EU’s “Relocation” of Fake Refugees and Invaders by Country and Number

The European Union has “relocated”—i.e given free rides—to more than 45,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees, moving them from Greece and Italy to other EU member states as of April 30 this year, official figures show.

According to statistics kept by the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM), a total of 34,694 invaders—22,005 from Greece, and 12,689 from Italy—have been “relocated” to 24 other European states since the program began. This does not include the 11,000 who have been sent to the UK.

According to the IOM figures, as of April 30, 2018, the following nations had “received” invaders as follows:

Austria: From Greece 0; From Italy 43; Total 43.

Belgium: From Greece 700; From Italy 471; Total 1,171.

Bulgaria: From Greece 50; From Italy 10; Total 60.

Croatia: From Greece 60; From Italy 22; Total 82.

Cyprus: From Greece 96; From Italy 47; Total 143.

Czech Republic: From Greece 12; From Italy 0; Total 12.

Estonia: From Greece 141; From Italy 6; Total 147.

Finland: From Greece 1,202; From Italy 778; Total 1,980.

France: From Greece 4,400; From Italy 635; Total 5,035.

Germany: From Greece 5,391; From Italy 5,434; Total 10,825.

Ireland: From Greece 1,022; From Italy 0; Total 1,022.

Latvia: From Greece 294; From Italy 34; Total 328.

Liechtenstein From Greece 10; From Italy 0; Total 10.

Lithuania From Greece 355; From Italy 29; Total 384.

Luxembourg From Greece 300; From Italy 249; Total 549.

Malta From Greece 101; From Italy 67; Total 168.

Netherlands From Greece 1,755; From Italy 1,020; Total 2,775.

Norway From Greece 693; From Italy 815; Total 1,508.

Portugal From Greece 1,192; From Italy 356; Total 1,548.

Romania From Greece 683; From Italy 45; Total 728.

Slovenia From Greece 172; From Italy 81; Total 253.

Slovakia From Greece 16; From Italy 0; Total 16.

Spain From Greece 1,124; From Italy 235; Total 1,359.

Sweden From Greece 1,656; From Italy 1,392; Total 3,048.

Switzerland From Greece 580; From Italy 920; Total 1,500.

Britain is notably absent from these IOM figures, for reasons unknown. However, this does not mean that the UK has not participated in the scheme. So far, according to official figures, at least 11,000 fake refugees have been taken in by that country since the “relocations” began

The “relocation” program was adopted in September 2015 “to relocate asylum seekers from Italy and Greece, to assist them in dealing with the pressures of the refugee crisis.”

Under the scheme, up to 106,000 invaders “with a high chance of having their applications successfully processed (EU average recognition rate of over 75%) were to be relocated from Greece and Italy, where they had arrived, to other Member States where they would have their asylum applications processed.”

A majority of them were male (63 percent), adults (68 percent), and of Syrian (52 percent), Eritrean (35 percent) and Iraqi (11 percent) nationality. The scheme also included 585 “unaccompanied minors.”

It is this scheme to which the Hungarian and Polish governments have objected, and in which they have refused to participate, arguing that none of these so-called “refugees” are in fact fleeing for their lives, and that all have safe haven either in their country of origin or in states much closer to their homes.

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  1. As always, I’m impressed by your people’s dedication to truth, and decoding official lies and statistics. Please don’t stop!

  2. Brexit was the right thing to do – that is the f*cking sh*tty British establishment actually allows it to happen.

    The sooner the EU implodes, the better.

  3. A question popped into my head while reading this… when these people have screwed Europe and turned it into a replica of their homeland, where will they ‘flee’ to to ‘seek asylum’?

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