Every Major UK Religion Wants Invaders

The leaders of every single major religion in Britain have called upon the U.K. Government to take in even more Third World invaders in an unprecedented joint “interfaith declaration.”

Signed by leaders from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Sikh, and Zoroastrian congregations, the declaration called for “safe and legal routes” in the UK for the invaders.


The “Interfaith Refugee Initiative” issued an open letter to the British government this week, signed by more than 200 of the country’s church leaders, bishops, rabbis, and other religious figures.

“As people of faith, we call on your Government urgently to revise its policy toward refugees,” the letter said.

The “immediate and viable steps” that the Government should take to “offer sanctuary to more refugees” include, the letter says, creating “safe, legal routes of travel,” and “adopting fair and humane family reunion policies for refugees.”

The religious leaders all ignore the reality that there is not a single legal refugee in Europe—because every single one even claiming to have fled Syria, only qualifies as a “refugee” in the first neighboring safe country.

Once a “refugee” crosses two safe countries—or, as in the UK’s case, ten safe countries, they are no longer “refugees” but simply illegal immigrants.

Nonetheless, the religious leaders claim that the UK must “take a fair and proportionate share of refugees, both those already within Europe and those still outside it.”

Furthermore, the declaration demands that the government must establish “safe and legal routes to the UK, as well as to the rest of Europe,” and that there should be “access to fair and thorough procedures to determine eligibility for international protection wherever it is sought.”

Among the 224 signatories are Rowan Williams, Former Archbishop of Canterbury; Harun Rashid Khan, Secretary-General, Muslim Council of Britain; Sanjay Jagatia, Secretary General, Hindu Council UK; Lord Singh CBE of Wimbledon, Director of the Network of Sikh Organisations (UK); Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger, Senior Rabbi to the West London Synagogue; Jamie Cresswell, President of the European Buddhist Union; Nemu Chandaria, Chair, One JAIN, Institute of Jainology; Malcolm Deboo, President of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe; David Chillingworth, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church; Mohammad Shahid Raza, Chairman, Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board; Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism; Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales; Danny Rich, Senior Rabbi to Liberal Judaism; Jonathan Wittenberg, Senior Rabbi to Masorti Judaism; Gregorios, Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain; Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop, Coptic Orthodox Church; Russell Barr, Moderator of the General Assembly, The Church of Scotland; Roger Walton, President of the Methodist Conference; Kevin Watson, Moderator of the General Assembly, United Reformed Church; Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain; Clive Adams, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army, UK and Republic of Ireland; and Sheikh Sayed Razawi, Director General of the Scottish Ahlul Bayt society.

In addition, the bishops of almost every city in Britain from the Anglican and Catholic churches also signed the declaration, along with a multitude of rabbis and imams.

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  1. Christian groups are under-represented as a proportion of the population.

    Over half the signatories appear to be non-Christian groups with the bulk being Muslim and Jewish groups along with a smattering of other non-White religions.

    For example, there are around 22 Rabbis on the list, which works out at around 10% of signatories – a pretty huge over-representation of around 20x given they constitute 0.5% of the population.

    Muslim groups are also over-represented on the list, yet not by quite as much seeing as there are around 41 Imams on the list and Muslims constitute at least 5% – 10% of the population

    1. You only have to read the articles on this site to see that Isreal is not accepting a single refugee/migrant…yet Jews in Europe and the US are encouraging them. Netanyahu has built a wall to keep out the wild beasts, as he called them. Also on this site, it states that Israel is Kicking out all coloured Jews…
      So, let’s ask the 20 Rabbis for an explanation of why it should be good for the UK but not for Isreal?

      Btw, May had dinner with the Chief Rabbi the night before she became PM. ..

      The cardinal who might be the next pope has seen the danger and is prepared to speak about it…he’s a brave man…

    2. There are 88 non-European surnames as signatories; among them plenty of imams. Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, declared his support for sharia law when in post. He is an old fool.

      1. And Rabbi Julia Neuberger is a leftie luvvie virtual signaler. She collected her housing allowance from Westminster even though she and well- off hubbie own a house in central London and they really don’t need the money.

        We already have plenty of illegal immigrants here. I suggest we share them out to this lot and say OK you deal with them, house them, feed them, get them into jobs, you obviously know better.

