First “Asylum Seeker” Sentenced for Cologne Sex Attacks

The first “asylum seeker” convicted of stealing a cell phone during the New Year’s Eve mass nonwhite crime carnage in the German city of Cologne has been sentenced—to a laughable six-month suspended sentence and a €100 fine.

According to local newspaper Express, the Moroccan criminal, named only as Younes A., was sentenced to the slap on the wrist punishment in a Cologne court today after being convicted of stealing a cell phone from a 23-year-old woman as she was taking photos of the city’s famous cathedral.


The nonwhite invader—who had already applied for “asylum”—used the chaos at the scene, where mass sexual assaults were taking place, to rob the woman and then tried to run away with her phone, the judge ruled.

But the woman was able to catch him and hand him in to police who arrested him. He has been in custody since the time of his arrest. Drugs were also found in his possession at the time of his arrest.

He had applied for asylum, he said, after entering Germany a year ago after coming through Spain and France.

The victim of the crime described how, after travelling from Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany for the Cologne celebrations, she was groped almost as soon as she disembarked at Cologne train station.

“When I came out of the toilet in the station, I noticed the large number of foreign men,” she told the court.

“I was groped on the buttocks, and my friend was groped by the pack of men between her legs. Then my phone was stolen by someone in the mob,” she told the court.

She was sure that the offender had groped her, but this could not be proved.

The judge said that the accused had discarded his ID to avoid being deported, but, as pointed out earlier, conviction of crimes of this level are not deportable offenses in Germany.

The nonwhite criminal will thus be allowed to stay free in Germany until his asylum appeal is heard—but even then, the chances of being deported by the present government is as good as zero.

The trial was the first resulting from the more than one thousand crime reports emanating from New Year’s Eve in Cologne. More than 430 of these cases deal with sexual assault—up to and including rape.

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  1. Germany will need a Federal Ordnungs Amt whose task it should be to process immigrants and ruthlessly remove them. The Fed Government has a 15 billion surplus a small portion of which could be used to buy an African one party democracy and use it to deposit migrants that have no passports or whose home countries will not take them back

    1. That’s right. The solution seems obvious and easy to put into practice. Problem is the German authorities don’t seem to want to do it. Today’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports the government experts have estimated some half a million “refugees” will be coming into Germany every year in 2016-20. So by 2020, there will be ca. 3.6 million of them in the country. The German government obviously has okayed the influx.

  2. Porażka niemieckich sądów i Policji.!!Brońcie nadal imigrantów kryminalistów ,gwałcicieli ,pedofilów,powoli staczając się na dno !!

    1. We need get rid of our goverments, the left media and education systems and all NGOs. We need this first in most european countries before we start deport the third world out of our lands. Otherwise the same like in Kosovo will happen where NATO killed white Serbians for protect muslimic non-white albanians.

  3. europe is finished…..the countries that made it up no longer exist as country,s only the balkan states/poland and I hope the UK have some credibility left..the people of europe are now slaves…

  4. “He had applied for asylum, he said, after entering Germany a year ago after coming through Spain and France.”

    Firstly he is Maroccan and therefore not eligible to claim asylum.

    Secondly, he travelled through 2 safe countries to get to germany and is therefore not eligible to claim asylum in germany.

    Therefore the only thing he is eligible for is deportatation.

    There now. Decision made, and it did not take a year.

  5. Article 31 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is definitely preferred to Article 5, which states “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” by the marauders who are looking for Rolex watches and not cheapies like a cell phone.

  6. As I understand, the German authorities, for RACIAL reasons, are reluctant to find out who the rapists were and to punish them. The single one possibly to be tried (we’ll see if it’s going to happen), a Moroccan, is blamed mostly for stealing a cel phone, isn’t he? But if the rapists were European, especially from “Ost Europa”, the German police and courts would deal with them swiftly, harshly and effectually, and the press outrage and yapping would be tremendous, wouldn’t it? It’s the racism of Europeans towards each other that is destroying Europe.

    1. It’s the influence of those that control credit and finance that are the instigators. Merkel is merely a willing partner in the grander scale of things.

  7. Turkey is behind all these. They want to join EU to conquer it so much that they sent in these people as last resort. They are also behind supporting IS.

  8. OMG really a cell phone. What a bloody travesty for all these women that were subjected to these ordeals. It is just laughable that that is all they pin on one of them.

    Maybe if the police hadn’t stood around but got stuck in and started arresting from the start they would have more people and evidence to charge them and deport them.

    ‘they cannot be deported for such a minor crime’ Oh well lets wait until he does something more serious then, huh? Grrr.

  9. The current German government must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent imaginable. They are criminals of the worst kind. They must go — straight to Hell with no return ticket.

  10. This is so wrong, handed a paltry 6 month suspended sentence & a 100 Euro fine. The man’s a criminal, he should’ve done time & been fined a lot, lot more…..then deported, far away…he’ll be back out on the streets tomorrow, thieving, selling drugs & anything he knows he can get away with….!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Small fine and six months suspended sentence but he has learned his lesson.
    Lesson 1 – Police/Courts are spineless and aren’t going to lock him up
    Lesson 2 – Be a ringleader and get the under sixteen to steal phones from the infidels .Far more lucrative.
    Lesson 3 – They are never going to deport him. That’s just a Merkel lie to keep the Germans quiet.

  12. “He had applied for asylum, he said, after entering Germany a year ago after coming through Spain and France.”
    My lawyer powers tell me something is wrong… Something like this:

    “Why they do not prosecute a 3rd felony for full fledged lie in front of a state administrative body during an official proceeding?”.

    Another one of “not deportable offenses in Germany”.

    Shame on you Germans. You gave Europe the BGB and now your judical system made a polish, insignificant lawyer laugh. Well done!

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