Far-Left Seize Power in Spain as Ruling Coalition Collapses

Spain will have the most extreme far left government in Europe for at least the next 13 months—until new elections are held—after an unelected crypto-communist alliance seized power as the ruling coalition collapsed over the weekend.

New Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sansaz (C), raises his fist in the Communist salute as he sings The Internationale with other party members at the party headquarters in Madrid.

Centre right Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who lead the Partido Popular Party and was first elected to his position in 2011, lost the support of his ally Albert Rivera, who is head of the centrist Ciudadanos Party, three weeks ago.

Disagreements between the two allies have been raging for months, mainly concerning Catalan Separatists and corruption in Rajoy’s party.

The collapse of this coalition sent Madrid into political uncertainty and has allowed a coalition of far-left, pro mass immigration parties to sweep into power.

Pedro Sanchez, leader of the PSOE, Spain’s Socialist Worker’s Party, was ousted by his own party several years ago, only to make a surprising comeback in May 2017. He is now Spain’s new Prime minister – and he has not been elected by the people.

Sanchez, taking advantage of the breakdown in the government coalition, put forward a vote of no confidence against Rajoy and was successful.

Sanchez’s allies in the vote were the following parties: Podemos Unidos, PDeCAT, Bildu, ERC, PNV, Compromis and Nueva Canarias.

They are all far-left parties, and campaign on a platform of Marxism, separatism, anti-monarchism and open borders.

Podemos Unidos is reportedly funded by the Venezuelan government, and President Maduro congratulated Spain when he heard the news of Sanchez’s accession to power

Spain is not due another general election until the second half of 2019, meaning the country will have the most left wing government in Europe for at least the next 13 months.

There are concerns in Madrid that the Catalonia question, which many hoped had been settled last year in a referendum – will now be reignited by the separatist parties in the new coalition.

As Spain is facing a renewed migrant invasion from North Africa, the last thing the country needs is a pro-migration government and distractions in Catalonia.

The new government has promised to put ‘social justice’ issues at the fore front of their agenda, with a focus on the rights of terrorists, feminism, transgender rights, open borders and the transfer of terrorists jailed in the Basque region.

Sanchez has also vowed to end Rajoy’s policy of reducing Spain’s national debt, something which is bound to cause tension with the European Commission in Brussels.

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  1. They don’t have to disclose their intentions for immigration because we know what to expect based on the 2004 amnesty for 600,000 illegal immigrants when the PSOE, Spain’s Socialist Worker’s Party, were leading the government. Not surprisingly none of these leftist parties currently forming a coalition government have presented proposals for immigration.

  2. Pedro Sanchez is a Bildeberger puppet; He’ll go whatever way he is told to go. more worrying, no matter which party is in power, they keep welcoming in Africans, and they are also quite happy to transfer them over to North – West Europe. Far from the days Isabelle made her wise and famous expulsions from her territory.

    What might save Spain is a seccession of Catalunya. That will reduce the lib left anti patriot vote immensely. Of course Israel is waiiting in the wings to own their new military colony in Western Europe: Catalunya.

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