Europe: Invaders Picked up by US Navy Ship Will be Landed in Italy

The sub-Saharan African invaders picked up only twenty miles off the Libyan coast by the US Navy ship USNS Trenton will be landed in Italy, that country’s media has reported.

Sailors from the Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport USNS Trenton bring African invaders on board off the Libyan coast. The US Sixth Fleet is headquartered in Naples. (U.S. Navy photo/Released).

According to the Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper, there are now 42 Africans about the USNS Trenton, up two from the figure which the US Navy originally reported.

The newspaper said that the Africans are being transferred to an Italian coast guard ship and that they will then be landed in Italy.

USNS Trenton will arrive near the island of Lampedusa on Sunday morning where it will hand over the invaders. From there they will be transported to a landing point somewhere in southern Italy, having achieved their objective of getting the whites to give them a free taxi ride across the Mediterranean Sea.

The decision to take the Africans was made by the Italian government, the report continued, after a special request was made by the American embassy in Rome.

The Italian coast guard has been operating off the Libyan coast all along, and that organization this past week landed more than 900 African invaders in Sicily which had been picked up off the Libyan coast.

The policy of making the Italian coast guard operate on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, far away from its legally-mandated area of operations (usually no more than twenty miles off the Italian coast) is a controversial policy which dates from the previous government’s time, and is likely to be ended by the new government.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has vowed to end the invasion, and is going to Libya at the end of this month to put measures in place to bring the activity of the smuggling rings in that country to an end.

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  1. There was a couple of comments during 2015/2016’s mass invasion that if the first 50 boats (or whatever number was quoted) were sank in International Waters, it could have changed what has become the end result. Whilst no-one would actually want to be party to such an event, the people crossing the Mediterranean do not care for human life irrespective which country they have left, they would kill themselves without any thought, just to get their own way.

    1. Yes. They have a fatalistic world view, that everything is the will of Allah. They don’t care how dangerous the journey is, Allah will take care of them, or not as the case may be.

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