European Nationalists Unite for Tibet

The right of Tibet to be Tibetan—and for Europe to be European—was a dominant theme of the European wing of the international Solidarity with Tibet Day, held earlier this month.

According to our European correspondent, several members of the Flemish Voorpost nationalist organization took a prominent part in the demonstration in Brussels, and were accompanied by nationalists from several other European nations on the day.


There were also demonstrations in Prague, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Paris, Berlin, Deggendorf, Hamburg, Budapest, Dublin, Lublin, Warsaw, Lisbon, Bucharest, Edinburgh, and London.

The international demonstration was created after the March 1959 crushing of the Tibetan independence movement by the Communist regime in China.

The demonstration demanded that the legitimate head of state of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, be returned to his position; that Tibet be given self-determination and that there be respect for human rights and religious freedom in that country.

Voorpost is an ethno-nationalist organization founded in Flanders which seeks to unite all Dutch-speaking people. It has staged rallies against the Islamification of Europe, radical leftist organizations, drugs, pedophilia, and animal abuse.

Prominent members include Vlaams Blok ideologue Roeland Raes and Vlaams Belang politician Luc Vermeulen.

Voorpost has been involved for a number of years in pro-Tibetan actions, most notably in the Committee Boycott Beijing 2008, which was designed to focus world attention on the plight of the Tibetans during the Olympic Games.

Armed with a banner “Flanders and the Netherlands in solidarity with Tibet,” Voorpost activists took part in the latest demonstration, which started in Brussels North and moved to the Mont des Arts.

The presence of European nationalists in the demonstration attracted great media attention, particularly when the leader of the group quoted Gandhi to them: “It is impossible to be a nationalist without understanding internationalism.”

Going on to explain what was meant by this, the Voorpost spokesman said that “internationalism is only possible if nationalism is a fact, as people who belong to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act for themselves. It is not nationalism that is evil, but narrowness, selfishness, and exclusivity, the bane of modern nations. Therefore: Tibet free, the Netherlands free!”

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