Europe Rallies Against Third World Invasion

Tens of thousands of Germans, Italians, Czechs, Russians, Slovaks, and Swiss have taken to the streets over the past few days to demonstrate their opposition to the Third World invasion, with  rallies in Berlin, Bologna, and the German-Czech border, all organized by growing opposition parties and alliances.


On Saturday, November 6, a crowd of thousands, estimated to be between 7,000 and 10,000 strong, converged in Berlin to attend a rally organized by the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) party.

The columns of marchers deliberately passed the offices of the Federal Press Association, where several German and foreign media are based, and burst into the well-known refrain of “lugendpresse” (“lying press”) which has become common in Germany to describe the deceptions practised by the controlled media.

Berlin-03 Berlin-02 Berlin-01

A ragtag mob of a few hundred communists attended an anti-AfD demonstration—far fewer than what the organizers and controlled media had hoped for. Several of the violent communist thugs were arrested after attacking the police, who responded with batons and pepper spray.


On Sunday, November 8, the political establishment in Italy was rocked when three leading politicians, Matteo Salvini, leader of the Lega Norda; Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Fratelli d’Italia; and former prime minister and leader of the Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, attended a rally hosted by the Lega Norda in Bologna.


The rally, attended by tens of thousands of people, had as its major theme a call for the resignation of the far-left Italian government, but it was the appearance of Berlusconi—the longest serving Italian postwar Prime Minister, which caught the Italian media’s attention.

Both the Lega Nord and Meloni served under Berlusconi when he was in office, as part of his ruling coalition, and their joint appearance took on added significance because of Salvini and Meloni’s tireless anti-invasion political programs over the past few months.

Their appearance at the Bologna rally is an indication not only of Berlusconi’s willingness to openly embrace this political position, but is also the first indication of a likely electoral alliance in the making.

bologna-05 bologna-04 bologna-02

Also on November 8, a smaller rally attended by a few thousand supporters of the Pegida movement from Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, and even Russia took place at Arzberg, on the  Czech-German border.

Carrying the flags of their nations, the protesters demanded the building of border fences to keep out the Third World hordes, and also expressed inter-European solidarity on the issue.

Arzberg-06 Arzberg-05 Arzberg-04 Arzberg-03 Arzberg-01


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  1. So we can see that the tide is starting to turn and hopefully, common sense is prevailing.
    We just need to get that into politics now. That's a big ask I know but can be achieved by ordinary people waking from their slumber and seeing what is actually going on around them and not being afraid to discuss these issues with their contemporaries. Most people that I speak to are like minded but are often reticent to discuss their own politics. The more people that are prepared to speak openly about their concerns, the more that 'free speach' becomes 'normal' again. Its alright to have common sense
    Ok, we all know that the media is heavily censored and the 'whole truth' is not getting around freely but excellent 'public services' like NOO, Breitbart and RT are doing a fantastic job of getting 'censored' viewpoints into the mainstream, slowly but surely.
    Next, we need to be out of the EU and also start dealing with our traitorous politicians

  2. What I take away from this was the police arresting communists rather than patriots. Let's hope this becomes commonplace, it's the lefties that are responsible for this.

  3. Very well articulated article!
    It is a proven fact that traitour Merkel and Mr. David Cameron work in sync with the ultra racist zionist marxists who have infiltrated / corrupted almost everything including the "justice system" in Germany, England and France. These traitors must leave gracefully.
    The majority of the people have spoken and they should resign while still alive.

  4. lt is a kind of comfort to know that these marches all over Europe show that people are waking up at last and showing their numbers. Other MSM sites do not show much of these scenes for obvious reasons. l'm certain there are very many thousands more who feel the same but are reluctant or cannot go out and join these people that demonstrate. Judging by the comments from the public that l read all over the net l think the time is coming when these so called 'leaders' will be removed, by force if necessary. This 'elite' group of criminals should not be allowed to over-rule the billions of people that despise them so much, and with good reason.

  5. Not only are we plebs expected to fund the junketting lifestyle of the self serving EU bureaucrats but they had the gall to send every free loader from the Third World a `come and join us` invite.

  6. Very emotional comment I must say but you hit the nail on the head! Soon there will be so many Pakis in UK that without their votes it might be difficult to get elected – this will be the end of the world as you know it. What happens when Labour designates Sadiq Khan as its candidate in London Mayor election 2016? It's quite bloody real.

