographic decline. This policy is known as ‘replacement migration’ and it involves constant high levels of net immigration to maintain the proportion of the working age population to the total. What I find particularly objectionable about this is that the establishment know that such a policy would be unpopular if it was brought out in the open and that any political party that declared it’s intention to implement such a policy would be committing electoral suicide, so they have to plan and implement it in secret without consulting the public or obtaining their consent, and once the hordes have established themselves the public are presented with a fait accompli. The fake refugees are particularly useful in implementing this plan because governments do not have to accept responsibility for their arrival since they can say that they have no choice but to meet their obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention and the factors that brought about the refugee surge are beyond their control.

    1. Quite a good point. Bearing in mind that the home of Islam i.e. Saudi, does not allow any other form of worship at all, and everyone living in most countries in the world has a form of ID other than passports and driving licences, then the EU has failed majestically in protecting the borders of their corrupt enclave, and the demand for mosques will go through the roof within the next five years. None of these decision makers will be living next door to any of them, and that is from the top of the UN right down to local politician who has just approved the opening of a mosque in a quiet residential area. What a hell of a legacy is being left to the future generations.

    2. It can be argued that, in general, the growing economies need a growing population, the supplies of workers and consumers on the increase, and that the growth of the western economies in the last two centuries was associated with the growth of the population. “However, it is also true that the population growth has been a negative factor in cases in which it has exceeded productivity increases, and that the economies with very high populations, despite the strong economic growth, tend to have the GDP per capita lower Compared to countries with a similar growth rates but low population density. The exact nature of the relationship between population growth and economic well-being is not a one-way, but varies from country to country. And you can’t deny that a key factor for this variant has been the quality of the work force.”

      There Is No Capitalist or Socialist “Economic” Rationale for Mass Immigration

  11. I don’t think these idiots will stop until one of them gets assassinated. Thet seem to be so insulated from what is happening at ground level that not one of them seems to have any sense of the mood across Europe.
    Merkel’s madness seems to be getting more infectious amongst some of her sycophants or should I say psychophants. God help them

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