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First Murders of Europeans by Nonwhite Third World Invasion Flood Take Place

The first—and inevitable—case of Europeans being murdered by nonwhite invaders currently swamping Europe from across the Mediterranean has taken place in Sicily, with an African being arrested for a brutal twin murder on that island.


According to the Italian media, an 18-year-old invader from the Ivory Coast was arrested on Sunday after the bodies of Victor Solano, 68, and his 70-year-old Spanish wife, Mercedes Ibanez, were found at their home near a “refugee center” in Mineo, a town outside Catania.

The nonwhite invader, named as Mamadou Kamara, had been a resident of the Mineo “refugee center”—the largest such facility in Europe—since June 8 this year.

Mamadou Kamara in court.
Mamadou Kamara in court.

Kamara was arrested while in possession of a bag containing a cell phone belonging to one of the victims, and his pants were drenched in blood. Solano was found in his nearby home with his throat slit and his wife was found in the courtyard of the couple’s apartment building, having been thrown from the balcony.

The daughter of the victims, Rosita Solano, told the Corriere del Messogiorno newspaper that she blamed the Italian government for the murders, saying it allowed “immigrants to come here and do what they want, even rob and kill us.”

The victims’ daughter continued: “The death of my parents obviously do not even deserve a tweet by the Prime Minister and the Minister Renzi Alfano.”

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigration Northern League party, remarked on the murders on Twitter by pointing out that the murderer was yet another utterly bogus asylum seeker: “Elderly couple murdered in Catania, by a ‘refugee.’ From which war was this guy escaping?” Salvini tweeted.

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A series of violent murders in the Mediterranean Sea and ongoing bloody invader violence in Greece earlier definitively revealed the criminal nature of the current Third World invaders of Europe.

In April this year, at least twelve Christian Nigerians (all also blatantly bogus “asylum seekers” as there is no “war” in Nigeria from which they are fleeing) were thrown overboard and drowned after the Muslim invader passengers decided that only prayers to Allah would be allowed on their rickety boat.

According to a report in the Italian La Republica newspaper, those who witnessed the African Christians being murdered on the crammed dinghy told investigators how Nigerian Muslims became angry at a Christian who started praying.

“They told him that they would throw him overboard if he didn’t stop praying to God,” he said, according to La Republica. 

The witness added: “They started shouting, two pushed the lad and he fell in the sea and drowned.”

The Muslims “went mad” and began screaming “Allah is great” before they attacked the Christian invaders who tried to defend the boy. When twelve of the Christian African invaders had been thrown overboard, their compatriots fought back and managed to hold off the Muslims for an hour until an Italian ship arrived and stopped the inter-African massacre.

Italian police arrested fifteen people suspected of the killing including Ousmane Camar from the Ivory Coast—another indication of the overtly fraudulent nature of the “asylum seekers,” as, once again there is no “war” in that country either.


Last week, nonwhite invaders who have utterly wrecked the Greek island of Lesbos by swamping the tiny landmass at the rate of over 3,000 per day, engaged in an all-out street battle with one another.

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The violence, captured on video and relayed on the local TV news channel, shows the nonwhite invaders running amok in the port of Mytilene.

According to local news reports, the invaders ripped out the protective iron railings of the Port Authority and began to beat each other into a bloody pulp.

The immediate cause of the violence was not clear, but such incidents have become increasingly common as the Third Worlders bring all their tribal warfare culture with them.

This is, of course, the same tribal culture with which many of them destroyed their own “countries” before deciding to exploit the deliberate race-denying liberalism of many Western European politicians.

The evidence is clear: if the current invasion is allowed to continue—and not halted and reversed—then the Third World masses will simply transfer their violence, lawlessness, and general backwardness to Europe, and utterly destroy that continent forever.

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  1. These savages are coming over to destroy your countries, rape your women and children and to murder and steal, I’m from South Africa where there are on average 48 murders a day, we are the rape capital of the world and one of the most dangerous countries to live in.

    If you Europeans don’t wake up your countries and civilization will be forfeit, you do not know what you are dealing with and what these people you feel so sorry for are capable of.

  2. From a white South African, you were warned about this species, but still believed they are human. So you turned your back on us, now it is your turn Europe, this is what you believed in.

    1. You are correct Jan. And now Europe is finished, and the soon the race that created the wondrous Aryan civilizations will perish from the earth too. Our race talks, moans, complains. It long ago lost the will to fight. We have chosen slow mass suicide.

    2. Jan, thank you for your post. Unfortunately, there are those in my country (US) that have seen the destruction these people cause and STILL will not acknowledge it. While it’s safer here than in Europe because we are a HEAVILY armed civilian nation, with many, myself included, former armed services vets, rape, assault and murder by these savages still happens. Please stay safe Jan.

