Europe Will Kill Itself, Warns Kurdish Separatists as They Reveal “Tripped Refugee” is Al-Qaeda Terrorist

Europe is stuck in a “democratic quagmire” which will kill that continent, the leading Kurdish separatist party has warned in a statement which also revealed that the infamous “tripped up refugee” is in fact an Al-Qaeda terrorist who was only fleeing Syria after his imminent arrest for war crimes.


In a statement released by the Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat (Democratic Union Party, or PYD) on its official website, the Kurdish separatists—who control a number of towns in northern Syria and are militant participants in the armed struggle against the Syrian government—said that Osama Abdul Mohsen had been an active member of the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front from the start of the war in Syria.

Moshen was filmed being tripped up by an angry Hungarian journalist after many of his fellow invaders had rushed over the border into Hungary, pushing and knocking into the journalist. His tripping up was captured on camera, and used by the world’s controlled media as an example of how “evil” Europeans are for opposing the nonwhite invasion.

Mohsen was then offered a job coaching in Spain by a football academy, because of his background in Syria as a football coach. He has since become a darling of the controlled media, promoted at every turn as a “victim” of “European racism” and has been paraded as a hero by Real Madrid football club and by famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now it turns out that Mohsen is, according to the PYD, an active and public Islamist terrorist, and only fled Syria when the town in which he was headquartered was overrun by PYD troops.


The PYD statement, backed up with images taken from Mohsen’s Facebook page, and testimony from other Kurds, went on to say that Mohsen had taken part in several violent attacks on the Kurds, including an incident in 2004 when more than 60 “Kurdish martyrs” had been killed when ethnic violence broke out after a football match between the non-Kurdish “al-Fatwa” club and the Kurdish “Qamishlo’s Jihad club.”

Mohsen was the coach of the al-Fatwa club in Deir Ez Zor from 2004–2010, which he used as one of his “qualifications” for his new job in Spain.

After the war in Syria started, the PYD statement continued, Mohsen joined the Al-Nusra front, and openly boasted of this on his Facebook page, including a claim that he had “fought the Kurds near Amudeh, Serekaniye, and Afrin.”

The PYD statement included screenshots of Mohsen’s now discontinued Facebook page, in which he boasted of his Islamist activities.

Finally, the PYD said, after Kurdish militants gained the upper hand in the military struggle against Al-Nusra in the Kurdish territories in the north of Syria, Mohsen fled to Turkey rather than be captured by the Kurds and prosecuted for his crimes.

“After the deterioration of the security situation, Mohsen, like hundreds of terrorists, decided to flee from Syria,” the PYD statement continued.

“The question that arises is this: are European governments actually asleep in their democratic quagmire? Can they not see the danger of ticking terrorist time bombs like Osama Abdul Mohsen who illegally entered Hungary from Serbia?

“What is surprising and ironic is that this terrorist murderer has been received and welcomed by the Real Madrid president and Cristiano Ronaldo under the pretext of democracy.

“These terrorists have already publicly announced that they seek to destroy Europe, and it seems that those democracies will now be killed off with the active help of democracy itself,” the PYD statement concluded.

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  1. Spain was bad ten years ago when I lived there , When we were burgled had to queue up at the police station for a ticket like you would at the meat counter in some supermarkets, we were no 49 at 9 in the morning so he’s gone to the right country and will fit in well, just hope he gets his comeuppance.

  2. The Hungarian journalist suffered abuse and lost her job as a result of the MSM portrayal. I read that she even had to leave her home.

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