Fake Refugees Pour into US as Court Overturns Trump Order

At least 77 percent of the Third World invaders falsely claiming to be refugees who have poured into the U.S. since a Federal Court overturned President Donald Trump’s travel ban order have come from the seven suspect countries.

According to a report in the Washington Times, the State Department has more than doubled the rate of “refugees” from Iraq, Syria, and other suspect countries in the week since a federal judge’s reprieve, in what analysts said appears to be a push to admit as many people as possible before another court puts the program back on ice.

At least 1,100 nonwhite invaders let in since Judge James L. Robart’s February 3 order have been from the seven suspect countries.

Nearly a third are from Syria—a country that President Trump has ordered be banned altogether from the refugee program. Another 21 percent are from Iraq.

“There’s no doubt in my mind they would be doing whatever they could to get people in before something changes because, from their perspective, their motivation is to resettle these folks. It would not be the first time that State Department officials have prioritized facilitating someone’s entry to the United States over security concerns,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

In response to the latest court order upholding Robart’s decision, President Trump announced that he would take the case to the Supreme Court, saying on Twitter that he would “see them in court.”

The Supreme Court could intervene now to temporarily resume the ban, and perhaps later take the case to decide to uphold or reverse further rulings that deal more directly with the substance of the arguments.

An immediate appeal would come before a divided eight-justice court that is awaiting approval of Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Reversing Thursday’s ruling would require a five-vote majority.

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  1. The ideology of the Islamic Nations is to take over the world, and that has been said on so many occasions. Europe is fast becoming overwhelmed with Muslims and the atrocities so far, including all the sexual assaults of boys, girls and women, are just a drop in the proverbial ocean. Now that people in public office have such little regard for their nation and its security, the opportunity for small factions to create the odd carnage here and there will multiply. They will not allow for a major conflict because the suicide belt is far more effective. This may not be totally accurate, but with 7+ years in Middle East countries behind me, I fear for all Christians wherever they live.

    1. Me too Bryn, based on about the same time working in the ME. I just hope that these newcomers are being tracked, and should one commit a crime, it be channelled back to these ‘justices’ and they be struck off as a minimum!

  2. Canada has had a 39 year old Syrian refugee sexually assault 6 under aged girls at the West Edmonton Mall swimming pool yesterday. Just like they do in Europe. Canada is next for the invader assault.

  3. Trump should have been president back
    in the 1960’s. Krap kennedy and jackass
    johnson srarted the US in decline with
    their policies. Trump has a tough job on
    his hands trying to undo all the damage
    caused by the liberals.

    1. “Started” the decline? The Immigration Act of 1965 was written by Norbert Schlei, and promoted by Emmanuel Cellar and Jacob Javits. The 1965 law was the culmination of a 40-year effort by the Jewish community to overturn the 1924 law which contained quotas favoring Northwestern Europeans.

      While there was plenty of partisan motivation of the 1965 Immigration Act to be a means to change the political demographics for votes and “bigger government”, the primary motivation was the fundamental hostility of the Jewish community to the racial demographic majority being European. It’s wasn’t just about voting. It was about racial genocide.

      And degenerate goys like Ted Kennedy were more than happy to fulfill their roles as traitorous tools.

  4. This lot of tyrants in the Supreme Court have shown their ignorance of the Constitution and the powers incumbent on the President.
    Go back to law school you liberal twerps.

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