EU Starts Invader “Redistribution”

The European Union has started “redistributing” nonwhite invaders plucked from Turkey to Member States around the continent—including at least one Visegrad nation, the Czech Republic.

Norway will get 218 “Syrians” every month, France will get 148, Italy will get 118, and Germany 100 per month—while other EU states will be allocated smaller numbers.


So far, only Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have refused outright to take any invaders, while the Czech Republic caved in and accepted a small number.

It is intended that around 1,100 invaders pretending to be refugees in Turkey will be “resettled” in the EU every month. In terms of the Angela Merkel “EU-Turkey” deal, at least 72,000 “Syrians” currently in Turkey will be taken directly into Europe.

The invaders will get free transportation, which will include air flights, to their destinations.

Separately, the EU has also now agreed on the “distribution” of another estimated 160,000 nonwhite invaders currently in the “congested arrival countries” of Italy and Greece. So far, EU officials said, some 1,425 of that number have been “distributed.”

In a move which has been met with disappointment from the other Visegrad nations, the Czech Republic agreed this week to take in invaders under the EU quota system.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Hana Malá, told the Czech News Agency that the first four “Syrians” accepted in the Czech Republic under the quota system arrived in the Czech Republic on Monday.

The family is staying at a ministry facility waiting to be granted asylum.

Originally, some seven “Syrians” were accepted by the Czech government under the “redistribution” system, but three of them escaped from a Greek facility in order to avoid being relocated to the Czech Republic.

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According to the spokesman, the Czech Republic has agreed to “take in” at least 2,700 invaders.

In the UK, plans are afoot to “resettle” invaders in Wales and in Northern Ireland. According to the BBC, “Syrians” will be settled in the remote Welsh village of Ystradgynlais (population 8,092), and in the larger town of Newtown.

In Northern Ireland, 57 “Syrians” arrived this week to as part of a 20,000-strong invasion force of bogus refugees which the UK has agreed to “take in” in terms of the “redistribution” plan.

Under the so-called “Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme,” the invaders complete paperwork and are sorted based on several criteria for prioritization.

They go through a “screening process” before being settled, at which time they have access to housing, medical care, education, and work opportunities. “Refugees” in the UK are given five years of “humanitarian protection,” which includes public funds, access to jobs, and the potential for family reunification.

* The Austrian government has not made any places available for the “redistribution” plan. This is mainly because the country has already taken in nearly 100,000 “asylum seekers,” proportionally one of the largest such intakes in the entire EU.

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    1. the eu are upping the anti ,accelerating the dispersal as they know we will leave and others will follow…I see civil war ;looming in europe…

      1. Europeans are being sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood by your traitorous leaders, Germany and Brussels have been in cahoots for years, Erdogan is also a member and puppet of the sick Saudi wahabbi clowns. Destroy the mosques, expel the invaders and get rid of your traitorous leaders

    1. Is there no end to Madame Stasi’s madness. By accepting them, she’s encouraging more to come. Have we got room for the whole of the Middle East and Africa too? And whatever stupid quotas she comes up with these migrants will go where they want and Merkel will not be able to stop them, so hopefully Germany will be overrun. Anyway who gave Merkel the authority to do this? She is only the Chancellor of Germany, a position similar to Hollande’s in France. She is NOT Queen of the EU. Someone please stop her, kick her out, she is singlehandedly destroying Europe.

      1. Just watched a short clip of members of an identitaire movement in Sweden who decided to take things into their own hands.
        Sick of watching how their country is radically changing for the worse and how it affects our own way of life they decided to confront the luvvie – liberal types who vote for this multi-culti crap but don`t have to suffer the effects cushioned as they are living well away from “invader” areas.
        Driving their van to a select upmarket area with yachts / large fancy houses / big cars they began to broadcast the islamic call to prayer full volume at 6am.
        The police arrived in no time (no surprises there) but these patriots had managed to make their point forcefully and without violence.
        There are other short video examples of how patriots across the EU are trying to organise themselves. There`s also info on how to stay off the radar and many useful `tips and hints and how to` ideas on the site : `Real Facts Media`.
        As they quote ……”In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”.

