Euro New Year: Sex Crimes, Arson, and Terror

Nonwhite invaders in Europe welcomed in the New Year with over 800 vehicles torched in Paris, mass sexual assaults in Cologne, and terror alerts in at least five major European cities.


Official figures from the French Ministry of the Interior showed that no less than 804 vehicles were torched overnight from December 31 to January 1, part of a now annual “celebration” in France.

The car burning “tradition” started in the 1980s in the nonwhite-dominated slums of the outlying suburbs of some northern cities, and quickly spread to other cities, and particularly Paris. This year, Parisian authorities mobilized 11,000 policemen, gendarmes, and firefighters in Paris and its inner suburbs, up from 9,000 the previous year.

A state of emergency was declared in the French capital, and all festivities were reduced to the bare minimum. Some 622 arrests were made.

Across France, more than 100,000 police and military were mobilized in order to deal with “civil unrest” and the threat of terrorism, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

“There is a general threat to all European capitals” from ISIS, he continued, adding that there have never before been so many French security forces mobilized.

Other establishment French politicians gave the usual platitudes about “not bowing to terrorism” and so on, but all of them ignored the real reason for the emergency: decades of mass Third World immigration, which has generated the violence, terrorism, and unrest which France now faces.

From Cologne in Germany comes the news that a large group of nonwhite invaders carried out an unprecedented mass sexual assault on German girls near the city’s train station.

According to reports in local German media, the girls were returning home from New Year’s celebrations near the city’s famous cathedral, when they were accosted by the nonwhites.

According to a victim quoted by the Express newspaper, the women tried to flee, but were “grabbed everywhere, on the breasts and in the groin area. The men laughed, pulled our hair, and said we were fair game. We were crying and were panicked; it was horrible.”

According to a victim quoted by the Kölnische Rundschau newspaper, the attack started in front of the main railway station.

“We were surrounded by a group of at least 30,” a seventeen year-old girl said. “They stole our bags and valuables and groped us. I had fingers inserted in every orifice,” she said. Other women had their clothes pulled off by an even larger mob.

All of the German media reports refused to carry any indication of the race of the attackers, but the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper reported that posts about the attack made by eyewitnesses on the Facebook group Nettwerk Köln were all deleted because of their “xenophobic tendencies.”

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  1. I wonder how much longer are Germans going to put up with this? Shockingly enough Germany is expecting at least 1 mln of new “refugees” this year!

    Only ousting this ex-commie sicko Merkel bitch can stop it.

      1. Exactly, a nation where generations have been brought up to feel shame for things which were none of their doing, and to never stand up for themselves again as a result. Germans today have nothing to do with the regime of the ’30s and ’40s, and it’s time to stop and be proud of who they are, before they’re also wiped out.!

  2. “posts about the attack made by eyewitnesses on the Facebook group Nettwerk Köln were all deleted because of their “xenophobic tendencies.”

    And who owns Facebook…another American Jew.!

  3. So this is the new European life that we xenophobics must learn to accept, Merkel ?
    NO – NO – a thousand times NO !!

    1. Actually for weeks now these two Jewish stooges, Juncker and Schulz together with Luxemborg’s Assholeborn, are almost going out of their ways and they’ve been calling all Eastern Europeans exactly this: xenophobic. And that’s just because Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians and Poles all had showed the middle finger to the suicidal Merkel’s “plan” – pretty pathetic!
      There are these unelected bureaucrats who are paid exuberant salaries but instead of solving any problems they try to blame some nations for their own faults. There is absolutely no doubts in my mind that UE is doomed but first this insane Schengen zone has to collapse.

      1. Kol – On an earlier post you queried re Coudenhove Kalergi. Intended result: “Once the peoples themselves, however, have been destroyed through a mixture of mass immigration, birth control and abortion, and artificially promoted miscegenation, then the ‘danger’ of a nationalist and traditionalist counter-revolution is gone forever. The mixed and rootless herd of human cattle thus produced can them be ruled over forever by the elite identified by Coudenhove-Kalergi as the proper masters.”

        1. Jay, just because this lunatic wrote something 90 years ago it doesn’t make it necessary
          worth quoting, please! His book “Praktischer Idealismus” published in Vienna 1925 is full of so many contradictions and illogical statements that it’s just not funny. IMHO people quote only these parts of his “theory” which fit their purpose.

          Did you read anything about Merkel’s raise to power in Germany?

  4. Well well sort what were they expecting?masses of refugees singing Christmas carols and hymns holding hands walking in the park?These are savages and these countries are finished.
    They will not get rid of the rot until the citizens take a stand and take their countries back by force not by vote.That will not happen

  5. As in most other European countries TPTB are waging undeclared war on their own citizens and their weapon of choice is 3rd world predominantly Muslim immigrants aka human WMDs.

