Ex-US Diplomat: Hungary the Future

Hungary will increasingly become the destination choice of north western Europeans fleeing their nations’ “suicidal migration policies,” a former senior US diplomat has said.

Writing in the Hungary Today journal, Hungarian-American Adam Topolansky, who previously worked at the US International Trade Commission in Budapest, said that Hungary will “welcome autochthonous western European migrants with open arms.”


His article, titled “Hungary!—The country of choice for western Europeans by 2030?” asserted that “western and northern European citizens may choose Hungary in large numbers as a destination of choice within the next 15–20 years.”

adam-portrait1-150x150-150x150Topolansky, who is currently living in Hungary but was educated at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs before being employed at the US Embassy in Budapest, predicted that “tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of German, Dutch, French, Belgian, and other western European citizens may opt to move to Hungary in the next 20–30 years and settle there in the wake of the migration crisis.”

Some, he said, might “prefer other destinations like Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, or other countries,” but Hungary “will be on top of their list as a destination country in which they will want to settle.”

He said that this “reversed migration” is a “predictable trend,” because citizens of Western Europe “will want to escape their leaders’ suicidal migration policies and will seek a safer place to retire.”

It is however not only older people, but also “younger folks” who will select Hungary as a destination.

The reason for this exodus, Topolansky said, is that “western Europeans do not want to live in fear surrounded by radical Muslims in their own countries.”

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Hungary, on the other hand, he said, will “offer them a secure environment in which their accumulated assets and incomes will assure them the good life that they are accustomed to on the western half of the continent.”

Topolansky then launched into a detailed explanation of the insanity which has gripped Western Europe and sent it into a death spiral.

Let’s face it. In the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks, we have had enough of the whining and commiserating: “Je suis Charlie, Je suis Paris, Je suis Brussels, Je suis the next large city in Europe”… STOP WILLKOMMENSKULTUR! Period.

Mass migration from northern Africa and the Middle East has destabilized Europe over the past decades and altered the way of life, the religious and cultural fabric of European societies. This needs to come to an end.

Topolansky pointed out that “Western Europe’s willkommenskultur and multiculturalism have been eroding European societies and disintegrating European value systems that were built over thousands of years.”

However, he said, “East-Central Europe has chosen a different path.”

Partly because of their steadfast nationalist pride and partly because of their newly acquired freedoms, the people of East-Central Europe will go the extra mile to preserve the freedoms and security they fought for.

They don’t want to be Brusselized or live in the shadow of another superimposed guardian society.

As a result of these factors, there will be a major migration wave from West to East, while concurrently, migrants will continue to pile up on the western half of the continent in order to collect higher social benefits and seek higher paying jobs.

This “manipulated breakdown of western European civilization” is, Topolansky continued, “presumably some kind of ill-conceived revenge by the liberal western elite for the two world wars and Nazism.”

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However, he said, it was obvious that they were employing a double standard, because they took no such position on communist excesses:

Interesting that they are much more forgiving when it comes to communism as they have demonstrated on so many occasions. This double standard renders them unaccountable and makes them come across as malevolent.

He then went on to sketch how he sees Europe by the year 2050:

What kind of Europe are we going to have by year 2050 then?

There is one scenario with a predicament that it will be a divided continent—between a Muslim western Europe and a Christian eastern Europe.

Of course, the globalist elite would love to disrupt and weaken eastern European nation states through their multicultural agenda as well.

But they seemed to have underestimated the resilience of the Poles, the Hungarians, the Slovaks, the Czechs, the Croatians, the Slovenes, and the people of the Baltic nations.

These countries will probably form a new regional alliance and will no longer need the European Union, which will be ultimately dismantled.

The European dream may live on, but in a different form and in a different part of Europe.

A Transdanubian society may be created as some visionaries prophesized. Whatever the future will bring, one thing is predictable: the preferred place for all Europeans by the middle of the century may wind up to be East-Central Europe.

Having come from similar cultures and religious backgrounds, Hungarians at that point will welcome autochthonous western European migrants with open arms and may even promise not to boast: “We told you so…”

* “Autochthonous” definition according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

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1: indigenous, native, an autochthonous people; 2:  formed or originating in the place where found.

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  1. Would well believe it. The Western leaders and politicians are ALL liberal sc*m of the first order. Half of them are also communists!

    1. None of the Western “leaders,” politicians, leftist academics and especially leftist media types should EVER be allowed into any of these societies that are formed for the protection of whites – such as a Hungary filled with other Europeans. I’m sure they will eventually learn the language and assimilate, embrace the Hungarian folk dances, music, and literature. Unlike the middle easterners who are intent on absolutely NOT integrating – rather they are interested in adding more countries to the world caliphate and more converts to their shitty desert cult. Those of us who will not be joining that club will be beheaded and probably better off….

  2. what a b-l-o-o-d-y mess how do the lovely lefties sleep at night. Never thought that we would be looking towards the Eastern Europeans to save our European skins well done Hungary keep it up.

  3. Regrettably I`m too old to up sticks and move to another country otherwise I`d be sorely tempted.
    However, I`d like to think my kids would be able to move elsewhere to a Christian country with similar values at some point if they wanted / needed to.
    The indoctrination of our kids in the education system over many years has today`s kids believing it`s simply scaremongering. It`ll be one helluva hard lesson when they find themselves facing stark reality.
    I wonder how many of us across the EU countries would have even opted to have children had we had even an inkling of the Islamic future awaiting them courtesy of our politicians when we can`t do a damn thing about it..

