First Invader Center Burns in UK

British police in Liverpool have confirmed that the first Molotov cocktail bombing of an invader center in that country has taken place.

According to a police statement reported by the Liverpool Echo, an invader center in Church Avenue, Aintree, was firebombed just before two o’clock in the morning last Sunday evening. According to the police, the “petrol bomb” attack is being treated as a race-hate crime.


The police said that a “flaming object was flung at a front window of multi-occupancy flats in Aintree in the early hours of Sunday morning, shattering the glass” and that they now “suspect the arson is racially motivated.”

A large variety of invaders, all pretending to be asylum seekers—even though they have crossed dozens of safe countries to reach Britain—live at the fifteen-bed center, courtesy of the British taxpayer.

Chief Inspector Matt Boyle was quoted by the Liverpool Echo as saying that the “latest incident is being investigated by specialist detectives from the force’s SIGMA team, who are dedicated to investigating incidents of hate crime.”

The police added that an 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of arson and is being questioning by police on suspicion of committing arson with intent to endanger life.


*The invader center used to operate as the Bounty House hotel, which won worldwide fame in 2009 when its Christian owners, Benjamin and Sharon Vogelenzang, were charged with “religious incitement” after getting into a discussion with a Muslim guest over her wearing a hijab.

The Muslim claimed that they had “insulted and harassed her and laid a complaint with the police. As usual, the police immediately took the Muslim’s side, and without any other evidence at all except the Muslim’s statement, charged the Vogelenzangs with a criminal offence.

The Muslim’s story was shown to be lies in court, and the Vogelenzangs were cleared of all charged—but by then, their business had been ruined. They sold the hotel and it has been used as an invader center ever since.

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  1. ……and now it starts in the UK….I’m sure this is not going to be one isolated case, as more will follow. Strange how it’s taken almost 3 days to hit the National Press…..

    1. The UK media is controlled, the BBC always has been, Sky is not much better. The national papers mostly hide any migrant news deep inside the website. My local rag takes input regarding the EU in/out and it is amazing how the IN brigade get upset when you quote this website or Migration Watch.

      1. Maybe because there are so many people here who illegally promote violence against individuals for the matter of their group identity?

    2. Excellent news! I knew this would happen, the EU politicians are that b. stupid, that they could not force this, with their extremely stupid diktats and so called European Union. Oh roll on 23rd June, and the collapse of the whole pons scheme.

      1. Brexit isn’t even half the battle.
        The rot is so deep inside the establishment, media, entertainment industry, education, law, that a brexit would offer only a temporary bulwark against Cultural Marxism, who’s ultimate end is the erradication of the White, European people.
        Until we have achieved autarky, we will always be led by the noses to our destruction, billed as diversity, funded by funny(fiat) money.

  2. I’m sure there are more deserving homeless people on the streets of Liverpool who would love too have a bed for the night instead of pandering to these free loaders whom seem to jump to the top of the que in all areas. SHAME ON YOU BRITAIN for not looking after our own people.

  3. Just proves that our press and media are being ‘muzzled’ by certain people in authority. The joke is these people want us to vote for them – never again, corruption in British politics is rife.

  4. Actions always speak louder than words.

    I believe the storm clouds are only just starting to form. These treasonous socialist governments will reap the wind. (Don’t believe for one moment that Cameron is a conservative)

    A little pain now will be far better than what the EU & socialism has planned.

  5. S-18/3 Declaration on International Economic Cooperation, in particular the Revitalization of Economic Growth and Development of the Developing Countries, means nothing in South Africa. The Honourable President Jacob Zuma is described as a one-man wrecking ball, and responsible for the Junk status of the South African currency and Economy see and the International Traders are competing with the gentleman for what little foreign currency is available to purchase Chinese shoes, shirts, pants, handbags or a replacement for a malfunctioning aircraft for Mr Zuma. The Multilateral Traders see fit to source no stock in South Africa and those manufacturers went out of business years ago and soon there will be an exodus of stores like Truworths to Australia and Spain where the policy will be repeated. See The slogans used against an innocent State like Nigeria or South Africa by the Traders who engage in destructive dumping and exploitation of the THIRD WORLD economies should be exposed and possibly charged with the destruction of local industry in violation of S-18/3

  6. The anti-Christian campaign also took place against another couple, who refused to accept two male homosexuals in their hotel; all the Jewish propagandists and lawyers had their field day of filth, along with the Guyanan Philips (or Phillips? who cares) of the ‘Equality Commission’. And yet of course facilities ONLY for homosexuals are permitted. The campaigns are of course intended to provide examples: Welby, the Jewish ‘archbishop of Canterbury’, attacked some vicar somewhere for telling the truth; £3000 fine, I think. Similar things happened against a headmaster, years ago, telling the truth about low-performing Moslem ‘pupils’. The same sort of thing has been common in the east end of London; think of Cable Street, for example. So far, these campaigns have been one way. Whether this will go on, is hard to be certain: Jewish fake money is an incentive, particularly for unemployable drug taking types; but also of course for potentially-decent people who don’t see an option. But of course I hope it fails, and these anti-human scum get full and complete and condign justice against them.

  7. An alleged Imam was battered to death recently in a child’s playground. The usual suspects immediately shouted “racism”. A few days later two muslim men were arrested–all gone quiet since.

    1. Not sticking to the script

  8. It’s obviously not a safe country to bring these poor migrants into so we should not be endangering their little lives by bringing them here should we? It’s a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire and we can’t have that now can we?

  9. In order to oust the White settlers and liberate their countries from colonialist rule, African and Asian Nationalists resorted to force and violence, including unconventional, irregular methods.

    European Nationalists will have to do the same against the third world occupation settler population. What’s good for the goose…

    Remember: European Nationalists occupy the moral high ground and are 100% justified in using any means necessary to liberate their nations.

  10. I can’t see how this can be called a race hate crime when clearly it is the reaction of patriotic people to being invaded. Were the French Resistance ever prosecuted for race hate crimes for their efforts to thwart the German occupation of their homeland during WW2?

  11. Let the people decide and act, the politicians and police are doing nothing. This is not a race hatred crime, race has nothing to do with it. Immigrant isn’t a race. The British people are just trying to defend our land from alien invaders and we will win this war with or without the help from our establishment.

      1. But surely the establishment of Europe must know that people power will always win. Surely they must know that their actions could spark a European wide civil war resulting in the Muslims being slaughtered and kicked out and the establishment strung up? Are they not afraid of this? It could end up like the French civil war.

  12. You can bet the Police will be all out to find the people that did it.

    Read up on international socialism vs nationalism vs islam

    not good at all, explains it all

  13. Racist Lie used to falsely charge innocent victims is on the increase


    1. Anyone who makes allegations of racism should be subjected to lie detector test just incase no one can make a video of these false crimes. There is too much at stake to just accept someones statement given this proven propensity to lie to gain an advantage. This is also slander so those making false statements should be legally libeled for lawsuits for that slander.

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