Europe: More Invaders in 2016 than 2015

More nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers landed in Europe in the first nine months of 2016 than in the same period last year, dramatic new figures from the European Union’s European Asylum Support Office (EASO) have revealed.

Since the beginning of 2016, at least 1,013,053 “asylum” applications have been recorded, as opposed to 894,028 applications lodged in the same period of 2015.


The figures, contained in the newly-released EASO “Latest Asylum Trends” report, also revealed that in September 2016 alone, there had been 125,809 “asylum” applications.

The EASO statistics are based on reporting provided by the “EU+” countries—all 28 member states plus Norway and Switzerland.

The flood of fake refugees in September 2016 was a 9 percent decrease on August, but was still the second-highest level for 2016. By comparison, in September 2015 when invader “asylum” applications started to peak, 173,880 applications were lodged, or 38 percent more than in September 2016.

In line with the previous months, 96 percent of all applicants were “first time applicants,” that is, they had not previously lodged an “asylum” application anywhere else in the EU+.

The figures also said that 2 percent of “all applicants claimed to be unaccompanied minors (UAMs)”—with the use of the word “claimed” being a tacit recognition that large numbers of these particular parasites were lying about their age in order to qualify for special treatment as minors.

The statistics further revealed that 27 percent of all UAM applicants claimed to be Afghan citizens, while 12 percent claimed to be Syrian, and 9 percent claimed to be Eritrean.


The main claimed countries of origin for all the applicants were Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, who together accounted for half of all applications lodged in the EU+.

In September 2016, EU+ countries recorded 28,966 “Syrian” applications, 18,513 “Afghan” applications, and 12,098 “Iraqi” applications. Next up were Nigerians (5,806), Pakistanis (4,754), Iranians (4,358), Eritreans (4,146), Albanians (3,952), Russians (2,537), and Bangladeshis (2,279).

The “Albanians” are usually mixed-race and Gypsy elements from that country, and the “Russians” are generally from the mixed-race Muslim south of Russia, chancing their luck at getting in while the race-denying EU liberals seem intent on welcoming anybody at all into Europe.

With the exception of the Albanians and Bangladeshis, all top 10 citizenships decreased compared to the previous month, the September figures showed, with the sharpest decreases recorded for Afghans (-24 percent), Russians (-15 percent), and Pakistanis (- 15 percent).

The decrease in Afghan, “Russian,” and Pakistani invaders is likely due to the fact that none of those nations actually qualify, even by the ridiculous rules of the European Union, for “asylum” and already many are being routinely denied permission to stay.

At the same time, however, the large number of forged and fake “Syrian” passports and identity documents has made it easier for fakers of all nationalities to pretend to be Syrian.

The EASO report also revealed that the current “recognition rate”—that is, the rate at which the “asylum” applications are being accepted, granting the applicant the right to stay in Europe, is running at 63 percent.

The recognition rate for those claiming to be Syrians was 98 percent, while for Afghans it was 30 percent. Out of the remaining 10 nationalities with “first-instance decisions” issued, Eritrea showed the second-highest recognition rate (87 percent), together with applicants of “unknown citizenship” (86 percent). The lowest recognition rates were for Albanians (1 percent), Nigerians (7 percent), and Pakistanis (9 percent).

These figures are, however, for the most part theoretical, as practical experience has shown that the European nations currently do not have the political willpower to expel the invaders, even if they have been refused permission to stay.

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  1. I couldn`t care less where these `refugees` come from – it`s always the same overcrowded areas of the UK that`s forced to take them yet they`re still packing more in. Why the hell should we be stuffed to the gills with males from other cultures we`ve no connection with and never asked for.
    If Lord Dubs, Blair, Farron, Corbyn and Diane Abbott and their other assorted “compassionate cronies” want to wave a welcome flag then they must be forced to accept them as their neighbours.
    I guarantee the asylum policy would be reversed overnight.

    1. Ding bats the lot of them.
      The destabilizing effect of skewed male to female ratios, even in ethnically homogeneous countries like India and China, has many of these same progressives deeply concerned, but you’ll hear nary a peep from these lunatics about these same concerns now manifestly worse, and descending into the Abyss all over Europe. What’s happening all across Western Europe is just a Witches brew of carnage in the making, and these ASSet HATS know it, so what’s their angle?

      1. Their “angle” is White Genocide. If voting nationalist parties into office throughout Europe can protect our civilization then all well and good. However we must prepare and plan for the worst scenario. As John F. Kennedy famously said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

        1. As stupid and suicidal as “White Genocide” sounds, it’s becoming the impossible, but only plausible conclusion. These progressive ideologues, or should I more correctly say “disgusting sons of pigs”, will have there Götterdämmerung moment, sooner the better.

  2. This is what the elites wanted. A biculture (not multi) europa that will one day clash with each other and he will profit greatly from it.

    1. Merkel recently said she wanted a “brown” population everywhere in Europe. That’s genocide. And communism of highest level.

  3. Merkel IS going to b one very sorry muppet and I hope I will b able to c her down
    Fall from her own German people merkel ur on a collision course to HELL LONG MAY U BURN IN THE HELL FIRES

  4. Hey, you should put Albanians between inverted commas, as a substantial number of them are from the gangster entity Kosovo. Likewise the Eritreans, as it has become an African passe-partout, since many Africans, and especially Ethiopians, say they are Eritreans, because they know Eritrea is a target country for regime change, and therefore they have bigger chances to get asylum.

  5. We r still the majority we must. Act fast we will not b taken back to the dark ages we fought for our right to b free WE WILL NEVER RETREAT r SURRENDER bring it on that’s what u want merkel toss the coin I say tails because we will AV ur head live learn observe

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