      1. I don’t believe that BS at the end of the day its all about oil, power and greed. Great way to destabilise Europe like the middle east, mix cultures/values that have no hope of ever integrating … then eventual takeover by outbreeding the locals. No doubt CIA are stirring as usual, suni Ohbumer trying to prevent Brexit … Stop the dependence on oil, find an alternative then watch the planet change, Saudis will be back to being the inconsequential garbage that they are

    1. Exactly !

      This invasion has a two fold purpose and a threefold mechanism, whereby, the proxy wars that America and Britain and other European countries create upheavels in Arab countries who’s inhabitants then begin to flood into Europe and thus weaken the continent whilst clearing the area of Greater Israel, according to the Zionist dream. Weaken Europe financially and politically, because multi ethnic states are fraught with expensive problems and more expensive (fake) remedies, whilst generating confusion about the nature of the issues via the controlled media and most importantly, adulterate the pure Aryan genome through promoted miscegenation.
      Whilst the numbers of Muslims in Europe rapidly increases and their hostility towards Europeans is enboldened, Jews in Europe also begin get a little bit twitchy and consider making Aliyah, thus completing the stages that bring about the necessary occupation of land the Zionists need to claim and more importantly hold onto.

  1. TPTB are capitulating in stages. Ssshhh ! Mustn`t frighten the horses.
    Starting small – taking it slowly – all the while gauging public reaction.
    Next comes the sharp ramping up of numbers and widening of settlement areas.
    Surrender slyly tiptoes across the EU calmly waiting until the time is right.
    Merkel purrs contentedly as she sits and gloats in her ivory tower.

    1. NO! Shame on its government, which doesn’t listen to peoples voice. Then yes shame on Czech government, who sold their ass to queen of destruction! Me and my friends and many more are fighting this controlled immigration every day! You cant just generally spit on all people of Czech. Talk about traitors like Sobotka, Zaoralek, Babis etc. who sold us! Where You from by the way?

      1. When I said “Shame on the Czech Rep. for caving”, it was in reference to the government and not the general population.
        Perhaps I should have made that clear, but it’s no different to my saying “shame on Britain for betraying everything our forefathers fought to preserve”, when I’m really referring to our politicians, and their deluded left-wing supporters.
        We’re all victims of those who purport to have our best interests at heart, but my apologies for the confusion…and good luck!

        1. No offense taken. You exactly right. But how long it will takes before we will take our Europe back? What we do? Do we have option or any organization, which is putting together all white traditional Europeans?
          We have not.

    1. I`m amazed at how few Brits have a clue what`s actually happening across Europe.
      A young acquaintance plus hubby are off to Turkey with their two young daughters in a few months.
      She knows nothing of Merkel`s exchanging of `refugees` and cares even less.
      She`s not the slightest bit worried just as long as they can loll on the beach in the sun.
      The mind boggles!

      1. I’m not surprised at all, there is sadly a common thread throughout the UK that people are fed up with anything political UNTIL IT HITS THEIR MONEY. There is the ‘must have society’ and most of the must haves are to do with holidays, modern cars, modern technology, 50″ TV’s and worry about where the money comes from later. By the time these people wake up it will be too late, then the moaning will start.

  2. If Barry continues to force these things on us in the states at least we still have the second amendment to protect ourselves. And God forbid the Hildog gets elected it could get real ugly if she tries to repeal it.

    1. Sadly, they seem to have done a great job of destroying your First Amendment rights…criticizing Islam in the US, is becoming as taboo as it is everywhere else now.
      Going back nearly a decade, not one newspaper or TV channel would dare to show the Danish cartoons.

  3. Ystradgynlais – very much part of the ‘Welsh-speaking area’, the mind boggles. Newtown is in the heart of Wales, trains run through there only once every 2 hours, I’m going there next Wednesday. What degree-educated idiot planned that then? Some civil servant accepting this because it is the politically correct dogma of all the local politicians? In some respects I feel for people being forced into this because even money says they’ll be sacked if they object. Over the years I met very many former WWII service personnel and this is not what they put their lives on the line for let alone those that never came home, my uncle being one of them.

    1. Worry not Bryn.
      Once the invaders get settled and their rellies start to arrive there`ll soon be more trains, plus a thriving Asian market and shops plus mosques and minarets. Speaking from experience the world revolves around them.
      No need for alarm clocks… the call to prayer will wake everybody up – except for the deaf and the dead..
      Shame that it won`t be in Welsh !

      1. I may be talking to some-one from that area on Wednesday and may found out about local opinion, as well as Newtown where I’m going. My hometown is a ghost town now, haven’t been home for 6 years, Churches, Chapels, Clubs and pubs closed. 7+ years of Middle East experience and still wouldn’t trust any of them to tell me my name.