  2. Did all these wonderful and compassionate people offer accommodation, funding for food, clothes, utility bills and the myriad of other expenses these illegal immigrants will need to keep up with modern technology which many of them seem to demand it is their right to possess, additional funding to allow them to learn English or Welsh if they end up in Wales, interpreters for when they end up in court? Even money says everyone of them will state that funding is 100% the burden of the taxpayers. Even if I live to 90 (well on my way to that) I will not see either this country being solvent or the whole of the country living in total harmony with another couple of hundred thousands of immigrants, illegal, economical because none of them will ever go back to where they came from. Once in the UK they’ll have several children born here and demand that they have to remain here because those babies will be called ‘British’?

  3. It’s funny that Buddhists in Myanmar (Burma) are killing Muslims, and Buddhists are resisting Chinese occupation in Tibet. Hindus kicked the Muslims out of India by creating Pakistan and regularly go to war against Muslims claiming religious sites or breaching their borders. Much like the Jewish nation, they are defending their homelands from invaders, yet their ilk in the West advocate swamping Britain with illegals. Shouldn’t they be protesting for India, Tibet and Myanmar to do more ‘heavy lifting’ by moving illegals to these countries? As has been well noted, the ‘homeland’ for Christians and Jews, or modern Israel, could certainly take on these African and Middle Eastern illegals.

  4. Signatories include “Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism”

    So why are they all not advocating for the people of the wealthy and geographically close Gulf States to welcome in their ethnic affiliates?

    Those reading this in UK – time to temporarily leave the online echo-chambers and URGENTLY inform their MPs direct, anonymously or not, that this Open Letter MUST be disregarded and the collection and importation of economic immigrants in the seas off Libya terminated forthwith.* An obvious incentive to MPs coming round to our way of thinking is to instill in them the clear apprehension that they will NOT be re-elected to office if they continue to disregard the manifest will of the people who elect and PAY them.

  5. One other thing.

    An insult to the memory of British ex-servicemen.

    The UK Royal Mail has just delivered to households promotional literature for the Royal British Legion’s annual fundraising for those killed and wounded in service, ex-military and their families. This time their promotion includes the delivery of a small wooden hand cross, though you now have also the choice of Poppy Crescent, Poppy Star, or Poppy Sikh Khanda.

    Did they really die to make the world safe for economic migrants, illegal immigrants and rapefugees?

    1. That’s an idea :PP:ight1931! Maybe the UN could be persuaded to get May to ban the Legion in preference to their desire by 2030 to achieve World Sustainability?

  6. Once again the so called religious leaders show their satanic face. That’s the reason why people say religion causes war. Actually it’s these kind of leaders and their army of sheeple who are the perpetrators and their motivation is the pure hatred and destruction wish of anything European.
    The horrors planned in darkness now unfolding into the light.
    Mordor is advancing.

    1. Puppets of the jew!! Evey last stinking one of them same as the politicians all in the pocket of the jew! White genocide!!! We better unite with our white brethren in Europe or we will become extinct? Bred out of existance, our girls raped en masse,
      they can’t wait to destroy us and everything we have achieved and yes our forefathers died for nothing ,but a lie!!

  7. If you notice the TRUE European people’s religions are not listed, as in Odinsim and Asatru… but that is to be expected because we are FOLKISH and not Universalists.

    1. My dear Askins – Absolutely brilliantly said and so very truthful. Our true Nordic Gods and Goddesses are our divine leaders, we shall stand and fight for our VOLK against the forces of kaos.

  8. I’d say that all the comments here are well-based. My contention is that they never asked the fastest growing religions in Europe (and by extrapolation, the UK), such as Wycca, neo-Paganism, Druidism, Satanism, and yes, even Atheism. The reason I point this out is that with the exceptions of the 41 imams on that list, ALL the religions represented by the signatories are on islam’s hit list! They never asked the other religions about that because they’d say no! And the one group that islam hates the most of all are Atheists.

  9. Fifth-Columnists the lot of them. Apart from the representative from The Cult of Submission, the rest should be shipped to the Centre of the Muslim Faith, Saudi Arabia for a, ‘familiarisation Course’. Oh! sorry, didn’t they know that all other religions/faiths is banned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? How remiss of them not to mention that fact.

