EU’s Illegal Vote to Punish Hungary for Not Allowing Mass Third World Invasion

The European Union parliament has voted to impose “Article 7” censure against Hungary for after that nation refused to allow the Mass Third World invasion of Europe to continue—even though the EU broke its own rules by failing to gain a two-thirds majority which is legally required to start that process.

Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó said in his reaction that the As reported by the Hungary Today new service, the EU parliament’s adoption of a motion censuring  that central European nation was an “act of “petty revenge by pro-migration politicians.”

Quoted in a report in the Hungary Today new service, Szijjártó said that “Hungary and the Hungarian people have been convicted because we have proven that migration is not needed and it can be stopped.”

He went on to say that the vote was “fraudulent” and insisted that under European agreements abstentions should have been counted as votes against adopting the report. He added that the Hungarian government would study legal remedy options.

There were 448 votes in favor of adopting the article 7 censure, 197 votes against, and 48 abstentions (including those of the Hungarian Jobbik Party, which sought to exploit the issue to try and make political capital at home.)

The EU’s own rules say that any “Article 7” censure motion must be adopted by a two-thirds majority, which in this case needed 457 votes. The 448 votes in favor was clearly short of this, meaning that the EU’s own rules in this regard were clearly breached.

This of course made no difference to the anti-white fanatics running the EU, and the “Article 7” process has now been triggered.

In an earlier statement, Szijjártó said that Hungary was being “attacked because it does not let illegal migrants enter its territory.”

Reacting to a United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) press release which claimed that Hungary’s refusal to allow itself to be overrun by the Third World runs “counter [to] Hungary’s obligations under international human rights law and represent a serious breach by Hungary of the obligations and values that found the European Union.”

“They will make every effort to flood Hungary and the whole of Europe with migrants,” Szijjártó said.  “The Hungarian government will continue to protect Hungary’s borders and considers the organization of illegal migration a serious crime, which will be firmly sanctioned. Hungary will inform the OHCHR that security is the most basic human right and European people have the right to live in security,” he said.

“We will insist on enforcing this right and protect the security of Hungary and, accordingly, Europe as a whole,” he said.

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  1. I’ve always said that the EU is fundamentally anti-white and intrinsically evil.

    Some people here have disagreed with me…..

    Brexit was right.

  2. Hungary should walk away from he EU as soon as possible, do a ‘NO DEAL’ option and liaise with the UK for the future. Let us all remember, that when Heath took the UK into the EEC as it was called ILLEGALLY and in 1975 there was still never any mention of the truth of what we were joining, its costs and dictatorship – which were certainly known by the founding countries but kept quiet – but had we known, the UK would never have voted to join. The EU is the most corrupt entity ever created, unable to budget and balance their accounts, and are intent on destroying democracy within all its member states. Lastly, the UK does not and never has done, had free trade with the countries in the EU, we have paid the second biggest contribution to their bank account to have that.

  3. Hungary speaking for the silenced censored majority of Western Europe who are being officialy represented by their genocidal representatives in the EU. The latter should be hung.

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