Finland: White Women Targeted In Latest Refugee-Terrorist Attack

A 18-year-old Moroccan invader pretending to be an asylum seeker in Finland has been confirmed as the perpetrator of the latest refugee-terrorist knife attack which targeted white women in the city of Turku, and which left two dead and eight injured. Four other Moroccans living in Finland have also been arrested.

The refugee-terrorist is arrested after being shot in the thigh by Finnish police.

The attack took place on Friday afternoon, when the invader, armed with what eye-witnesses described as a “jungle knife”—probably a machete—attacked white women at random in the Turku center near the Market Square.

According to a report in the Finland Today news service, the attacker is an “asylum seeker who arrived in Finland in spring 2016.”

He was living at an invader “reception center” in Turku and is currently being investigated for “crimes committed for terrorist purposes: two murders and eight attempted murders.”

According to the police, the Moroccan specifically targeted women, and erven one pushing a stroller with a baby. The victims are aged between 15 and 67 years old. All but three of the most seriously injured have been released from hospital, but those that remain admitted are in a serious condition.

“According to the intelligence we have gathered overnight, all pieces indicate a terror attack,” Police Counsellor Robin Lardot, who is the director of the National Bureau of Investigation, told a press conference.

In addition, four other Moroccans have been arrested in Turku. They were arrested in private apartments and in the local reception center. According to the police, the Moroccans “know each other.” The police, however, didn’t reveal any further details of the men’s links to each other.

There is also a sixth suspect who is on the loose. The authorities have released an international warrant. According to the police, the suspect is not in Finland.

According to the National Bureau of Investigation, none of the suspects were under surveillance.

The deaths brings to 34  the total number of people murdered by the refugee-“immigrant” terror tsunami in Europe since the great invasion of 2014, and the total number of injured to 1714, including the fatalities and injuries  resulting from the Barcelona refugee-terrorist attack.


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