EU Ships 10,000 Invaders Northwest

The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced that over 10,000 invaders who landed in Greece and Italy have been airlifted to other European Union (EU) member states through the EU “relocation program” agreed to by the European Commission.

According to a statement on the IOM website, during the past week alone, 168 fake refuges left Greece for Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, and Portugal, while another 81 were relocated from Italy to Spain.

The latest transfers bring the total number of invaders relocated—at European taxpayer expense—to 10,189 since its launch in October 2015.

The program was set up by the European Union to help Greece and Italy cope with the mass Third World invasion by moving 106,000 invaders into other EU member states as part of a two-year program.

The IOM said in its statement that although it “welcomed” the 10,000 figure mark, the program needed to be sped up.

Eugenio Ambrosi, Director of IOM’s Regional Office for the EU, Norway, and Switzerland, said that “faster and full implementation of the EU relocation plan will help to alleviate overcrowding and suffering” among invaders in Greece.

“A very good plan is in place and IOM has been fully supporting its implementation, but what we are now seeing in Greece is the consequence of the delays. Picking up the pace of the relocations is not only operationally possible, it is absolutely vital for improving the living conditions and well-being of thousands of people eligible for relocation,” he said.

The IOM called for the provision of more dedicated relocation centers, and said that EU member states participating in the program “should also reduce processing time and increase the availability of accommodation for people who are ready to be relocated.”

A total of 5,000 invaders were relocated in the program’s first 11 months, whereas the next 5,000 people were relocated in only 3.5 months. An average of 1,371 people were relocated per month from October to December 2016, a marked increase from an average of 486 per month in the first year of the program, the IOM said.

A record number of invaders were relocated from Italy and Greece in December 2016. For Italy, there were almost twice as many people relocated in November and more than three times October’s total.

To date, France (2,702), the Netherlands (1,216), and Germany (1,099) have received the most invaders under the scheme.

Another 1,193 invaders are expected to be relocated from Greece and Italy to other EU member and associated states by the end of January 2017.

As of December 31, 2016, invaders claiming to be Syrians comprised the majority of EU relocation beneficiaries (58 percent), followed by Eritreans (27 percent), Iraqis (12 percent), and other nationalities (3 percent).

Men account for 61 percent of those relocated, and 33 percent claimed to be under the age of 18. The program has relocated 165 “unaccompanied children” from Greece, with Finland accepting the largest number.

To help the invaders “integrate in their new communities,” the IOM runs “pre-departure orientation sessions, which provide useful information on their rights and obligations, as well as initial post-arrival reception and early integration assistance.”

Where necessary, IOM also provides medical escorts, as well as escorts for unaccompanied minors or large groups, to assist them during their travel.

“Interpreters and cultural mediators are in contact with beneficiaries throughout the relocation process to ensure that they understand the procedures and can communicate any concerns or questions,” the IOM statement added, concluding with the boast that so far, that organization has “assisted over 300 group relocation movements to 23 European countries participating in the program.”

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