FGM Savagery Increasing in UK

More than 1,200 cases of female genital mutilation have been recorded in England in the first three months of 2016, an indication that the Third World colonization of that country is proceeding apace.

According to figures released by Health and Social Care Information Centre, the cases exclude reports in Scotland and Wales—which means that the true figure is higher.


Above: Street scene in present-day London.

The report, published June 7, 2016, is titled “Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), January 2016 to March 2016, Experimental Statistics Report.”

It starts by explaining that the figures are “a repository for individual level data collected by healthcare providers in England, including acute hospital providers, mental health providers, and GP practices.”

Some 81 National Health Service (NHS) trusts and 12 GP practices submitted one or more FGM attendance record, the report says.

Submission is mandatory for NHS acute and mental health trusts and GP practices.

There were 1,242 “newly recorded” cases of FGM reported, with 2,223 total attendances where FGM was identified or a procedure for FGM was undertaken.

More than half of all cases relate to women and girls from London NHS Commissioning Region: 52 percent of newly recorded cases and 60 percent of total attendances.

This is because London is now completely colonized by nonwhite invaders, and whites are an absolute minority in the city.

There are four types of FGM, listed as types 1 to 4, with each type varying in the degree of the wound it inflicts. Types 1 to 3 are the most invasive and painful.

Where the FGM Type was known, the report continued, Types 1 and 2 have the highest incidence (38 and 30 percent respectively).

In combination, Types 1, 2 and 3 covered 90 percent of known FGM Types, with a relatively low incidence of the remaining categories.

Some 88 percent of women and girls reported with FGM, whose country of birth was known, were born in an Eastern, Northern, or Western African country, the report continued.

Some 8 percent of women and girls with a known country of birth were born in Asia (the majority from Western Asian countries, Iraq, and the Yemen).

Somalia in Eastern Africa accounts for more than one third of all newly recorded cases of women and girls with a known country of birth. Other countries with a large volume of cases include Eritrea in Eastern Africa, the Sudan in Northern Africa, and Nigeria in Western Africa.

* In 2013, it was reported that there were—at that stage—some 22,000 girls in the UK being subjected to FGM every year.

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  1. I can nolo believe that they are unable to make a law that says, we examine your girls at the beginning of the school year, and if we find that fgm has taken place, you will be imprisoned if you have citizenship, and if you do not have citizenship you and your miserable family will be deported to your third world hellhole of origin. Is that so hard?

  2. How long before this revolting practice becomes commonplace in the UK. This is how other Islamic practices such as Sharia courts gained acceptance here by crawling in under the radar first .
    Circumcision and emasculation without medical treatment should be inflicted on all adult males advocating such barbaric cruelty for women.
    What a useless lot of windbags our politicians are – all fine words and empty promises.

  3. I feel very sorry for the liberals in Britain now. Their brains must be getting ready to explode as they try to understand why third worlders continue to act like third worlders once they come to the first world. There must be a way to blame this on whites somehow, musn’t there?!

  4. If this is true Cameron must acknowledge the fact and tell the people of the U.K. How this is happening it is a total disgrace !! When we vote out and I pray to god we do we will kick out and deny British citizenship too anyone doing this barbaric act the genuine hard working people of the U.K. AV had enough they will rise we r a peaceful island but we will not b bullied in. Choosing our destiny!! Your threats mother kraut and your white liver supporters mean jack shit to me quote one of ur muppets we will end up with a bloody nose if we leave we’ll miss kraut we AV a saying he that fights and walks away lives to fight another day and if we loose???? The vote to leave BELIEVE WE WILL B BACK!!! We will never roll over too accommodate your mistake!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And if the cases are “being recorded”, how come there are no arrests? Doesn’t the Health service pass on the details?
    Or is it another Rotherham, frightened to be called “racist” for reporting and dealing with this noxious, illegal practice?

  6. I was reading about this pratice and what it entails , it is horrendous. These girls are as young as seven sometimes there is nothing given for the pain I could weep for them, they however think this is normal. Any body that wants to live in our country must not bring their barbaric ways with them, if we had done this social services would remove the child and we would be jailed, these people must be treated the same regardless of their culture.

  7. No problem! The NHS will pick up the tab for all this. Indeed they already are. All these lovely Liberal multicultural supporting do-godders are happily going about their business setting up clinics and charities the length an breadth of the UK to help these poor savages. All at the taxpayers expense. No wonder the UK has become the attractive dustbin of the Third World. See:

    What about my other hip that needs replacing? At best, a nine month wait! The expression, “Charity starts at Home” was lost decades ago

  8. Female Genital Mutilation, this vile, disgusting third world practice is totally illegal in the UK and should be punishable by Law, yet not one person has been prosecuted for this, what does that tell you? It tells me all I need to know about this equally vile, self serving, lying, cheating, tax dodging, Bilderberg Moslem loving PM we have in power who is deliberately handing this Island over to these sub human, inbreeding, backward, brainwashed creatures.

    It is costing the hard working tax payer, most of whom are non Moslem a fortune in NHS treatment required to correct the damage caused by this disgusting practice. Moslems also engage in breast ironing, another third world practice gaining pace in this Country. Like FGM it is usually carried out by older women, who often use rusty razor blades to do the cutting. Each year in Britain many thousands of these young girls are also taken out of the Country back to their homelands to be cut and then brought back into the UK because they know it is illegal here, they should be examined when trying to re-enter and turned away, its disgusting.
    Moslems also inbreed and that results in offspring being born with severe genetic abnormalities, they will never live a normal life, and will never be able to work and support themselves. This is again an enormous drain on our welfare services as these people then claim Disability handouts indefinitely, as well as needing intensive health care, many of them die as a result of inbreeding, such are the serious issues caused by this disgusting, filthy practice. Its time this nation booted them all out.

  9. I made a small mistake when writing the above, I did not explain myself too well, but cannot edit or remove comment. What I was trying to say was that breast ironing and FGM are both carried out by older women on these young girls. When practising FGM, on occassions a rusty razor blade is used to do the cutting, which often leads to terrible infections and life long pain and suffering. Irrespective of this the practice is still barbaric as it is intended to prevent the female from experiencing any pleasure from sex, this is seen as being the Moslem males privilege only.

    1. I believe it is done because if they derive no pleasure from sex then they will not be tempted to go astray from their loving husbands. (Ok the loving husbands bit was a joke.)

  10. Islam promotes extremism and racism. Its funny that people in this world cannot understand that and still supports islam and anti those people who anti islam. These people are the problem because by not confronting the root of the problem, these poor muslims people will forever be enslaved by this extreme religion/ideology/teaching.

    1. Victor, the problem really is, that World leaders actually think they can control Islam. Its not just the Islamist extremist they love to identify as the problem. The regular day to day Muslim will pray four or five times a day somtimes starting in the small hours. In my book this behaviour is of itself ‘extreme’ in this day and age.

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