Fake “Syrian” IDs Flood Germany

There are now so many fake “Syrian” identification documents being used by the nonwhite invasion force in Europe that the German government has ordered checks to be carried out “even when there is no obvious sign of forgery,” a leaked internal memo has revealed.


An article in the Focus news service, which reproduced the leaked memo, revealed that invaders are buying genuine blank documents which have been seized from government offices in ISIS-occupied cities in Syria.

These genuine documents have now “fallen into the hands of criminal gangs” who are selling them to the hordes of invaders claiming “asylum” in Germany and elsewhere, complicating the task of those officials entrusted with determining which claims are “real” or not.

The letter published by Focus originated with the German embassy in Lebanon, Beirut. That embassy is charged with authenticating documents submitted by the invaders in Germany. Confirmed as genuine by the German government, the letter’s subject line is “Syrian passports and official documents.”

In addition, the embassy letter warned, other documentation being used in the place of passports or identity documents—such as diplomas or academic qualifications—are also being forged using original blank documentation.

It goes on to state that there are “large numbers of fake certificates among the documents submitted for authentication” and that “blank documents, software, equipment, and stamps have come into the possession of criminal organizations as a result of the war in Syria,” and that a booming “trade with passports is taking place.”

The letter concludes that the “meaningfulness and probative value of Syrian travel and identity documents must be questioned, even if there are no signs of obvious forgery.”

MailOnline Reporter Nick Fagge bought a fake Syrian passport, ID card and driving licence in southern Turkey for $2000

Daily Mail reporter Nick Fagge bought a fake Syrian passport, ID card and driving licence in southern Turkey for $2000.

Earlier, a report in Britain’s Daily Mail revealed that one of their reporters had purchased a complete set of Syrian documents for himself in Turkey for just $2,000. The documents had been custom-made using the reporter’s own photograph.

The report quoted a German police forensics expert who confirmed that a “huge number of applications supported by passports appear to be false,” and that they were mainly “economic migrants from north Africa” who are claiming to be Syrians.

The forensic expert told the reporter that the fake documents were genuine blanks which had been filled in, and thus it was impossible to prove that they were fakes.

“Some of the passports contain the false personal information in fake documents; some passports contain genuine personal information in fake documents, and some passports contain genuine personal information in genuine documents. But we cannot prove which ones are genuine and which are false,” the policeman was quoted as saying.

The forger who created the documents purchased by the Daily Mail reporter boasted that ISIS fighters—as well as “economic migrants exploiting the refugee crisis to seek a better life”—are using fake papers to travel to Europe.

The forger explained that the militias fighting the forces of Assad make a beeline for government offices when they overrun a town. They know the value of the documents there and steal the passports, papers and even the printers that are used to create identity cards and driving licenses.

“I don’t know which town this passport came from because it has happened many times,” said the forger, who wanted to remain anonymous.

“Fighters—from the Free Syrian Army, Al Nusra, ISIS, or whatever—they know the value of these documents. They take them and they give them to us. They ask us to make new identities for them and their families so they can travel outside Syria. We do this for them and they leave us some of the books so we can sell them.

“Everyone wants to be Syrian now—because now everyone welcomes Syrians. There are Palestinians, Egyptians, Iraqis, people from all over the Arab world who are pretending to be Syrian so they can have a new life in Europe.”


* In September this year, a Dutch journalist purchased a “real” fake Syrian passport using a photograph of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, which was then printed on it.

Reporter Harald Doornbos said that a forged passport and an ID card cost him $825. He only had to make a phone call to order the fake documents, and was able to pick them up within 40 hours.

Both were under the fake name of Malek Ramadan, but had the photograph of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte printed on them. He chose the picture when asked to supply a photograph – “which only shows you can have pretty much anything printed on good quality  fake documents, he said.

If we are able to buy a good quality forged Syrian passport, so can Syrian fighters… and jihadists,” Doornbos said, concluding that “then it is relatively simple for them to enter the EU unnoticed and commit terrorist attacks.”

According to Doornbos’s sources, the fighters illegally getting the same fake documents travel from ISIS- and Al-Qaeda-controlled areas in northern Syria to Bodrum in Turkey, and illegally crossing over to Greece from there.

In Greece, he shows his false Syrian passport to the authorities. Since the passport is fake, under the fake name, the Greeks have no idea that they are not dealing with a Syrian refugee but a member of ISIS or Al-Qaeda,” Nieuwe Revu wrote, adding that from Greece such illegal travelers proceed to Hungary through Macedonia and Serbia, and then “travel without control to the other Schengen States.”

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  1. They want the Germans out of existence, so anything that weakens the native German population them is being welcomed by the administration. Same in the UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Finalnd, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada for their founding European populations.

  2. I dont understand how the German government gives id to Lebanese too who are claiming to be a syrian.Dont they make a background check?

  3. All those billions of Euros spent on so-called defence: military bases, fighter planes, warships, aircraft carriers, missiles – and all that is needed to invade Europe is ONE stupid politician, fake passports and a compliant police force and media who will not report what is really going on. Sheer madness.

  4. Only long established Syrian refugee documents from Jordan and Lebanon should ever be considered legitimate. Even long established refugees from Turkey may have fraudulent documents. Any refugee who passes through a safe European country becomes a migrant
    to the next country. What a mess.

  5. Such reports are absolutely nothing new and still no changes to the "refugee" agenda were even suggested nor discussed – madness!

  6. We have surely reached crisis point when each and every Muslim criminal /terrorist/ economic migrant with sufficient funds can buy `fake` real IDs and documents stolen from government departments by ISIS and similar groups.
    We like to say `Heads should roll ` [metaphorically speaking] when things go belly- up in goverment departments etc.
    OUR infidel heads could quite literally roll once we are outnumbered by the Muslim hordes.

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