Euro Conservatives Expel AfD

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has been expelled from the EU Parliament’s European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group because of its newly-formed “Blue Alliance” with the Austrian Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Party of Austria, FPÖ).

The ECR’s main members are the British Conservative Party, Conservative Party, Richard Sulik’s Slovakian Freedom and Solidarity party, Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS), the Danish People’s Party, and the Finns Party (previously known as the True Finns), amongst others.


The AfD, which has two Members of the European Parliament, was first admitted to the ECR in June 2014. The ECR is the parliamentary group of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR), which is a conservative Europe-wide political party.

One of the two AfD MEPs expelled from the group was Beatrix Von Storch, who last month said police should be able to shoot women and children refugees to prevent them from entering Germany. She later backtracked on her remarks, saying guns should not be used on children “but women are another matter.”

It was however the unveiling of a German-Austrian “Blue Alliance” at a meeting in Düsseldorf in mid-February,  which provided the final impetus to expel the AfD from the ECR.

At a conference titled “European Visions—Visions of Europe” held at the Düsseldorf Congress Center, the two parties agreed upon a set of common principles: the closure of their nation’s borders, the drastic reduction of the financial incentives which encourage the invasion, and the abolition of the fundamental right of asylum, which is part of both country’s basic laws.

“What we need,” FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache told the meeting, “is an end to welcoming committees with soup kitchens. Angela Merkel’s stupid invitation culture is to blame [for the disaster],” he told the one thousand delegates at the conference.

“Every day without border controls endangers public safety,” he continued. “We take the people’s concerns seriously, just like the AfD. We would find it highly desirable to see Frauke Petry as Chancellor,” he added, to extended applause. “Together we will be a Europe of nations.”

For her part, AfD National Chairman Frauke Petry said that “a signal has to be sent that Germany will not endlessly receive asylum applications.”

“Being proud of your country is not extremism, and society needs a healthy patriotism,” she said.

It was decided that the parties would in the future work ever more closely together, and Strache added that he had an “open invitation” from Pegida and was looking forward to attending one of their rallies.

He also said that “Islam has never been and is still not part of Europe,” and that, with regard to Turkey’s possible future EU membership, “we people from Vienna know what it means to have survived two Turkish sieges.”

The ECR will vote to kick out the AfD at an April 14 meeting, if they do not quit of their own volition. The Polish PiS’s anger against the AfD was apparently kindled by the AfD’s pro-Russian stance. At the Blue Alliance event, Strache was vocally supportive of Russia, calling for an end to sanctions, and declaring it “part of Europe.”

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  1. Mrs. Beatrix von Storch , a born Grand duchess of Oldenburg and a qualified
    lawyer, has never said borderguards should fire on women and children. She
    said that border police should make use of the tools provided by law to safeguard
    the frontiers which includes the use of weapons. The law expressly states that
    guns may not be used against children and , for other cases, ties the use
    of firearms to specific requirements. The German “liar-press” distorted an inter-
    view with Mrs. von Storch to influence regional elections. The same happened
    to an interview given by Frauke Petry. The reason of the eviction of the AFD
    from the European Conservative Group is evidently a request of Merkel addressed
    to David Cameron.

    1. Many people don’t understand the significance of the “Holocaust” to the events happening today, and do not have an awareness about historical timelines.

      What is happening in Germany, and to a large extent what is happening to the rest of us, is based largely on an induced false guilt which has become somewhat institutionalized due to repetition over a long period of time (since the 1970’s).

      The war on Germany was declared by jewry in 1933. The actual shooting and events known as WWII happened after 1938. The US entered into the war in 1941. For those who have not paid attention to dates given for the so-called holocaust and the war, and who are not stupefied from History Channel indoctrinations, pay attention.

      The “Holocaust” was declared by the jews 7 full years before there was even the slightest possibility for there to be a “Holocaust”. The present use of the term and the embellishments adding to the “Holocaust” myths began long after the war was over, beginning in the 1970’s. This article explains one part.

      The Holohoax: a LIE in 1936, a LIE in 1945, and STILL a LIE today!

