Belgium: Fear Cancels Leftist “March against Fear”

A liberal-organized “March against Fear” in Brussels scheduled for today was cancelled—because of security fears.

The “March against Fear” was just one of the useless “protests” planned by those who do not understand that the only way to “fight terrorism” in Europe is to expel all nonwhites from the continent—and not hold “peace meetings” or light candles “in solidarity.”


In an official statement, march organizer Emmanuel Foulon called off Sunday’s “solidarity march” after officials including the city’s mayor urged people to stay away rather than increase the security burden on the already over-taxed police force.

“The security of our citizens is an absolute priority,” said Foulon, a European Parliament “press officer” and well-known leftist who normally spends most of his time attacking the French Front National.

The authorities earlier asked for the march to be cancelled. “We invite the citizens tomorrow to not have this manifestation,” Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said.

Foulon (pronounced “fool on”) said that he now “joins the authorities in proposing a delay and asks people not to come this Sunday.”

Earlier, he had said that the march planned for Easter Sunday was meant to “show that Brussels and the country at large refused to be intimidated by terrorism and that everyone stood together.”

The Foulon types refuse to understand that the mass importation of the Third World has not created “dark-skinned Europeans,” but has actually just moved the chaos of the Third World to Europe.

Other “manifestations” of this idiocy include lighting up the Eiffel Tower and other buildings in the Belgian flag colors, and similar “expressions of solidarity”—as if such meaningless gestures will somehow “stop terrorism.”

For example, Foulon’s earlier call for the march was based on a desire “not to give in to fear.”

“This week, we, Belgian citizens have been attacked, in how we live, our customs, our rights, our liberty,” he said. “The first reaction in such events is to withdraw but on reflection, fear must give way to hope and the defense of our values.”

The race-denying leftists seem to believe that the problem of Islamic terrorism is not linked to mass Third World immigration, and even now, as the evidence literally explodes in their faces, they still pretend that it can all be solved just by being more liberal.

Contemporary terrorism in Europe is exclusively the product of decades of nonwhite immigration—legal and illegal. These policies, actively promoted by the ruling establishment parties, have created a large mass of millions of hostile nonwhites in many major European cities, and it is from these groups that the Islamists draw recruits.

The failure to understand or accept this reality means that Europe’s “security forces” face an impossible task in “protecting” the public, as the nonwhite numbers continue to grow exponentially.

The failure to accept this basic truth is why the establishment cannot provide any real “solution” to the terrorism problem, except to continually claim that they are “improving security.”

This claim is, of course laughable—they knew for months that an attack was imminent in Brussels, and even placed the city in military lockdown. But the attacks still happened, because the majority of the city is nonwhite.

All the western European nations—Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Scandinavian nations, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy—have allowed their territories to be overrun with Third Worlders.

This is, however, just the first stage of the process which is underway: once the demographic balance tips completely, the next and final stage will be the physical extermination of the European people at the hands of the Third World.

This is why the only solution to “terrorism” is to expel all the nonwhite invaders—without exception—back to their countries of origin.

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  1. I have always said that every last muslim should be repatriated to the lands of their forefathers. Their culture and religion is the total opposite of ours and they have absolutely NO respect for others of a different religion, nor law and order. Remember that they all read from the same book!

  2. Quote: `the only solution to “terrorism” is to expel all the nonwhite invaders—without exception—back to their countries of origin`.
    Hhhmm …nice thought. However, we`re hamstrung by `rights` laws drafted by scheming `Im alright Jack` lawyers so there`s not the remotest possibility of getting rid that way. Still keeping busy Mr and Mrs Blair ?

    1. In reality we are not hamstrung by fake rights laws which are nothing but pieces of paper. In another sense these pieces of paper (laws) are now contradicting one another. Under UN human rights ,Europeans have the right to live in peace with other people of their culture and ethnicity; these are now clearly being violated. These so called European Parliaments are nothing but rump parliaments.

  3. Right wing patriots who turned up for a noisier demonstration were watercannoned away.Should have used the water cannon on the Pink pansies who think that chalking messages and lighting candles will stop it.No wonder the terrorists laugh at us and despise us .

  4. Not wasting money on a ‘Groupy Flower Power Hugin’ is a start. People want to see terrorist nest busted. They want concrete RESULTS especially in light of the massive failure of Belgium’s Security.

      1. Yes, they have an army. And when the Eu gets its own army as well, they will then be deployed to take out pockets of White resistance to this genocidal agenda. Thousands of programmed Troops will kill their own without compunction at the very first order. And we can thank the Black Majick psychology of the Jews for making this so…


        1. An EU army with Merkel,Junker, Tusk etc. deciding who`s next in the firing line ?
          Truly the stuff of our nightmares …awake or asleep…. night and day.

  5. I would not know the correct terminology to deconstruct if fully but in my opinion the whole liberal signalling, “Je suis…”,

    In short they double own to show that their ideology is legitimate in the face of events which show them to be illegitimate. If it was not obnoxious liberal signalling then the public sphere would be occupied by Patriots/Conseratives who have the policies to stop it.

    The result is that patriotic/conservative minded people end up being reactionaries to liberal signalling. This is what leads to patriots being unsure how to react in the current enviornmet.

    My proposition would be to deconstruct them through ridicule. A Europhobic Liberals Checklist in the case of a terrorist attack:
    1) Incorporate cultural symbols and language into signs of solidarity
    2) Play John Lennon songs
    3) Double down on defending immigration policies that allowed terroists into the country
    4) Search for the tinyest counter reaction to the event to reframe it that patriots/conservatives
    5) Become an overnight expert on Islamic theology (what is ‘real’ Islam)

  6. “Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon”

    The word ‘Jambon’ in french means ‘ham’

    To show solidarity with the invaders so as not to offend them in any way, this minister needs to have his name changed by order of the EU, although ham seams quite appropriate.

  7. This nonsense came from a German security expert in Spiegel . Dismissive of everyone who tries to help. What is unique about bombing a subway or airport ? This kind of thinking is indicative of security forces that do nothing, can’t think out side of the box and literally just sit around and wait for things to happen . Two Belgian ministers resigned and then their resignation was no accepted. ‘Same old same old’ until the next explosion. Yes Belgium is a failed state.
    ‘A high-ranking official of an intelligence service told me that no one apart from the British had anticipated anything like what we have seen. The Americans were aware of course as well, but they always warn of so many scenarios that they at times aren’t even taken seriously anymore. ‘

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