    1. Id love to know why myself. Ive been reading accounts on a website, barenakedislam, from woman who have been attacked by these filth, it seems woman and children are being sacrificed for them by their own nations, why? These filth are of zero value and are just a drain on the economy. Why do Europeans hate their own woman/children?

  4. The only “vulnerable persons” throughout this, are the women and young girls. Why do you hate women so much Angela?

    1. Yes. Labelling Muslim invaders “vulnerable people” is a sick joke. No group in history has been better able to take care of itself. No group in history has been responsible for so much terror, horror and mindless, sick violence.

  5. The biggest problem in the Middle East is the overbreeding by these savages, they breed like rats then fight like dogs, the countries who have taken in these savages will soon be overrun by them, they should say NO. The summer invasion will be kicking off soon …

    1. Oh man, You have it wrong there. Slovakia already accepted more so called “refugees” then Czech republic in their fantastic open arms for Christians asyrians project. All they do, they opposing the quota system, not the taking refugees. As their PM said: “We have problem with no one who want to come here, find job a live here.” Their president Kiska is even worst! So it looks like there is only Poland and Hungary on Your list.
      This is not about what them politics do! Liberal governments lie! And same as in Czech republic, also in Slovakia there are liberals ruling. I guess You just have some hidden problem with Czechs.
      We have no time for crying about how Czechs betrayed own people. We need to stand together as one and kick them liberals ass! TOGETHER! One more thing, Czechs will stand on new border with German Caliphate and will defend it. So be nice, You may need them.

      1. No, I have no problems with Czechs, I hope it doesn’t appear that way. I was just reacting to the news that the Czech Rep. seemed to have let the others down (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia) who all seemed to be standing firm in refusing any ‘migrants’, but I have to bow to your greater knowledge of your own, and neighbouring politics.
        I don’t know enough about the internal politics of every country beyond my own and believe me, that’s confusing enough, as they twist and turn in their efforts to deceive us all.
        Many of us would be proud to stand on that border in solidarity, for the common good of ALL OUR European countries.

        1. Stu, it is probably just my english. I think we have here very good communication, which is making lot a things much clearer. Im not trying to reproach Your knowledge of internal politics of European states, which by the way far beyond of rest of US population, which is daily brainwashed by Fox and CNN. And I very much respect people like You. People with own view and people who can see the right and wrong.
          And thx for that.

          1. Your English is a lot better than my Czech, or any other language for that matter…we Brits tend to be lazy about learning languages, a negative aspect of English being the number one language.
            Let’s all just hope that the number one language is NEVER Arabic!

      2. Disappointed to hear about Czech republic. They have a patriotic president I believe but a Marxist PM. Slovakia must be the other way round because Fico is strongly anti-Muslim. At least they have only taken Christians.

        Austria votes on 22nd May for their next president. Hopefully Hofer the FPÖ candidate will win. The invader crime wave in Austria will help him but too many people are still in denial wrt the invaders and the Marxist conspiracy.

        1. You are right. President is talking about danger of islamization for years now. Off course they mark him as racist (how funny, I didn’t know the islam is race – those left wing idiots does). And again the PM of Czech rep is really weak left wing imbecile, who is hiding in Angela ass. I don’t believe Fico is anti-muslim, he is leftist and former communist. His I wanna be PM forever have good side effect. Who is saying what people wants to hear. And in this case (invasion) it is good thing.
          I hope for Hofer as well. We need strong neighbor on south, not another EU whore.

  6. Wonder how long the pretty little church in the accompanying photo will last before its replacement by a mosque.
    Destruction of the west and all its institutions by the very people that were supposed to represent us.
    We shed tears as the western heart bleeds for what once was and what is to come.

    1. And none bleeds more than those of us who brought children into this, before we knew how our leaders would betray us all.

    2. It will just be flattened. They aren’t interested in attending mosques, praying or growing beards. Just look at them! Plain and simple army of rats intent on destroying anything and everything that gets in their way!

  7. Merkel will pick any skilled ones and the rest will be sent to other countries she doesn’t like too much, she was hoping Britain would take some so she could get rid of the rapists and murderers, because Cameron is too weak to say anything.

    1. UK police forces frequently block the release of serious crimes records committed by EU citizens so to keep the lid on things. Release of these records should be mandatory – we`re entitled to know such things.
      How very convenient it makes things for Camoron, Merkel and their assorted duplicitous cohorts pretending that everything in the EU garden is rosy while reassuringly casting the Islamic net ever wider.
      And oh the future joys of welcoming not just the hordes from the Middle Eastern hordes but those from Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia.
      And just in case you`d forgotten….. visa free travel for Turks so they too can join the free for all and swan around at will.
      Welcome one and all regardless.

