Europe: Airborne Invasion Starts

The first two airplanes with fake refugees, flown directly into Germany from Turkey in terms of the European Union “asylum deal,” arrived this morning in Hannover.

The two airplanes, paid for by EU taxpayers, unloaded at least 35 invaders directly onto European soil—and are the first of many to come.

air invasion

The airplanes—all commercial airliners (in this morning’s case, two Turkish airlines flights)—mean that the EU taxpayers are paying conventionally priced air tickets to directly import the completely bogus refugees directly into the heart of Europe.

As pointed out earlier, the “deal” with Turkey proves that there is no genuine need for these “refugees” to come to Europe in the first place.

This is because the “deal” states all “refugees” currently in Greece are to be sent back to Turkey for “processing.”

If Turkey were not a “safe” country to begin with, they would never be sent back there—showing that none of them, even the ones who do come from Syria, are actually fleeing an “unsafe” country.

All international conventions on asylum state that refugees have the right to flee a country in which their lives are in danger.

Clearly, their lives are not in danger in Turkey, and the entire “asylum in Europe” program is a hoax with only one purpose: to import as many nonwhites as possible into Europe.

The first flight in contained sixteen “Syrians” who were then unloaded onto a bus which transported them to the Erstaufnahmelager Friedland near Göttingen. From there, they will be “distributed” out to various municipalities across Germany.

In terms of the “deal,” Germany has volunteered to take in one fifth of all the Syrians—and the other EU member states are expected to take in the rest, divided up proportionally according to a set formula. Several dozen other invaders are expected to arrive in France, Finland and Portugal, according to German government sources.

Poland and some of the other members of the Visegrad group of nations have already refused to take in any of the nonwhite invaders following the repeated refugee-terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Political fallout following from that refusal is expected later this year at EU headquarters, and will probably consist of EU sanctions against those nations.

The “deal” with Turkey says that all the invaders who have crossed over to Greece since March 20 will be forcibly returned to Turkey, and for each “Syrian” deported in this manner, a “Syrian” in a refugee camp in Turkey can be flown into Europe for “asylum.”

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  1. A Syrian, from a refugee camp – IMO the genuine Syrians fleeing war are families. So a Syrian, as in one, is probably a single male, undoubtedly with forged ID. Either that, or the one only, being flown into Germany is a genuine Syrian who will then proceed to take advantage of the ‘family reunion’ & import all his family, in-laws & out-laws.

    1. Why is it that local residents in the Syrian town of Palmyra , are quite happy to be moving back in to their totally bombed-out city – eager to rebuild – yet there are so many who say they cannot go back to Syria?

      The E/U is being conned badly. Most of them suspect this but are too PC to say.

    1. One way or another, the best way for the ‘west’ to get out from under, and recover is war. Not a noble ambition perhaps but somewhat less stupid than politically contrived ‘peaceful invasion’!

    2. They are beyond madness! Everything that we see and hear is a lie to further the agenda of their evil (satanic)plan to enslave humanity to the NWO.!! The invaders are a tool used against us!
      They want bloodsacrifices , it serves their God (lucifer)

      “For they are the synogogue of Satan” “By thy works ye shall know them ”

      Most of all they want whites dead! Easier to control the non-whites!

    3. And now those people in Brussels will make all Europeans pay the 6B € to Turkey for this service thanks to Merkel.

  2. I’m afraid it is all becoming quite predictable now………………
    Perhaps now is the time for Merkel to firmly secure the Saudi’s offer to finance the building of 200 Mosques in Germany in preparation for the influx.

  3. These liberal communist pigs must keep pushing the Europeans, at some point, one of our European nations is gonna reach breaking point, then, all hell is gonna break loose!!….keep pushing, you self hating liberal idiots, keep pushing……

    1. True…Britain First may have some thuggish people, but the lily-livered ones certainly arent doing anything…we need more men and women with guts…to do something about this invasion…

      1. Step #1 Sue, make sure the UK leaves the EU.
        Step #2, make sure Cameron leaves his office. (Should not have a job anywhere near Westminster, not even as a toilet attendant).
        Step #3, get the Brexit divorce completed with 3 months with no dithering or delays. Do not accept a 2/3 year wind down period. The lefties will find some excuse to remain IN.
        No hesitating just do it if you are to have half a chance of avoiding what the EU has in store for Europe.

    2. Sure hope you’re right. The Merkel-led Invasion of Europe needs to halted right now! The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to stop this desecration of White territory. . .
      Where are the Patriots/Heroes to remove all the Traitors at the EU, and elsewhere, and stop the deliberate flooding of Europe with fake refugees?

    3. They should follow Britain’s example and hold referenda on leaving the EU.

      I hate, loathe and despise the EU. But if the British people are dumb enough to vote ‘remain’ in June, then I, as a democrat, will respect that decision although I hate it.

      1. Given Marxel`s dictatorial ways she`ll take a `remain` vote as carte blanche to ratchet up the demands and the diktats. I can almost hear her maniacal laugh already!
        Terrifying thought !

      2. I most certainly won’t, but as one who saw the approaching storm 20+ years ago I left, for sunnier climes, best decision I ever made.

    4. Well if France and Belgium are any indication they will first be praying in the streets and killing Jews wherever they can find them. Then there will be mass car burning and of course subway and airport bombings. There will also be mass rapes of white women.

  4. How many young women are going to suffer for this, per plane load? I wonder which country will be the first to go militia in the face of this shameless invasion? Maybe East Europe could invade West Europe, this is becoming beyond sickening.

  5. It is the JIPOP’s (Jews In Positions Of Power) in America and Europe who are pushing for mass immigration. The irony is that the JIPOP’s in Israel are racist and refuse to allow any refugees, yet they push for immigration in countries in order to end the white race. Jews are behind white genocide as this will enable jews to divide-and-conquer and take power more easily.

    1. Most generous of you, Herman…. such a kind thought.
      However we Brits must learn to `man-up` !
      Depriving Germans of such future joys would be just too, too selfish of us.
      But Bless you for thinking of us…lol !

  6. Meanwhile news today (6 April) that the deportations from Greece have stopped already after a mere 202 Pakistani and Afghan invaders were returned to Turkey. I suppose that’s because the 6 Billion Euro bribe paid to Turkey has run out already 🙁

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