    Keep abreast of what the United Nations is cooking up for more and more ‘migrants’ to Europe and elsewhere. See the programme for UN debate 19/09/16. That’s next Monday. See: UN Resolution – “70/290. High-level plenary meeting of the General Assembly on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants”. What’s planned next for us poor unfortunates overloaded with migrants and in particularly members of The Cult of Submission? The UN’s plans will be discussed Monday and your Government is ALREADY signed up to whatever is agreed. See the actual content of the UN Resolution: http://www.un.org/en/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/RES/70/290
    [Hint: Hit the ‘download in English] tab.
    I love the expression the UN use for internet searchers: “its your World” comes up. No its not our World, its yours to irresponsibly toy with!
    It would be easier if the UN simply said, ‘we will charter any transport required to transport the whole of the populations of the Middle East and Africa to Europe’. Because that’s the aim.

  10. Blair and Cameron are but a small example of the garbage infesting the UK now. If it wasnt for the likes of Farage the place would be doomed, although Im starting to wonder if poor Nigel is fighting a losing battle, looks like soon England will be black/brown

    1. We have traitors all around us! They take their thirty pieces of silver of their masters.
      We will be destroyed our White children will have no future they will be sex toy’s of the satanic elite’s . We are truly living in evil times!
      Everything we see and read in MSM is a lie to induce white guilt and we are all racist’s if we we fight back!!!

    2. “although Im starting to wonder if poor Nigel is fighting a losing battle”

      Wrong party, you need the National Front or BNP.

      As a general rule who to vote for, anything the media ignore , hate, ridicule,,,,you embrace, Anything the media give the oxygen of publicity to, you stay away from.

      The media are your enemy.

  11. They can take their fairy tale religions and stick it. This is survival of the Caucasian race, go back to your barren hell holes where you belong!

  12. The world truly is heading for its next great shaking. Hopefully the next will be the last before the Divine decides to finally manifest and usher in the true religion..

    When I watch people cheering Trump, that’s cool and all that, but at this point I’m tempted to go to some rally and stir up the crowd with this: “No more mortals for leadership; tell us plainly the TRUTH. We want God! We want God! WE WANT GOD!”


    On a serious note, an additional fear factor regarding this global Jihad against humanity (supported clearing by European leadership and left wing factions, Zionists too maybe) Muslims are extremely devout to their faith. While many people adhere to some religious or spiritual beliefs, I cannot imagine but a handful would be willing to die rather than portray ignorance regarding what they follow in a situation where a large band of Muslim fanatics barges in on their habitation or place of worship…

    Today’s Christianity is especially pitiful. Most Christians have no interest in abiding by Christ’s principles. Churches in America are largely just hangouts catering to youth groups. Get the boombox and blast Katy Perry and other degenerate trash music in the house of God… makes a lot of sense.

    You have a doctrine that teaches a good portion of humanity is bound for Hell (more so today than before 1950) but they’d rather be at worship for the donuts and chit-chat. I doubt they’ll even want to hear about Islam or a globalist engineered economic crash, yet alone face it head on. The real Christians today are getting hard to find at churches but there is a circle that’s growing online encouraging zealousness and repentance.

    As far as the eastern mystics go, the genuine types are few in the USA. We have received through the hippies a pseudo-Buddhism and a perversion of yoga (READ AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI TO SEE HOW FAR OFF AMERICAN HINDUISM REALLY IS). But even the fervent mystics aren’t likely the place to recruit for a fight. At best they will laugh at the prospect of a terrorist waving a blade or gun at them and accept the next world but you won’t be able to conscript them into anything militaristic.

    It’s all pretty screwed in my opinion.

  13. They are invaders of England diluting it and subverting it! Why are they not in their own countries enriching them? Because Their own country is a cultural and economic sinkhole of their own kind. England can well afford to do
    without them or their kind. England has talented people of it’s own to labor for it’s welfare without importing that which dilutes and despoils England!

    Having been a devoted student of English history for several years I have great respect for the English, or at least I did,
    until you started allowing your culture, society, spiritual values, and history to be invaded and destroyed as you are now doing.

    The Plantagenets never would have tolerated what you losers are doing now!

    Edward III would have dealt with them properly, so would Henry II, as would Henry V and Edward I.

    They would have done the right thing, that being the immediate slaughter and deportation of the invaders, and yet you Politically Correct fools welcome them in, and welcome the destruction of your people, culture, history, values, and society! Shame upon you! Shame forever upon you!

    What a glorious history you had, until now….

    These are the fruits of Cultural Marxism.

    1. The ‘politically correct fools’ are the ones in charge ably supported by a sizeable number of do-gooders who have never lived in the real world. Across the whole of the EU, laws have been brought into prevent the ordinary decent taxpayer from making any form of objection because that now counts as racism which is a crime?

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