First Case of Whites Fighting Back against Black Racist “Knockout” Hate

The first documented case of white people fighting back against the vicious, hate-filled black racist “knockout” attacks has taken place in a Las Vegas, Nevada shopping mall.

The fight back against black racism was captured by a passer-by on his cell phone camera, and starts immediately after the black thug punched his victim, a young white woman.

This is part of a racist crime wave called “polar bear hunting” among blacks—polar bears, of course, referring to white people.

This time, the racist attack did not go as planned. The black’s punch failed to knock out the white woman, who managed to retaliate and hit her attacker to the ground.

Another white male then storms into the scene and delivers a powerful kick to the head of the black thug, while the victim continues to pound on his head.

Finally, the would-be victim walks away, leaving the black thug in a fetal position on the ground.

As pointed out earlier on this website, the controlled media has gone into overdrive to try and cover up the obvious fact that the latest outbreak of anti-white racist violence by blacks is nothing less than part of the undeclared race war being waged against white Americans.

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  1. The “polar bear hunting” is a low profile way of testing the public reaction to a “game”.
    The controlled media’s attempts to cover up the true facts seems to me as something controlled by some interest group or groups to prepare their readers for an all-out reaction against the Whites as the instigators of “White on Black” violence.
    Who controls the main line media? The Blacks who then must be seen as already having gained control of the media?
    Or is the popular media still in the hands of the original owners? If so, what are they aiming at?
    As long as the “knock out” game continued with the “mere” use of fists, the reaction of the Whites–also using fists as shown in this case–must receive limited criticism. But the resultant injuries will soon result into the next step as inevitable; the use of knives!
    The question remains; When, and how rapidly it will result into full-out street wars?
    Is any one able to determine how things will develop from there?

    1. The response should be more deadly than the attacks ike the swift unexpected kick to the face. The fact is that there has been a White death from one of these attacks & have likely been more.
      Why shouldn’t the yoofs just get shot & why should anybody care what others think about that justified response as going too far against a rayc that has a record of violent proclivities being acted out in numbers that far exceed that of other rayces ?
      Are we to give a dang about more lying broads weeping & wailing at the news cameras that “he was such a good boy”?

  2. Anyone know where I can view this video?

    Editorial note: the original video was taken down, but has n ow been replaced. See above.

  3. Glory Hallejulah! That’s what people are suppose to do when being attacked by a hoodlum. Doesn’t matter the race of the victim or attacker. If blacks wanna go around attacking whites without cause then whites have the right to protect themselves. Blacks feel as though they can attack anyone, even other blacks and get away with it. And when the tables turn and blacks suffer the consequences, blacks will cry foul and racism.

    Whites MUST protect themselves from black hoodlums/thugs. It’s imperative they do because these black criminals are out to kill.

  4. When I think of all the long hard struggle this idiot’s ancestors went through for equality and the right to vote it makes be absolutely sick.How would they feel about this coward hitting an unsuspecting woman for no reason?It is entirely likely that SHE has no ancestors who ever had a single thing to do with the slave trade or owned a plantation etc. and also entirely possible that HIS own ancestors sold their own people into slavery.

  5. Problem is we do not hand out punishment to young people and they grow up with attitude and that is just about all they do have. bring back canes in schools to teach discipline and respect and bring order to the class. If kids are not taught discipline and there are rules that they must obey before they are in mid teens many will develop a bad attitude that can not be fixed. Break the rules and you will be punished. Kids all over the western world break the rules and NO one punishes them. Teach them their rights and also tell them they have duties and responsibilities that go with those rights. The responsibility to get and education, get a job, obey the rules set by society, etc etc I see far to much bad attitude here in australia. A filipino girl visiting me asked “dont these girls have any respect for themselves” when she saw and heard high school girls in the local mall. It made me realise just how low our society has sunk. Kids need to be taught how to act etc etc etc and be punished if they do not respond. the other one is bring back the death penalty. To many people in jail that will never rehibilitate. 190,000 reported rapes in USA a year. something wrong with the system. the third time a person is convicted of rape the death penalty. I can guarantee the number of rapes would drop dramatically. Just a thought

  6. you people are stupid to believe that this is new. people only notice because it happens every day now in every major city and it cannot be hidden from the public anymore, I grew up in Camden nj. in the early 70’s is was known that you do not walk through black areas of town, esp at night. the Obama administration and the jews media have instigated this out right war on white people. maybe they are hopeing for large scale riots in order to enact martial law? that’s why I moved to a rural area in TN. I live in WHITE COUNTY. named correctly because the county it more than 98% white. guess what? very little to no crime. no graffiti, no gangs, no property damage, very little drug problem. rare to hear about home burgleries because thieves know they can get shot.

  7. I wonder what happened to this RACIST? if a white man punched a black woman in the face like that for no reason, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH A HATE CRIME. maybe gotten 5 or more years in prison. I’ll bet this black P.O.S. never even got arrested or certainly never charged with the HATE CRIME that it was. but I guess in this new P.C. world, only white people are racist. you cannot charge a black person or muslim with a hate crime.

  8. It is not generally known, but the African slaves who were brought to the “New World” were not the “best and brightest”, but were the low IQ “slackers”, dull-witted “morons”, troublemakers, criminals, and conquests of internecine tribal warfare who were shipped to us.
    The African village chieftains were not stupid. They sold off people they wanted to get rid of. Hence, our present “problems” with our now-obsolete “farm machinery”.
    That being said, “we should have picked our own cotton”…as we are paying for our ancestors’ short-sightedness to this day. Repatriation is the only REAL solution.

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