Europe’s Invader Passport Nightmare

Fake passports—for use by ISIS terrorists in Europe—have been discovered in “refugee” camps in Greece, just as news broke that thefts of British passports in Europe have doubled.

The two phenomena—which are clearly linked to the nonwhite invasion of Europe—portend huge problems for the Continent’s security services.


The Italian newspaper La Stampa said that forged passports intended to be used by refugee-terrorists have been found in Greek “refugee camps.”

According to the report, officials from Europol conducted an investigation into the trafficking of fake documents for ISIS in four countries—Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Austria—following a trail of false identity papers and how they were being used to invade Europe.

The paper said there were “concerns”—an understatement—about “how potential terrorists from Syria and Iraq may have avoided government controls in Greece by hiding among refugees and using false Syrian passports to make their way to Austria and other parts of Europe.”

“In particular they have identified fake passports in the refugee camps in Greece that were destined for supposed members of ISIS,” La Stampa said.

Many of the refugee-terrorists who have taken part in terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Germany, entered Europe last year in the mass Third World invasion started by Angela Merkel’s open doors policy.

Meanwhile, Die Krone newspaper in Austria has announced that the British embassy in Vienna has issued an official warning to UK nationals about the doubling of thefts of passports this year.

According to the embassy, at least twice as many UK passports have been stolen in Austria this year, compared to the first seven months of 2015.

“Since January 1, we have already had to issue 102 replacement documents. This is twice as many as in the same period last year,” an embassy spokesman told Die Krone.

“In particular we noticed a surge in documents reported stolen on public transport.”

“Whether at airports, when checking in at hotel reception desks in public transport or in shops, British passports are apparently suddenly very popular,” the spokesman said.

Die Krone quoted a detective who said that the increase in thefts came as no surprise.

“Next to Austria, Sweden, and Germany, Britain is among the most popular destination countries for refugees,” he told Die Krone.

“Thus, original documents from these countries are of course worth gold to traffickers and counterfeiters.”

The mass circulation of the fake passports poses an additional security problem for European police forces—a problem which has been exacerbated by the legal mass Third World immigration policies of recent decades. That policy has meant that there are now millions of Third Worlders who hold valid European passports, and identifying the new fake ones out of that group is exceedingly difficult.

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  1. You have to be cruel to be kind. Repatriate EVERY last immigrant, either legal or illegal otherwise Europe is totally finished.

  2. Identifying stolen passports being used to gain illegal entry is not difficult, surely. Every UK passport has a unique number as, I guess, do other nationalities. With technology and the internet it must be a simple procedure to circulate those details of stolen passports to border control officials to feed into their electronic checkers. Or is that too simple?

  3. And here’s another true story, my italian neighbor lately told me: His nephew, born in germany and legal owner of a german and a italian passport got an official letter that ordered him to immediately leave germany and to appear at a certain time at a certain place. What had happened? The guy is 22, his name is italian. Some syrian refugee had stolen his identity. Just imagine, somebody is walking around and commiting crimes using your name. It’s creepy.

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