    1. Regarding having the children you have it all backwards. Having more white children would have fortified the society against leftist liberalism. The leftists want white to stop having children – this is an integral part of the elimination of the white race which leftists hope for.

      1. Yep!! Remember the 60’s ,70′ s They telling us to have fewer children and promoting the anything goes lifestyle? All in the name of freedom!! LOL!!

        Abortion on a whim? We became selfish and materialistic? me!! me !! me! Forgot about who we were or are!!
        Dhristianity,God Jesus teaching’s were old fashioned? How stupid were we? Couldn’t see the forest for the trees?
        They have been brainwashing our people ever since!

        All part of their insidious plan!! Frankfurt school of subversion, Promoted and financed by Masonic “jewish ” elite to subvert and bring down Christendom!!

        They are in the final stages of achieving their goal? Yhe evidence is all around us for those who have eyes too see?

    2. I’m not here to throw stones, but… bad leaders can be overthrown, islamic Europe is not inevitable, only if you don’t do something about it. For instance: you can never again have monarchy in France, Russia, etc. Get it? Where were the demonstrations when muzzies started trickling into Europe? Who allowed it? Who gave them room to live in? Who buys anything from their shops? If the moors could be beaten out of Spain once, it can be done again. Treasonous politicians must be jailed. No other way out!

    1. IMHO it will be better for all concerned to clean up ALL of Europe, in a civilized non-violent manner so the rest of the world will not have an excuse to make war on us. Then send the clean-up bill to London, Washington and Telaviv. It’s no good to give up ownership of good land to the muslims. Also muzzi-friendly politicians can be jailed for treason and put to work to fix the damage. Executing them would let them off the hook too quickly.

    1. It would not be in the best interests of eastern European societies if they admitted a bunch of Westerners who turned out to be leftist-liberal kooks, and who thusly would push the eastern European societies in a leftward direction.

      1. Got to agree there, Id be cautious, definitely dont let in any lawyers, judges, politicians or human rights aholes. The first whiff of PC nonsense instant deportation or better still firing squad

        1. Let’s add Media Scum and Educators to your list as well. They too need to be kept OUT. Don’t let any of them into your fine country, Hungary, or they’ll turn it into Shite in no time at all!

        2. Or “police officers”, they choose to side wth the invaders all over Europe, let them live with their new friends.

      2. Here in Hungary doesn’t really matter what wing are you even our liberal green party support the border closing. I live in France a few years and its like another continent. So even if liberals migrate here their kids will be pure pro European and Hungarian patriots. So if anyone want to live here in peace, they can come you cant change Hungary its impossible. Here people are so anti pc you cant even imagine and don’t be afraid of our language, young folks either speak English or German and slowly, anyone can learn Hungarian its not that hard.

  4. Hopefully we can get a decent sized white homeland in South Africa and make that a future place for whites as well. But we’ll have to fight for that because the blacks hate white unity.

  5. Got my bags packed already. If Austria gets it’s shi* together, maybe they could also be our saviours. My German is pretty good.

  6. As an American looking in, this has to be the most depressing thing to watch in my nearly 50 years on this planet. Thank God for Hungary. The only place in all of Europe I ever expect to step foot now is Hungary.

    1. Come in Romania. Best food,girls and many more . Comunism is forbidden in Romania. So it is with islam. No politically correctness.

        1. I was told that wasn’t going through. The Romanians don’t want it and Romanian men, rightfully, threatened their political leaders with violence if they built a refugee center there.

  7. First, there will be race war in Europe. Few years later, reconquista will be started united but independent central Europe countries, led by Poland.

  8. Really hope I can visit Hungary one day. Eastern Europe is a land of promise now, nothing like this hellhole that the West is becoming. God bless the Eastern European people, especially for having open arms to your Western European brothers and sisters. Just don’t let any liberals in, lol.

  9. Muslims are pressing from the east (Russia) and south (Turkey) A solid alliancescould be made with or without Finland,the the 3 Baltic countries,possibly Ukraine,Poland for sure,maybe Moldava,Hungary for sure,Austria possibly,Chek republic,Slovakia,Slovena,Croatia.These nations must bond together to make a new ‘Steel Curtain’ t keep out the hoards! The journey starts……NOW!!!!!!

  10. 8 years ago, my Hungarian partner and myself, two old fogies, relocated here to the Balaton area, after living in West Wales in a horrible flat. We now have a wonderful house, lots of land, neighbours who all look out for each other and help out in every way, just like it was when I was growing up many moons ago! I would like to thank all the fantastic Hungarian people who have made us so welcome. I love the UK, as it was, I love Hungary, how fortunate I am to live out the rest of my life here. Koszonom szepen! x

  11. Imagine the newspaper titles in western countries though, “Islamophobic Swedes flee to eastern Europe”, “Backwards xenophobic Germans are afraid of multiculturalism and flee to the east”. I’m proud of my country and that we still keep standing against the west with our Hungarian, Polish, Czech and other eastern European brothers.

  12. If you guys come over (by all means do!), do us all a favor: don’t rely on your juicy degrees, bring some proficiency as well. Right now, there’s quite a shortage of construction engineers, high voltage electricians, long-distance drivers, doctors, IT people… in short, qualified workforce. Right now, a decent artisan can get better pay than an average lawyer. Having a welding certification, an electrician certification, or even a cargo drivers licence, raises your chance of getting a job tremendously.

    (Yea, we’ve messed up royally. We’ve sent all our kids to business schools and art schools and law schools, now we’re waist-deep in graduated burger-flippers and we don’t have enough people to drive our trains and to take care for our power wiring.)


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