“Europe of Nations and Freedoms”

The “Europe of Nations and Freedoms” group in the European Parliament—a coalition of patriotic parties and individuals from eight European nations—is set to hold its first official congress in Milan, Italy, on January 28 and 29, a press release from that organization has announced.

conference sold out

The Europe of Nations and Freedom (French: Europe des nations et des libertés, ENL) was launched on June 15, 2015, after extended negotiations between the French National Front (FN), the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), the Italian Lega Nord (LN), the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), Belgium’s Vlaams Belang (VB), and the Polish Congress of the New Right (KNP).

The 36-strong group gained two additional members when former UK Independence Party member Janice Atkinson, and former Conservative Party of Romania (Partidul Conservator, PC) member Laurentiu Rebega, joined in their private capacities.


The two-day congress will, according to the press statement, be held under the banner of “a freer, stronger Europe” and will focus on the invasion crisis and terrorism “that threatens each of our respective nations.”

The meeting will see the major leaders of all the parties—including HC Strache of the FPÖ, Marine le Pen from the FN, Geert Wilders from the PVV, Matteo Salvini from the LN—gather in the Northern Italian city for one of the most high-powered such conferences ever.

Interviewed by the Wirtschaftsblatt, Salvini said that they would “also discuss the lifting of sanctions against Russia, which should be regarded as a friend of Europe. We will present our concept of Europe as the current house collapses. We will explain to the 500 million Europeans how we are going to rebuild it.”

The event is already sold out, but it can be watched live on the Internet on piuliberipiuforti.org, and on live Radio RPL (radiopadania.org/streaming).

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    1. Sounds absolutely wonderful to me, but will it just be another go nowhere talk fest. If not, damned timely and Farage you should be there.

  1. And when the identitarian right finally takes power, please be sure to exact justice, to prosecute the perpetrators of the current insanity and chaos, and to take all of their wealth and their families’ wealth, too.

    1. What, you are suggesting that we take back not only the moral high ground but also the physical high ground? Think I’ve just found a soul mate!!

  2. At last some good news.
    Hopefully this group will encourage the peoples of Europe to join them and get rid of the Mad Merkels, the drunken Junkers etc.
    I shall pray for success of this endeavor.

    1. Apparently we’ve mis understood Mutti Terroresa , She’s only got a narcissistic comlex, and there was I diagnosing her as megalomaniacal, messiah complex. How did I get it so wrong, sigh.

  3. Hope New Observer will highlight key points from Europe of Nations and Freedoms Summit for us. Somebody has to start protecting civilised freedoms and national borders and western values and providing a common sense solution now. Would love an open discussion on “civilization jihad” Its more important than ever that western and christian values be defended, protected and preserved
    And the right to some good old fashioned freedom of speech would be nice too!!

    1. Yes Sheridan, spot on, you, and all around you need to start protecting the civilised freedoms we all hold dear, forget Cameron, he’s on the books of the New World Order, anti-British, anti-Christ, Has signed the pact and, alongside Merkel, Osborne, Hollande, and a host of others, has vowed to transform Europe, into Eurabia. Myth, fantasy, no. the evidence is all around. Just Google Peter Sutherland, and ask yourself, why, alongside Blair, Brown, and Cameron, he has not been hung!

  4. Blair removed the word treason from his vocabulary, along with the death penalty for acts of treason. It is well known that MP’s in Westminster are inept, incompetent and incapable of representing the people across the whole of the UK. There is no system available to sack an MP that fails to be a true representative of the people. Until there is, the only solution could be to bring back “Guy Fawkes”!

  5. If the NPD joins PIU, will they have time to save Canada from Constitutional Mongrelculturalism? Fantasist? Many know from observation, that cultures do not function in “multi” mode. Fiat Currency does, and Fractional Reserve Banking does; but culture does not. I would rather be cultured, even if it meant less money — although it ought not, than an overpaid mongrel internationalist. We observe that many other “cultures” aren’t, in fact, cultures at all.

    Culture, nowadays, connotes as a code word for marketing the citizenships of white nations to nihilistic, virulent and opportunistic low-trust ethnicities and races. “Cultures” which, comparatively, really haven’t accomplished anything in the last 10,000 years, with the exception of bolshevik complaint tricks. Will all these exceptions really actually do anything of use just now? Our highschool Drama Teacher thinks this mongrel appeasement is good because his directors behind the curtain advise him so. Why would our cultural sages be hidden behind curtains?

    1. Canada, America, Australia, South Africa, Europe, wherever we dwell, we are all in this sh*t together, and we’ll all get out of it together.

      1. Somehow I missed this item at the time. Only comment I would make is: Russia? Why Russia? – these are the thugs of the World who would only seek the weaknesses of any European group like this as proposed.

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