      “… [I]t is nothing less than astonishing, jaw-dropping even, to discover a May 31, 1936 issue of The New York Times carrying the bold claim of a “European Holocaust” affecting “millions of Jews”. How can this be? As even the High Priests of Holohoaxianty will admit, the wartime internment of Jews didn’t begin until the latter half of 1941.”

      Pay attention to the dates on this video below which recounts even earlier instances where jews referred to a “holocaust”, many years earlier than they could have been referring to the events of WWII. Pause the video if you need to check the dates or text.

      It’s appropriately named, “6,000,000 Lies”.

    1. Germans should consider migrating if they can. There is no hope for them, not very smart.
      Wait until the first of many Turkish bills comes in.

      1. Germans have already been paying Turkish bills for
        many years, for example relatives of Turkish workers
        or of Turkish welfare recipients living in Turkey are
        members of the German social medical insurance courtesy
        of the German taxpayer. This regime even includes
        grandparents a status of course denied to German members of
        the National Health Service living in Germany.

      2. The US (by action of the Zionist loby) forced West Germany to accept the immigration of Turks in the 60s’, this created a problem 25 million of non-whites in Germany and it was they who forced the Germans to open doors?

        1. You are right anakorsk. The US government put pressure on the protectorate
          West-Germany at that time to admit masses of illiterate turkish workers
          and peasants to Germany in order to reduce the chronic balance of payments
          deficit and the demographic overpressure of Turkey. The German government
          gave in after some wriggling. Today the German liar-press asserts that Ger-
          many invited the Turkish masses to Germany and that these people rebuilt
          Germany after the war. I am convinced that the present wave of refugees was
          triggered by Merkel after “consultation” with the US-government. She was rewar-
          ded with a cover portrait of the magazine Time. When she was reproached
          for putting at risk the security of the whole of Europe she answered : I don’t
          care who is responsible for the situation. Now they (the “refugees”) are
          here (and we have to cope with it). Before breaking European law she did not
          even inform other European governments being sure the superpower would
          protect her. That now small eastern and central European states are trying to
          stop her is all to their honor.

  2. Conservatives have their own institutions from schools to clubs and societies and unfortunately can be classified as people who have their own policies that are inconsistent with the United Nations Charter and the United Nations Convention against Corruption A/RES/58/4 just now. The Preamble identifies the links between corruption and other forms of crime, in particular organised crime and economic crime, including money-laundering, (illicit acquisition of personal wealth and assets, criminal adjudicate property rights, tolerate drugs, disrespect for Sovereignty, Prevent anti-corruption policies and practices, etc.) It is better not to be contaminated with those type of people who are always looking for a way to plonk an acceptable spin on their integrity and morals instead of being honest and complying with International Law.

  3. I do not think they will be put off by this,they are on the rise and the boot will be on the other foot and those people like these stupid committees will find themselves in iraq.etc trying to form a parish council!!Having been expelled from Europe!

  4. The FPÖ’s time has come. People in Austria can see what is happening and they don’t like it. The presidential election is coming up and the FPÖ candidate, Hofer, is likely to win. Hurrah!

  5. Here we see what ” Conservatives ” of the ” mainstream ” are !
    Just part of the Matrix.
    Too win this battle we just break the Right/Left Matrix and create a peoples movement; ” National Socialism”.
    Only by breaking the phoney ideological divides can the chains be broken .
    Being ” Right Wing” is just as bad as ” Left Wing “.
    Division is how the system rules.
    The ” Conservatives ” are part of the Matrix ,and just as,or more dangerous than the controlled ” Left”.

  6. This shows the ECR in a very bad light. They should reverse this decision pronto or be considered guilty of collusion with the EU globalist criminals who are promoting and enabling genocidal levels of migration into Europe. AfD did the right thing in declaring solidarity with the FPÖ on resisting invasion.

  7. As we say in America, “Through bullet or ballot, restoration is coming.” The same is true for our brethren over there in Europe. No matter how many nonwhites come in, no matter how many underhanded/devious tricks the Jews and anti-white traitor elites pull, whites are going to win and take their nations back. The more overreaching they get, the more the piss off our more of our people to fight back.

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