Europe: 45,908 Nonwhites Apply for “Asylum” in Feb., Invasion continues by Tire and Jet Ski

45,908 nonwhites applied for “asylum” in Europe in February 2018, while at least another 25,306 invaded Europe across the Mediterranean in the first 14 weeks of the year, official figures reveal—with the latest invaders using inflated tires and jet skis to cross the sea to Spain.

A North African tries to invade Europe on an inflated truck tire over the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the latest figures from the European Union’s “European Asylum Support Office,” 45,908 invaders had lodged “asylum applications” in EU in February 2018.  Of that number 11 percent had already lodged an application previously in the same EU countr.

“This implies that a sizeable share of asylum applicants had already been present in the same EU country for some time,” the EASO update said.

At least 3 percent of all applications concerned claimed to be “unaccompanied minors” (UAM). Self-claimed UAM applicants were predominantly nationals of Afghanistan (17 percent of all UAM applications), Eritreans (9 percent of all UAM applicants) and Gambians (8 percent).

The top five countries of origin of applicants remained the same as in January: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan. These citizenships jointly accounted for a third of all applications for international protection lodged in the EU in February 2018.

According to the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration, which records landings in Europe, at least 25,306 nonwhite invaders have arrived in Europe since the beginning of 2018.

One of the latest forms of invasion, according to the Spanish Diario de Cadiz newspaper, is inflated tire tubes. Most recently, a North African was spotted trying to cross the Straits of Gibraltar to Spain on an inflated truck tire.

The Spanish coast guard intercepted the nonwhite and handed him over to immigration authorities, the newspaper said.

A report from Europol meanwhile revealed that 19 Moroccans had been arrested by Spanish police for illegally transporting invaders across the ten miles across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain using jet skis or small inflatable boats. They charged each nonwhite €4,000 to make the crossing, and another €500 if the invader needed lodging once in Spain—all evidence that these are not “poverty stricken refugees” as the controlled media always portrays them.

As part of the operation, police carried out 7 houses searches in Almeria, Spain, where they seized drugs and over €15 000 in cash.

“The organized crime group was made up of Moroccan citizens who were residing in various EU countries, mainly France, Italy and Spain,” the Europol statement said, adding they contacted and sheltered the invaders “who had been smuggled with falsified documents from the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta, located on the north coast of Africa, to mainland Spain.”

“Once trafficked to the Spanish mainland, the next leg of the trip sent them to their relatives in France, Italy and Spain.”

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