    1. From what I’ve read, the politicians and media cover-up the refugee crime in Sweden. For example, when a group of Afghan men raped and tortured a woman for @26 hours, local papers were given police sketches of native Swedes to run in the paper so that “there wouldn’t be a backlash against the refugees.” Many in Sweden don’t know the extent of what is going on. When asked about the escalating rate of rape, government officials attributed it to a redefinition of rape and “more women coming forward.” However, Ann-Christine Hjelm published research showing that more than 85% of convicted violent rapes were committed by 1st and 2nd generation immigrants in Sweden. Her research was deemed xenophobic and criticized because it is illegal to document crime statistics using ethnicity or religious background.

  6. HOLY CRAP Europe this isn’t hard. Pack up every swinging non-native European and ship them home at gun point if need be. They don’t belong there. What are you guys doing sacrificing your people like this?

    1. Actually, WE aren’t sacrificing anyone. It’s the dirty retards in government who worship their fellow dirty retards israel who are trying to destroy the white race.

  7. I changed trains one night in Cologne, and was surprised to see not far away one of the most massive cathedrals in the world. According to Wikipedia:

    “On 25 August 2007, the cathedral received a new stained glass in the south transept window. It is composed of 11,500 identically sized pieces of colored glass resembling pixels, randomly arranged by computer, which create a colorful “carpet”. The archbishop of the cathedral, Joachim Cardinal Meisner, who had preferred a figurative depiction of 20th-century Catholic martyrs for the window, did not attend the unveiling. On 5 January 2015, the cathedral remained dark as floodlights were switched off to protest a demonstration by PEGIDA.”

    What the? They used a giant stained-glass window to depict … random pixels? They switched off the lights as a protest *against* preserving Germany’s Christian character? What a bunch of degenerates, Cardinal Meisner excepted.

  8. I feel pity for West Europeans people, but karma is a bitch.
    When W. Europeans invaded Arab countries, that was OK.
    When W. Europeans invaded Asia, that was OK.
    When they provoked WW1 and WW2, that was OK, also.
    When W. Europeans bombed Serbia, that was OK.
    Than, when they bombed Libya, Iraq, Syria, that was OK.
    Nobody raised their voice.
    W. Europeans are Godless, selfish and cowards, indifferent to suffering they caused.
    European indifference is worse than death. They are already dead, zombies who cares just about theirs comfort.
    And this is just beginning. Third wave of “refugees” is coming, and this 3 wave is going to be a hell on Earth.They are going to be lowest of the low, hungry, angry and hateful. They will attack you on the streets, they will cut your feet for a pair of “Nike”, they will cat your hand for a cellphone, they will rape girls in the middle of the day.
    So, be prepared, have some guns and balls.
    All the best

  9. When NATO attacked Serbs (because we were fighting against Muslim minoritieswho stole Serbian land and raped Serbian girls), Europeans+USA cheered !!! They were very happy. Particularly, Germany, Britain and France. NOBODY raised their voice. NOBODY !!!
    You just couldn’t care less. Now, you are oblige to taste your own medicine.

    1. Chica, you’re absolutely right about Kosovo! I was double disgusted when the West did absolutely NOTHING to stop genocide in Rwanda but instead focused 100% on Serbia – shame!
      BTW. Why do you think Americans were “awarded” with permission to create Camp Bondsteel near Ferizaj?

      1. Exactly! Kosovo is a huge exporter of Islamic terrorism. Many Kosovars entered EU disguised as “Syrian refugees”. Plus, Kosovo is a #1 provider of European heroin ( Afghan is #1 globally). Right now, Kosovo is booming with sex slavery, drugs dealings, human trafficking, terrorism etc, and all of that under the watchful eyes of the USA (Bondsteel). Also, Kosovo is a BIG organ provider. There are hundreds of Serbs that were kidnapped and few hours later those people would wake up in the middle of some Kosovo road, missing kidny, liver etc. Serbians succeeded in finding two doctors responsible for those operations; one was a Jew from Israel and the other doctor was a Turkish Muslim.
        Ah, the beauty of the western democracy !

      2. And it is not just Kosovo. NATO attacked us twice: first time in 1994-1995 they were attacking Serbian military position in Bosnia and then in 1999 they attacked Serbia over Kosovo. Both times Serbs were fighting against Muslim invaders backed by EU+USA.
        Kol me krazy : do you live in EU or USA ?

        1. “Ah, the beauty of the western democracy” – you can say that again, Serbiana!
          Americans value it so much that they tried to spread it all over Arab world and now when the milk turned sour they all have gone back home – strange, isn’t it 🙂

          I’m Polish. Laku noć!

  10. This just too crazy really for people to start acting like this to the Germans am an african living in germany to be honest germany is a lovely country everyone want to be and see what otjer peoples cultures are been made of have been In Germany for 2 years and i like the german personality and they are loving people aswell and everything. Seriously am not stopping any one to coming to germany because am not a german am just a comon foreigner but have this felling that those people coming to Germany should be well screened.. This is just too ridiculous

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