      1. Hordes from Serbia? When Serbians have had war against muslim extremists from Bosnia and Kosovo, I don’t remember that”hordes” of Serbians came to west Europe.They stayed and foughf for their country against muslims terrorists. UK put them knife in the back and have helped muslims from Bosnia and Kosovo and arabs al-quaida fighters who came to help their muslims brothers..You should to know that Serbia was allie with UK in the two world wars,and UK helped to muslims against Serbs??!!.So now you have to enjoy with your muslims brothers and allies , Your women,daughters and sisters should be ready for your muslims brothers…

        1. Please accept my apologies Car.
          I never understood who was who at the time or what it was all about.
          All these years later I`m not a lot wiser but willing to learn. Sorry.

  8. And all you had to do Ms Angela, was to ask others prior to extending not your hospitality to unspecified number of people from a different cultural plane. But you just had to do this, you simply could not resist the urge to go solo, eurofuhrering because of your guilt present since the II WW. Please be so kind to consider the fact that not each and every of the european countries needs that remorse you so deeply desier and by making others part of your recupration scheme, you are closer to Hitler than any other euro leader has ever been since 1945.
    I would call you to behave like a man (figuratively speaking of course) and admit to the errors you caused by your hasty decisions and we can call it a day and start working on a mutual plan to end this crysis right now.
    I ask you all, German guys – is the remorse you seek as a nation worth setting Europe ablaze again? Please stop this madness or EU will crumble faster than you can imagine.
    History will judge you again. But this time, at the end there may not be any more Germans to feel pitiful and seeking remorse for what their goverment has done to Europe again.

    Heed my words, we are not the US and you are not the US president.
    I lost more than half of my grandfamily to Nazis and Soviets during the WWII. We did not get a dime or even a decent “sorry” for that. And I am willing to let it go, since living the past is not very sensible thing to do. But… learning from history I would call sensible. Barbarians are yet again at the gates of Rome. Check out what happened to Roman Empire since the II/III century A.D. and learn.
    I wonder who the new Odoaker shall be?

    Ooops… Odoaker was a German tribesman, right. Alas, we are all doomed 😉

    1. If a mass of terrifyingly huge cockroaches were found in Africa, or armies of genetically modified rats from Asia, fraucau Merkel would desire them across European countryside. The insanity of all this is beyond comprehension.

  9. Canada is on track to take in more than 25,000 muslim refugees just from last year alone, and up to 50,000 more for this year !
    Not to mention the extra 250,000 immigrants that arrive every year.
    Diversity is Justin Trudeau ego trip…he just can’t seem to bring them in fast enough.
    His Legacy will be remembered for destroying canadian european heritage, and values!

  10. The Norwegians must feel so blessed that they are to receive twice as many “Syrians” as Germany. How will they be able to contain their joy?

    1. As little as possible, and good luck to them…our UK ‘Stasi’ ensure that we are not allowed to speak against them.
      Honestly, who in the UK, would call the police for help?

      1. Decades of cultural marxism has virtually destroyed Europe? Tolerance is submission, the Masonic (jew) elite bankers have subverted all western institutions of influence.

        The foot soldiers are the left & islam they go hand in glove? Both totalitarian!
        Now they don’t even hide what they are planning for us? The total destruction of everything we hold dear!
        White revolution is the only way ? I’d rather die on my feet ? Than on my knees?
        We have little choice do or die? Time to reach out to our Lord “Jesus Christ ”
        His name has become a dirty word in the corridors of power? I have been reading the Bible lately? What is written is so forebodding to What is happening in the world today!
        Liars and decievers at every turn? Pied Piper leading us down the garden path to hell?

  11. Before the EU is finished with Europe it will have done more damage than any war, ever. The EU has committed treason against the European people. They have opened the borders to the arch enemy of Europe, and are using the European peoples money to do this.

    1. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a major uprising in parts of Europe where weapons would have been used, and certainly were in years gone by. It just goes to show that democracy is virtually dead and buried. People have been killed for a lot less than what is taking place – JFK, his brother and Martin Luther King to name three that I can think of. In the UK there are people who think Bush & Blair should be tried for war crimes, going into Iraq and still the ‘Chilcott’ report has yet to see the light of day – just goes to prove that politicians dictate rather than represent.


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