FBI’s Dud “Hacking Report”

The FBI’s much-vaunted “report on Russian hacking”—issued at the request of the outgoing Obama regime to “prove interference in the U.S. election”— is one of the most shocking instances of deliberate misdirection yet seen from the U.S. government and the controlled media.

The 13-page report contains eight pages of irrelevant “advice” on how to avoid being hacked, and nowhere in the remaining five pages is a scrap of evidence offered linking the Russian government with influencing the election process.

The report’s title “Grizzly Steppe—Russian Malicious Cyber Activity,” is possibly the most direct “evidence” that the entire report contains, as from then on, the handful of references to “Russian civilian and military intelligence Services” or “RIS” for short, are all made as “allegations” and “assessments”—and the FBI statement is careful to distance itself from the “U.S. government,” which, it says, are the ones making the “assessments.

The report claims—without offering any evidence at all—that “two different RIS actors participated in the intrusion into a U.S. political party. The first actor group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 29, entered into the party’s systems in summer 2015, while the second, known as APT28, entered in spring 2016.”

The report does not even mention who provided the Democratic National Convention (DNC) emails to Wikileaks, or the Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails to that organization.

The report also doesn’t say that that “Russian Intelligence” was responsible for the hacking, or that this hacking in any way influenced the outcome of the U.S. presidential election—all claims which are central to the Obama allegations.

In fact, the report takes great pains to say that it is only the “US government” and not the US Intelligence communities, or the FBI, or the Department of Homeland Security, “assesses” that “information was leaked to the press and publicly disclosed.”

This fact is, of course, obvious, as the emails were put up on Wikileaks months ago. This is nothing new, and is not “proof” that the “Russian government” was behind the hacking.

Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr, author of the best-selling book Inside Cyber Warfare,” and founder and CEO of Taia Global, Inc., who specializes in the investigation of cyber-attacks against governments and infrastructures by state and non-state hackers, has provided a point-by-point authoritative repudiation of the FBI report.

Carr’s article shows that the FBI report is in fact a half-baked mixture of inferences, lies, and simple errors, and ends with the suggestion that everyone “ask for proof, even from the U.S. government, whenever you read a headline that places blame on a foreign government for an attack in cyberspace.”

The controlled media has already presented the report—along with Obama’s “sanctions” on Russia—as “evidence” that the allegations are correct.

However, it will take a lot more than the “Grizzly Steppe” report to prove the “Russian hacking claims,” something that even the FBI has tacitly acknowledged in reports that it is to release a “fuller report” at some later stage.

In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that the FBI report, even if its allegations are at some stage proven to be true, still offers no insight into how this alleged hacking “affected the U.S. elections.”

Rather than admitting that over 60 million Americans voted against Hillary Clinton, the establishment and controlled media have continually sought to find some other reason for their puppet candidate’s defeat—anything rather than admit the truth that a majority of white Americans voted against mass Third World immigration and Obamacare.

These issues are what drove the 2016 presidential elections, and nothing else—and no amount of “blame the Russians” is going to change that essential fact.

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  1. Odumma the bumma the essence
    of stupidity and reckless foreign policy
    is getting ready to start WWlll which
    can screw with the upcoming president.
    Look how far down the US has gotten.

  2. The evil man child Emperor, in a futile effort to aid the Wicked Witch of the Left, seeks to cast a spell of confusion which would hide the Witch’s tangled web of deceipt from the light of truth. Nonetheless, the people’s champion, Donald the Good, shall before the next crescent moon, vanquish the Pretender from the White Castle and scatter his vile liberal minions to the distant corners of the kingdom, heralding a new era in which our fair nation shall be made whole and great once again.

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