  7. Very insightful analysis indeed! IMHO this is the direct result of the idiotic leftists' agenda forced on honest taxpayers who pay for all that. Many EU "politicans" and losers of any sort, who were never elected (!) BTW, are a huge problem as well. And I'm not talking only about these clowns like Schulz or Juncker who are the most vocal lunatics recently but also those who were there before like eg. Cecilia Malmström from Sweden who was a Minister for European Union Affairs 2006-2010 and later European Commissioner for Home Affairs 2010-2014 … and the only qualification she has come from the fact that she studied literature in Paris for crying out loud – EU is a joke of unimaginable proportions!

  8. I totally agree with you Arty,
    I am sick to the back teeth of these aggressive, breeding, welfare benefit parasites taking over our tiny British Island. Few of them actually work, preferring to leech off the hard working white taxpayers. 50% of Male Muslims and 75% of female Muslims are unemployed and will remain unemployed for life if they can get away with it. We are the ones being told to adjust to them, well this will be over my dead body, as I will NEVER ADAPT to suit them. Only a couple of days ago a Pakistani Muslim family were reported on in the Daily Express, and the man had not worked for 10 years. He is apparently a School Teacher, but he chooses not to work, complaining that he is a victim of the system because he cannot find a job that pays him enough money to support his large family. He openly stated that he was not looking for work as he could get more money from living off the state. He said he did not feel that it was wrong to live off taxpayers as the government paid for his family. Where does he believe the government gets its funding from? He also said he did not believe it was irresponsible to have 11 sprogs, as he and his wife did not believe in contraception. However, he was complaining that he could not live off the £500 per week he received as it cost him £300 alone per week in food, he simply wanted more money from the taxpayer. He was unhappy on the low welfare payments he received, yet he did not rule out having more sprogs, what a load of clap trap. He said he needed the money because all his little brats wanted iphones, and he was required to attend religious events, so it does get rather expensive, well he knows what he and his breeding bitch can do, get off their arses and work. His sprogs by the way are aged between 7 and 24, so they could work too if they were to receive a strategically placed boot up their backsides, to offer them a little encouragement, I will do the kicking for free. Totally disgusting and the reason why Britain is now nothing more than a third world cesspit with no go areas that have been taken over and turned into ghettos. We keep letting them in and they will keep coming, millions of them are currently on their way over from all corners of the globe, and many see it as their right to be given a new life in what they perceive as "the promised land". There are even some on a British naval base in Cyprus demanding that they should be taken directly to Britain as they claim they are technically on British soil, but this is currently being refused. Our Prime Minister is a well known Muslim lover, disgusting, wimpy, no balls "call me Dave" who openly states that there are too many white faces in Britain. Add to this and the fact that we also have our leftie loonie tree huggers as well, who would let them all in given the chance, what chance have we British got. As Arty rightfully states we cannot say anything against them or we will be arrested. Yet they can stand in the middle of our streets burn a copy of the bible, spit on our soldiers’ graves, shout open hatred of our people and even our Queen and the pathetic Police just stand there and do nothing. Heaven help us all, we must vote OUT of the corrupt EU which along with all these freeloaders is bankrupting Britain. It’s our last chance of survival, out from the EU, regain control or our borders, deport all illegals and all the foreign criminals who are currently using the insane, Human Rights Laws to cling on by their fingernails. Britain also needs a new Leader, Nigel Farage is the only person who will fight for his own people and Country, unlike dozy liar "call me Dave" who hates white people.

  9. Their governments have chosen to violate the law and all principles of democracy and decency. Those governments' own actions constitute aggression and violence against their own people and hence they will not listen to peaceful protests. They will have to be removed. Make it so, Germans, Hungarians or anybody else with the capability. Make it so.

  10. Arty,It's now starting to reach the more Liberal hand ringing softy's,because many are now beginning to feel the heat,they have always been in a state of denial,and living in a comfort zone,it will only take one of the so far untouched ones higher up the ladder to have something terrible happen to them or their family,for them to take of their blindfolds,remove their earplugs,and start seeing the real problems that their foolish attitude has brought to many of us.

  11. Cheap labor is wanted by the guys with big bucks. Whites will have to share poverty with brown skinned workers. Protests will only force the guys with big bucks to move elsewhere. The party is over.

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