Feminists Bang Kitchen Pots and Pans to Mark “International Women’s’ Day”

Feminists took to the streets of Madrid at midnight to mark the start of “International Women’s Day”—by banging kitchen pots and pans in a display filled with irony which was clearly lost on them.

According to a Reuters report, the feminists gathered in the Spanish capital in the early hours of Friday, “some wearing purple bags and clothes, and holding banners that read ‘Sister I do believe you’”—whatever that means.

One of the brainwashed girls, Abril Vilatrollol, a 21-year-old cinema student, told Reuters that it was “essential to demonstrate and more in a day like women’s day because there are still a lot of gaps and problems in society that women face and need to overcome. We are in a patriarchal society.”

Of course, none of these feminists can actually say what this “patriarchal” society actually is. There are no laws discriminating against women in any European nation, and women can in fact do anything that they want.

In reality, the only anti-female laws and rules exist in Jewish, Muslim, and Third World countries, where there is indeed active anti-female discrimination.

Nonetheless, the establishment and controlled media hatred of white males is such that they have invented an entire myth of “white male supremacy.”

This myth is primarily based upon the biological reality that females bear children. It is this vital element of life—and in fact the single most important factor in the continuance of civilization itself—which the establishment and the controlled media have designated “male supremacy.” It is, of course, nothing of the sort, any more than it is “female supremacy” that it is the male’s biological function to fertilize ovum in the reproduction process.

Vilatrollol also told Reuters that part of the “patriarchy” against which she was protesting was that “sometimes she fears for her safety when heading home after partying at night”—obviously because she might be attacked by these evil “male supremacists.”

Once again, as pointed out earlier, the propaganda surrounding attacks on women—which has definitely increased in recent years—always focuses on the fact that it is “males”—and always ignores the equally important fact that the vast majority of male-on-female sex crime in Europe and America involves nonwhite males.

Even the chief rabbi of the Israeli army, Colonel Eyal Karim, is on record as saying that Jew soldiers “raping attractive Gentile women” in wartime is a good thing—but there has never been any feminist outrage about this and the numerous other instances of nonwhite sex crimes against women.

Part of the feminist myth—which is essentially anti-white male hatred—is that it is only “white males” who are the problem. Its final aim is the destruction of the traditional family unit.

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  1. Feminism “sterilizes” white women (by making women focus on their careers and independence and dislike men, making them too old to conceive or have healthy babies when they do decide to have children when they are older; Also, older women are unattractive and unappealing to men who do want to have families).

    MGTOW sterilizes white men (by making men fear the legal system and harsh consequences of marriage failure and divorce).

    Both phenomena were created by Jews who hate whites IMHO.

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