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Fake Refugee Invasion Absorbs Entire German Budget Surplus

The entire German government 2016 budget surplus—some €6.2 billion (US$6.6 billion)—has been taken up paying for the fake refugee invasion which has seen over two million nonwhite invaders swamp Germany at the request of Angela Merkel since 2015.

News of the financial burden—which will mean that Germans will soon be forced to start paying more tax, directly or indirectly, despite Merkel’s assurances to the contrary—was admitted to in public by Christian Socialist Union (CSU) regional group chairman Gerda Hasselfeldt.

She said that a proposal by the CSU’s coalition partner, the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD), to invest the surplus in the “digital infrastructure,” modernize other infrastructure, and boost schools, was rejected, as was Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s suggestion that the money be used to repay Germany’s increasing national debt.

Instead, the cash will now be used to try and pay for the ever mounting costs of hosting millions of Third Worlders who are living on welfare in Germany.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Federal Labor Agency, in a staggering display of dishonesty and fake news, has announced that the country’s unemployment rate for January 2016 was just 6.3 percent—slightly lower than January 2015.

The government agency said, in 2016, new job creations and economic growth saw just 430,000 people enter the workforce—with almost all of them being Germans or European Union nationals.

The labor agency only listed some 10,000 “refugees” as being unemployed—in spite of 1.5 million having entered the country in 2015, and at least half that number again in 2016.

Earlier, employment rates showed that less than 2 percent of all the invaders pretending to be refugees are actually working anywhere—and even then, most are in fake jobs created by the government.

The reason for the “low” unemployment figures is because the labor agency only refers to those registered as jobless, and excludes people on training programs that range from “language classes” to “integration.”

As a result, all the invaders claiming to be refugees do not appear as “unemployed” in any official statistics, and will stay that way for a minimum of three years—and longer if they chose to enroll for one of the German government’s “apprentice pathway” programs.

In addition, an “asylum” application can take anywhere up to 18 months to finalize, which means that even now, the majority of those who arrived in 2015 have not yet had their status fixed. This group also does not appear on the statistics as unemployed.

Official figures say that at least 70 percent of the fake refugees in Germany are still in the “jobseekers” system or are waiting to have their cases processed.


    1. Looks like they are going to be somewhat stuffed when (if ) Britain ever exits the EU. I cannot believe the naivety of these people, no wonder they are called ‘sheeple’, that they would continue to ote for their own ethnic suicide.

  1. Truly hilarious.
    To think that a nation that brought us so many advances in technology and science could be so incredibly stupid. Good luck, guys!

  2. Well done Merkel and she still has the audacity to stand for re election, if the Germans vote her in again they deserve everything that happens to them

  3. Just think:

    That money could or should have been spent on providing nice things for (ethnic) German children or old folk – more child benefit of bonuses for old age pensioners, just to name two examples.
    After all, isn’t the whole point of economics and economic policy is actually to make life better for people? What else is the point of it?

  4. Angela merkel, devotee of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and receiver of the Charlemagne prize is doing her job well.The destruction of Germany is assured.

  5. Brilliant, all going well then is it, Frau Merkel, Mr Soros and friends at the UN Refugee Council?
    Let’s see now, France is tottering on the brink of civil war, is Germany to be second? Multiculturism, such a wonderful thing and so enlightening with all the happy mingling of many races and cultures!

  6. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The cost is going to raise rapidly as invaders destroy tourism which is big earner, through making streets unsafe due to increasing violence that reduces shopping spending therefore putting some companies out of business etc. etc. Once started on that downward spiral it might become unstoppable. Bankrupt europe turning into same hellhole as the countries the invaders have come from, success of the Kalergie plan.
    I’m glad I’m 65.

  7. Don’t worry people, I’m sure the Jewish bankers will appear and lend Germany lots of money at high interest rates and keep the German people as debt slaves for ever as their country dies suffering from a social, moral and economic cancer.

  8. GREAT NEWS! this rotten corrupt illegal so-called multi-cultural Germany is a lie!Todays Germany is sinking into the abyss and it’s so-called leaders will be taken into custody and tried by real German courts!What these rotten scoundrels have done to Germany is a crime of the greatest magnitude.These parasites will pay! First the German police must now realize what these criminals have been turning the German nation into and arrest these lowlife criminals.The army must follow the police and wrestle control of this pathetic group of criminals and ost them once and for all.The German military must seize control of the situation soon as the country will descend into chaos when the money that keeps this rotten system going ends.Once the money stops flowing the whole rotten structure will collapse into itself and the German police and military must be ready to keep order when the streets turn into hell!


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