Europe Should Ally with Iran, Russia

The German government’s plan to send troops to fight ISIS in Syria is “reckless,” ignores the fact that terrorism is in Europe, and only support of Syria, Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah can halt ISIS, the editor-in-chief of Germany’s leading intellectual journal Zuerst, has said.


Speaking during an Iranian Press TV interview, Manuel Ochsenreiter, who is an expert in Middle Eastern matters and a veteran foreign correspondent, said that the offer by the German government to provide support troops on the ground in Syria “made no sense at all.”

“The Paris attacks took place inside Europe. So if the Berlin government wants to fight terrorism in Europe, it makes no sense to deliver support to the western allied forces in Syria or in Iraq,” he said.

Ochsenreiter said that the German military would do better concentrating on fighting terrorism in Europe, and especially in Germany. In Europe, he said, there is an “open borders” situation, and there is no control whatsoever over who is entering the country, or what they are doing there.

“The state has completely given up on any control over what is happening on the ground inside Europe,” he said, adding that instead of spending millions on putting armed forces into Syria, the government should rather reestablish control over what is happening within Germany’s borders.

He went on to list a number of action points which were needed if the German government actually wanted to fight terrorism in Syria.

The first thing that needed to be done, he said, was to “support those forces on the ground” who are actually fighting terrorism. He named these forces as the armies of Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, and the Russian Federation.

It was senseless, he said, to undertake any operation in Syria without coordination with those armies.

The second thing that needed to be done was to immediately halt all sanctions and embargoes against the Syrian Republic, Russia, and Iran, “because these are the countries fighting terrorism.”

Then it is necessary to go into direct cooperation with the Syrian government, as only they can help solve the terrorist danger in Europe. In this regard it was important to offer support to the Syrian army “instead of offering support to the enemies and to the terrorist supporters” in Syria.

He pointed out that the German government was at this very moment supporting both Saudi Arabia and Turkey, “and these are two countries that openly support terrorism in the Middle East.”

As long as the German government refrained from taking any of these steps, he said, any military operation was pointless and would only endanger the lives of German military personnel—and especially German pilots.

“I do not want to know what will happen if we see the first German pilot in a cage of IS terrorists,” he concluded, referring to the ISIS habit of murdering prisoners in public.

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  1. I’ve said for a long time now that we in the UK should be allies of Russia, and not America’s poodle as seems always to be the case.

    1. I believe most informed American would agree with you. Most of America’s military certainly would. We are sick to death of being Israel’s poodle, or whore would be a more apt description. Pray for Trump to survive and not have this election stolen. He will work with Russia and it’s pissing off the Jewish monsters in our Gov, as it will the ones in your gov. who have created this invasion.Brutal war mongers they are with no feelings even for their own people!
      All white countries have to join forces this time and not be pitted against each other ever again. I’ve said before. We won’t need uniforms in this war. Our white skin will be our identification to each other, and what the rest of the world fears, if we do this right! In both world wars, we were blackmailed and coerced into fighting on the wrong side for the Jews agenda of world domination. I hope we’re smarter this time! If not, it will be the end of our race. We don’t want to end up the minority with the dark races. They are evil and heartless as well!
      God save civilization!

  2. Honesty on one side is offset by the use of cackle bladder by the terrorist States. The use of white phosphorous blamed on the Russians is an example of this. The word is “A big con blowoff in which the mark is led to believe that one of the con men has shot and killed the other. The victim will not go to the police to report the scam for fear of being implicated in the murder.” Carnies and “big boys” do that sort of thing on a daily basis in the USA. See Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz ISBN 0-8184-0529-5

  3. Military intervention in the ME is just for show, to convince people that European Govts are actually “doing something”. If Hollande wants to do something effective he should bomb Brussels first and his own banlieues, then take out Frau Merkel.

  4. I agree with all of the above comments.
    Chaos seems to be the way to IMPOSE a totalitarian govt. even worse than what now exists.
    I suggest that all the leftist a be transported to some cold island maybe in the Hebrides. Cold and wet and fend for themselves. no champagne dinners nor planes available.

    1. I don’t know about inflicting them on the nice people of the Hebrides, but there’s a suitable uninhabited place 290 miles west called Rockall which is the last little part of the British Isles. Seems the ideal location for them to me, although it’ll be a bit crampled.
      The vegetarians might have a hard time though, as there’s only fish and seagulls to eat 🙂

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