EU, UN, Nigeria “Speed up” Returns from Libya

The European Union, the United Nations, and the Nigerian government are to “speed up” the repatriation of Nigerians from Libya—thereby inadvertently proving that there is no “refugee crisis” but only a determined effort by Africans to invade Europe.

According to a report in the Nigerian Vanguard news service, Nigerian foreign minister Geoffrey Onyeama told a news conference that two more aircraft were being chartered over the next few days to fly a further 800 Nigerians “who wanted to go home.”

Nigerians on board one of the aircraft chartered by the UN’s International Organization for Migration, on their way back to Nigeria after having been paid to go home.

The repatriations follow a number of earlier successful joint operations carried out with the assistance of the EU, the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM), which had seen 6,806 Nigerians repatriated from Libya in the last few months of 2017 alone.

Onyeama said he had visited two invader detention centres in Libya and met a number of his compatriots.  “The main objective is to get these Nigerians back home as quickly as possible,” he added.

Onyeama admitted there had been “difficulties” in identifying the number of Nigerians in Libya, as many were undocumented or in detention centres not controlled by the authorities.

Nigeria had already pledged to repatriate 250 migrants a week, following a CNN report on a slave trade being run by Arabs in Libya.

Nigerians make up the majority of invaders trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Almost 1,300 Nigerians were brought home from Libya last November — nearly twice as many as in the previous month, the head of Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency said in December.

According to Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesman for the Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), South-West Zone, the repatriation project is funded by the IOM, and further funding for “reintegration at the local level”—that is, cash handouts for the Africans chosing to go home—is provided by EU.

Furthermore, he said, the “IOM paid for their accommodation to stay overnight before proceeding to their various destinations” in Nigeria.

The extensive operations prove conclusively that there is no “migrant crisis” facing Europe, as the controlled media insists on portraying it.

Instead, there is only a deliberate, calculated, and planned Third World invasion of Europe by millions pretending to be “refugees” and “asylum seekers”—and driven solely by the desire to seek out the welfare wealth on offer in European states.

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  1. what most people dont realise is that MOST of these ppl from poorer African countries are in Libya to try to get across to EU- and those videos shown of them being sold as slaves- thats actually the Libyan smugglers deciding how much they will charge for transporting each one in their boats across the Mediterranean

  2. Ah well, they’ll just try & find another country to invade us by. Algeria, Morocco…plenty of countries who’ll ignore or demand bribes…or book illegal passage with them.

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