Europe Slips Further into Dictatorship as Ground Prepared for Criminal Charges against Marine Le Pen

The mask of Europe’s fake “democrats”—who pretend to want “freedom” but who are actually extreme anti-white dictators—has slipped one more degree with the news that criminal charges are being prepared against France’s Front National leader Marine le Pen.

The development dates back to 2011, when the leftist-controlled French government laid charges against Ms le Pen for daring to say that the sight of Muslims praying in the streets of her country was “like the Nazi occupation of France.”

Apparently that perfectly innocuous comparison is some type of “racist crime” in “democratic” France, and the denizens of the far left fully intended to see her imprisoned for this comment.

However, as a Member of the European Parliament member (MEP), Ms le Pen enjoyed immunity from prosecution—until now.

This week, her protection was removed by a European parliamentary committee in a secret vote this week.

The move clears the way for the French government to pursue the case against the FN leader, who polled 18 percent of the vote in the 2012 presidential election.

The exact quote which has so incensed the “democrats” was made by Ms Le Pen at a party rally in 2010 in the southern French town of Lyon.

She said that Muslims using the streets to pray because mosques were overflowing was an “occupation” of French territory.

Ironically, praying in the streets was banned in Paris in 2011, and in 2013, France became the first EU state to ban the wearing of the Islamic veil in public.

The latter move is of course no solution to the problem of the Third World colonization of Europe, as all it does is force the invaders to dress a bit more like Westerners, lowering the barrier to integration a little bit more.

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  1. Quote: “This week, her protection was removed by a European parliamentary committee in a secret vote this week.”
    So if EU rules can be changed, why not the freedom of movement rule which the communists are so strongly opposing?

  2. It is time to stand up and be counted. I really do not understand why the Germans have not demanded this woman’s arrest. She is watching her own people being raped and killed. That goes for our own governments it is time to rid our countries of these vile people. It is time to have mass migration in the opposite direction. This removal of political parties that don’t fit with their opinions should be made illegal. Time to fight back people.

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