First Boer Delegation Visits Hungarian Town

A “historic moment”—this is how the mayor of the town of Ásotthalom in Hungary, László Toroczkai, has described the first visit of an Afrikaner farmer delegation to his town which arrived there over the past weekend.

“After long preparations, the first Boer delegation from South Africa arrived,” Mayor Toroczkai announced on Facebook.

Posting a picture of himself with three of the Afrikaner farmers, Toroczkai wrote that “here we are having an inspection of the border [near his town], but we are also discussing economic—primarily agricultural—cooperation opportunities and a larger Boer-Hungarian economic and political meeting.

“Tens of thousands of Boers are looking for a new home in the world because of extreme racism, discrimination and untenable public security [in South Africa], and Europe [the EU] is an accomplice [in creating this situation],” he continued.

“I would like our country to [be the first] in the European Union to start to [offer sanctuary to them] in the future, because they have European roots, and are persecuted Christians.”

  • The visit is the first since a series of on-and-off attempts have been launched since 2015, all with the aim of arranging Afrikaner emigration to Hungary and elsewhere in Europe. Ultimately, the right to determine who can enter Hungary does not reside with local authorities, but the central government, and nothing will happen without the latter’s acquiescence.
  • Mayor Toroczkai  is also the leader of the new nationalist breakaway party from Jobbik, “Our Homeland,” which was announced over the past weekend.

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  1. All Visegrad group countries(Hungary,Poland Czech Republic and Slovakia) should grant asylum for all Boers. They are good people and should feel safe and welcome in white countries.

  2. Hungary once again showing how Europe, and world affairs for the white race, should be run. Truly the promised land.

  3. The only fly in the ointment is Fidesz’s philosemitism. Will the Israeli ambassador put pressure on Orban not to allow the emigration of Boers to Hungary and Eastern Europe, lest it ‘destabilise’ South Africa?

  4. The Boers would be a great addition to any country smart enough, like Hungary, to appreciate their high caliber. Allowing them residency is a win-win situation for both parties involved.

  5. Hungary leads the way again. What an inspiration that little country is to the rest of the white world: white, Christian in culture, proud of it and resolved to maintain that heritage.

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