Fake Hate Crime: Black Made “Racist Graffiti” at USAF Academy

Yet another “hate crime”—this time racist graffiti painted on the walls of the Colorado Springs US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in September—which provoked nationwide controlled media whining over “white racism”—has been exposed as a hoax committed by a black.

When the “racial slurs” first appeared in September this year, the controlled media immediately went into overdrive demanding that action be taken against “white racism.” However, like so many other “hate crimes,” this one also turned out to be fake.

Before the perpetrator was revealed as a black, the Academy’s superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria issued a statement expressing his “disgust” saying that “if you’re outraged by those words, then you’re in the right place. You should be outraged not only as an airman, but as a human being.”

“We would all be naive to think that everything is perfect here. We would be naive to think we shouldn’t discuss this topic,” he said. “We would also be tone deaf not to think about the backdrop of what’s going on in our country, things like Charlottesville and Ferguson, the protests in the NFL.”

He added that the “power of diversity at the Academy should serve as another unifier” and noted the school’s “efforts to bring people together by creating a forum through which to discuss the  events at Charlottesville, Virginia, had received “outstanding feedback.”

“Security Forces” were investigating the incident, Silveria added, saying that the “Academy’s chief diversity officer is putting together small group discussions to continue the conversation.”

Silveria sternly denounced the slur incident in an address to the entire academy on September 28, and a video of that speech went viral online and was aired extensively on national news networks.

The Air Force Times newspaper, in its coverage of the speech, announced that the “Academy superintendent drops hammer on racists, tells them to ‘get out’ of his service.”

These words—and many other similar comments—were then carried far and wide by the controlled media, all, of course, with the obvious intent of blaming white people once again.

Unfortunately for the media—and the anti-white haters—it quickly became obvious that one of the blacks “targeted” in the “slurs” was responsible.

As the Air Force Times was forced to admit: “one of the five black Air Force Academy preparatory school cadet candidates who had racial slurs written on their dormitory message boards has admitted to writing the slurs.”

The cadet candidate is no longer a student at the prep school, said Lt. Col. Allen Herritage, spokesman for the academy.

The academy said that its investigation into the racial slur incident is now complete, and that it “would not discuss further details due to Privacy Act restrictions.”

The Air Force Academy hoax isn’t an isolated incident. It belongs to a string of “hate crime hoaxes” recently reported throughout the United States.

Recently police announced that a black man in Riley County in Kansas had defaced his own car with racial slurs as part of a “Halloween prank that got out of hand.”

And only a week or two earlier, another black man was charged in connection with spraying “KKK” and other racist messages on dorm walls at Eastern Michigan University.

The list of fake hate crimes is endless—but the controlled, institutionally anti-white media will never stop attacking and blaming white people, no matter how clear the evidence might be.

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  1. Maybe the black chap got tired of the ‘airmen’ bombing innocent civilians in Afghanistan etc – and who could blame him.

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