Famous Afghan Arrested for Fake ID

The woman who won worldwide fame as the “green-eyed Afghan” on National Geographic magazine’s cover has been arrested in Pakistan for buying fake identification documents.

The arrest Wednesday of the woman, Sharbat Gula, came as the Pakistani authorities are cracking down on Afghans with illegal national identity cards, as part of their United Nations-approved policy of returning bogus refugees to their homeland.


Gula was detained at her “home” in the northwestern city of Peshawar after more than a year of investigation.

Shahid Ilyas, the assistant director of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Authority said, “We raided the house and picked her up.”

“It took us a while to collect all the evidence against her, and the officials involved in helping her and her two sons get Pakistani national identity cards.”

He added, “We have the evidence now, and we are going to go for prosecution.”

The Pakistani authorities said Gula had illegally obtained a Pakistani identity card in 1988 and a computerized identity card in 2014, while retaining her Afghan passport, which she used in 2014 to travel to Saudi Arabia for the hajj pilgrimage.

She faces up to 14 years in prison and a fine of US$3,000 to US$5,000 if she is convicted, according to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper.

The Pakistani authorities have revoked or blocked thousands of national identity cards illegally obtained by foreigners.

It is estimated that some three million Afghans are living in Pakistan, half of whom are unregistered. Since 2009, that country’s government has been threatening to physically expel them all, and has set a cutoff date in March 2017, by which time those who have not left voluntarily will be forcibly deported.

The Dawn newspaper added that the main factor driving the accelerated process is the doubling of cash grants by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) for voluntary returnees from $200 to $400 per individual, and a Pakistani government incentive of free wheat for the relocated camps for three years.

The fact that the UNHCR is involved with a program to return Afghans to their home country from Pakistan, proves once again that the entire “asylum” invasion of Europe is a hoax, and is merely being used as a pretext by nonwhites to parasite off the Europeans’ welfare system.

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  1. The muslims will use the asylum system loophole to get into europe. The politicians facilitating are the main culprit. They can easily close the loophole and restore law and order. Unfortunately, they are enriched by the lucifer establishment and would rather appear morons and incompetent than to fix it.

  2. So you can walk into Europe and not even be checked and then claim welfare but Pakistan locks you up for a fake ID car, Europe is going down the sewer!

    1. Yes, but they are Muslims, and so are allowed to deal with other Muslims properly. They can’t be accused of Islamophobia ! Unlike in the UK or the US, where they are off limits . . .

  3. Government officials the world over appear to spend their time dabbling in nefarious activities that benefit themselves and ever increasing numbers of cheats and chancers.
    Dwindling numbers of taxpayers picking up the tab for cheats` charters whilst struggling to support their own families can`t carry this burden indefinitely.
    Since globalisation brought the world, his wife and their criminal activities and practices to the West there`s no country that`s immune. Rather than stamp it out at the start western officialdom has been too willing to turn a blind eye and colluded with the perpetrators in order to `foster race relations`. The whole system stinks.

  4. Do you remember The Afghanistan-Pakistan Peace Accords Guaranteed by the United States and the USSR. Geneva April 14 1988 when Reagan was President. And Article 5 “To refrain from armed intervention, subversion, military occupation or other form of intervention, overt or covert…. 6. To refrain from any action or attempt in whatever form or under whatever pretext to destabilize or to undermine the stability of the other High Contracting Party or any of its institutions.
    As Secretary of State Hillary has treated this Treaty as trash in Afghanistan and in Syria.

  5. In 1979 after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan the Reagan government financially supported and armed the mujahideen to drive the Soviets out. Reagan`s reasons for arming Afghanistan were presumably well intentioned at the time but gave rise to the Taliban and Al Quaeda.
    The Treaty was designed to send a warning to Russia and any future like-minded expansionist countries.
    I hold no brief for Hillary Clinton but she was operating under totally different circumstances years later.
    Keeping the lid on what I term the Islamist `trash` of the Taliban and Al Quaeda was designed and implemented to keep the West safe.
    There are obviously differing views on whether intervention at the time was too heavy-handed but any ludicrous notion of tea and biscuits diplomacy was a total non-starter, comforting though the idea might be.

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