“EU-Turkey Deal” Hoax Exposed

Only some 468 invaders have been repatriated from Greece back to Turkey this year in terms of the much-hyped “EU-Turkey” deal, showing it to have been yet another propaganda hoax.

During the same period, no less than 278,917 nonwhite invaders have landed in Europe, with 266,631 of them landing by sea in Greece and Italy.


The figures, released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are contained in their latest “Situation Report” updated to August 18, 2016.

Most of the 468 invaders sent back to Turkey have been nationals from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Iran.

Other figures revealed that the total number of invaders “stranded in Greece and in the Western Balkans” now stands at 63,647, after the closing of the Balkan route borders by many countries in Eastern Europe.

According to the IOM, as of August 10, there had been 100,777 “cumulative arrivals in Italy” this year in Italy, compared to 89,062 as of July 27.

In Greece, as of August 10, the total number of invaders had reached 162,970.

culmaltive arrivals to europe

The IOM also revealed that of the 278,917 nonwhites who have poured into Europe so far, only 40 percent actually claim to be from Syria and Iraq—the countries most affected by war.

Even those figures are likely to be inflated, given the large number of fake and forged passports and identity documents in circulation, and the fact that 80 percent of the invaders claim not to have any papers at all when they arrive.

Of the remaining 60 percent, the IOM says, the following division into nationalities has been made: Afghanistan: 15.9 percent; Nigeria 7.4 percent; Eritrea 4.8 percent; Pakistan 2.9 percent; Gambia 2.7 percent; Ivory Coast 2.7 percent; Egypt 14 percent; Bangladesh 1.4 percent; Iran 1.9 percent; Senegal 2 percent; Mali 2 percent; Somalia 2.2 percent; Guinea 2.5 percent; Sudan 2.6 percent, and “other” 7.8 percent.


According to the IOM, Nigerians, Eritreans, and Gambians made up almost 40 percent of the nonwhite invasion force which landed in Italy during the first seven months of 2016.

The highest shares of “unaccompanied minors” (that is, mostly adult nonwhite males claiming to be children to advance their bogus asylum claims) was found among Egyptians (59 percent), Gambians (28 percent), and Somalis (21 percent), while female invaders are more frequent among Nigerians (29 percent), and those from the Cameroon (25 percent), and Somalia (24 percent).

Currently, the IOM estimates that some 10,000 invaders remain on various Greek islands, with roughly 4,500 on the island of Lesvos, 3,000 on Chios, and about 1,400 on Samos.

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  1. This was the old hags beserkel merkel
    deal along with the other EU liberal
    elites. Turkey was never to be trusted
    the old hag knew this. The whole
    situation is a mess where she was trying to rectify her horrendous mistake.Now Turkey is getting real cozy with Russia. The stupidity of the of
    the European liberals always amazes
    me. I really wonder if the idiots really
    know who is in their borders. To me
    it seems like total chaos. racially
    politically and financially.

    1. EU cannot run the proverbial, hopeless, corrupt, and bringing Europe to it’s knees. The main chancers should be dragged from office and thrown into jail. I understand Greek jails are most suitable, or maybe Turkish.

  2. To say the constant stream of Third Worlders into Europe, and beyond, is holding back the white race, would be an understatement. To bend to their will, feed and clothe them, for them to repay us with rape, pillage and murder.

  3. if it had been true that would have been a surprise. The MPs, lobbyists, governments, Rabbis, banksters, leftists are on the passing lane for the annihilation of the European peoples.

  4. And to think the Remainers still believe Brexiteers voted from ignorance, and still want to be shackled to this deathwish troughing group of no hopers. Even Jeremy Clarkson – you’d have thought he would have had more nous.

  5. Soundbites, placating, same old BS. Trouble is people buy it all up.

    In Germany Merkel’s party waffs the same old dog whistle of ‘burkha bans’. In France the rootless globalists hopeless Hollande and vermin Valls bans ‘burkini’s’.

    I would not ban muslim women from wearing burkhas or burkhinis; I would make them compulsory.

  6. The thing I`d make compulsory is the repatriation of all Muslims to Muslime countries regardless of where they were born.
    Their hideous religion is a constantly running sore aiming to infect the rest of the world by force aided and abetted by traitorous western leaders such as Merkel.

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