    3. I concur. These European countries especially Holland sold out to the ANC their own descendants who are now officially in a genocide status. I cannot wait to see the violence starting in Europe. It is now pay-up time. The wheel has turned. With their progressive leftist liberal doctrines they will be like sheep to the slaugher….:)))

    4. I have been saying all along that the reason White S. African refugees weren’t wanted in Europe because they knew they would warn them about the truth of mixing with blacks. Now those foolish Whites with their humanitarian crap are going to get the education they deserve, first hand.

    5. And over here in Australia, we just put all these opportunistic immigrants on a prison island, they stop trying to get here, and i don’t need a gun!

      1. You still need a gun you just don’t realize it yet. While there I noticed many. many mosques and muslim immigrants let in by your former socialist past administration. They have many, many children. With such a small native Aussie population you are going to have a bleak future. Its only a matter of time. Even my anti gun Aussie friends are going to buy a hunting gun for protection, you guys have literally shot yourselves in the foot by allowing the government to confiscate your guns. You just don’t know it yet.

        1. Actually despite port Arthur, if you have a non-Criminal background it’s still pretty easy to get a gun in Aus, just not a handgun. A couple of hours in a classroom in the morning
          followed by a bit of practical on the range in the arvo will get you a licence for a.22 rifle
          or a shotgun, both of which are stoppers in the right hands.

    6. This is exactly why we created Apartheid, Europe helped this specie to overthrow Apartheid and now it is your turn.

  3. I lived in South Africa too for 20 year. And like the guy above said, yes it happen daily. But been French I’m not going to stand by and let this happen in France.

    1. I hate it but I must agree with you. In a way I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for individual Europeans. They have been content to look after themselves and ignore what is happening in S. Africa, now they will know from personal experience. I understand you taking delight at what is happening there now. Maybe this is the wake up call they needed, I’m inclined to
      think nothing will wake these idiots of today.

      1. We should not forget what happened with Zimbabwe , and still is happening!
        Europe didn’t give a a damn then about those mostly English people!

        I’m 9th generation South African!

  4. This is the danger we are walking into…in fact it is already too late! The stupid left wing idiots are taking in an army which will rise up and kill all who are not Muslems…

  5. I too grew up in the South African liberal schools, a white boy wore a shirt with the pic of Robert Mugabe the current president of Zimbabwe who said that he killed white kids Infront of their parents then later made decals with their bones. Upon questioning the motives for why he should wear this shirt, his answers turned to complaints and I was sent to the heads office where I given 15 strokes of the cane on the bare bum and bare legs followed by additional two strokes on each hand.

    Then after both my hands felt like had been cut off was I forced to write an official apology to me fellow student detailing the positive attributes of Robert Mugabe.

  6. Its all planned by the western governments. Human rights is the downfall of the white race. People in power needs to be hanged. Merkel where born in communist germany and thats the reason why she is allowing germany to take the most barbarians and muslims in. They want to breed or rape out the fighting germans. Most are males that invades Europe.Some blond european woman dye their hair dark,because the muslim men rape them because they have blond hair. Some of my friend in germany says that since the blacks and muslims came to their small home towns,the rape,drugs,hore houses and ubductions of white girls for sex slaves have gone through the roof. The media is told to keep quiet about it,otherwise the whites would start to fight and thats bad for the refugees and they have human rights. Like asif the native white europeans dont have human rights and self protection against savages. Where in the western world are there any democracy left? The majority doesnt have any rights and the minority have all the rights. Killers,refugees,rapests,african criminals,muslim terrorists etc. They all have more rights then the majority of he people. Muslims and blacks go to europe and the west from their self created sharia laws and failed countries and then they suck the life out of the only civilized world. What is the colour associated as evil?(black.darkness) and what is he colour.associated with goodness,peace.prosperity? (White). The western white world is peacefull and good and.prosporous. the rest of the world is evil,violent,barbaric. Non whites.

  7. Prior to 1994, the world, including USA and Europe turned its back on the then “White South African Government” and forced the Government of the day to surrender power to the ANC by way of sanctions etc…. Today the World still ignores the fact that there is a full force genocide attack against the white race in South Africa, mainly farmers. Us South Africans at least acknowledge that we have major problems to deal with and debate it on a daily basis, but the USA and EU have been hiding their own problems as if it does not exist. What is now happening in Europe is a wake-up call, here in South Africa we live with our problems, but the Europeans have not yet realized that they are in big trouble, as they say, “Karma is a bitch”, it is now payback time for those Governments who in the past turned their backs on the South African Regime prior 1994, I do not feel sorry for them, now they can feel how it is to be murdered, raped, armed robbed etc…..


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