Flanders: 25% Housing to “Foreigners”

More than a quarter of all “social housing”—that is, government subsidized—residential homes in Flanders, Belgium, were given to non-Belgians in 2015, and in the major city of Antwerp, more than 40 percent of all houses were given to “non-EU foreigners.”

“Non-EU foreigners” means non-Europeans—Third Worlders, made up of legal and illegal immigrants, and thousands posing as refugees.

Market day in Antwerp, Belgium.

A press release, based on figures obtained in the Flemish parliament by the party’s spokesman on housing, Anke Van dermeersch, revealed that one in four social housing units in Flanders were assigned to “foreigners” in 2015.

Furthermore, of the 105,370 people waiting for social housing in Flanders, at least 28 percent are “foreigners.”

Van dermeersch’s figures showed that of the total of 8,970 allocated social housing units in 2015, at least 1,594 were given to “non-EU foreigners” (17.8 percent), 484 to foreign EU nationals (5 percent), and only 6211 to Belgian nationals. The recipient nationalities of a further 681 allocations was unknown.

In the province of Antwerp, out of a total of 2,848 housing units, 803 (28 percent) were allocated to “non-EU foreigners,” while 207 (7 percent) went to foreign EU foreigners, and 4766 were allocated to Belgians. The recipient nationalities of a further 72 allocations was unknown.

In the province of Limburg, out a total of 1,118 social housing units, 109 (10 percent) were given to “non-EU” foreigners, 64 (6 percent) were given to foreign EU nationals, and 698 (62 percent) assigned to Belgians. The recipient nationalities of a further 247 allocations was unknown.

In West Flanders, out of a total of 1,676 social housing units, 187 (11 percent) were allocated to “non-EU” foreigners, 60 (3.5 percent) were given to foreign EU nationals, and 1,402 (83.6 percent) were allocated to Belgians. The recipient nationalities of a further 27 allocations was unknown.

In East Flanders, out of a total of 2,319 social housing units, 366 (23 percent) were allocated to “non-EU” foreigners, 122 (5 percent) were given to foreign EU nationals, and 1,587 (68 percent) were allocated to Belgians. The recipient nationalities of a further 244 allocations was unknown.

In Flemish Brabant, out of a total of 1,009 social housing units, 129 (13 percent) were allocated to “non-EU” foreigners, 31 (3 percent) were given to foreign EU nationals, and 758 (76 percent) were assigned to Belgians. The recipient nationalities of a further 91 allocations was unknown.

There are currently some 105,370 prospective tenants on the waiting list for social housing, made up of 21,324 (20 percent) “non-EU” foreigners, 7,992 (7.6 percent) EU foreigners, and 65,563 (73.4 percent) Belgians.

It is especially in the city of Antwerp where the extent of the current Belgian government’s treason against its own people becomes most apparent.

In that city, one in two of all social housing units has been allocated to foreigners.

According to the figures obtained by Van dermeersch, some 40 percent of all housing allocations in that city during 2015 went to “non-EU” foreigners, and 8 percent to foreign EU nationals.

Of the 28,164 people currently on the Antwerp housing waiting list, 14,660 (52 percent) are foreigners, made up of 11,363 “non-EU” nationals and 3,297 foreign EU nationals. The nationality of a further 1,234 prospective tenants is unknown.

Antwerp has more than half a million inhabitants, and is the largest city in Flanders—and the second largest city in Belgium.

A 2010 report in the Express Business newspaper said that by the year 2020—now less than four years away—Antwerp was going to be 55 percent nonwhite. The report also said that in other Belgian cities such as Mechelen and Ghent, the number of “immigrants” would also reach 41 and 38 percent by 2020.

These figures were based on population statistics before the 2015 mass “refugee” invasion of Europe, so the swamping of these Belgian cities is likely to happen even sooner than the 2010 prediction.

Van dermeersch ended her press release with a demand that when it came to the allocation of social housing, Belgian people had to be put first.

“Those who do not have Belgian nationality cannot qualify for social housing,” she said.

“In some cities such as Antwerp, the majority of prospective tenants are foreigners and half the homes are already allocated to foreigners.

“Many social housing complexes have already become foreigner ghettos, and a halting of this alien influx is necessary to restore social housing to our own people.”

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  1. Scratch belgium and holland off as my
    tourist destination. Hell, it would be like
    visiting the slums of NYC, Chicago,
    Detroit and Los Angeles. The stupidity
    of white leftist liberal and religious
    organizations always amazes me.
    They truly are the cancer of Europe.
    Send them all to sh*t soros’s many homes.

  2. Iam yet to work out why governments and councils treat these invaders better than their own citizens, they give them free housing, medical, unlimited benefits, a larger house when the rest of their family arrives and none of these invaders has any intention of working or assimilating, they just want to turn Europe into the same dumps they left, and don’t start with the old story of persecution or war in their own countries thats just a worn out excuse now, these people are economic refugees who have been allowed here by weak EU governments not knowing how to close the borders. No EU politician responsible for allowing this invasion will live anywhere near or possible ever seen any of these illegals.

    1. They are following a UN agenda, that’s why their actions defy common sense. The UN is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the agenda is the conquest of white nations followed by submission to Islam with all the horror that entails

  3. At this point it is difficult to justify any outlook other than despair regarding the future – what little it seems remains – of the white race.

  4. It gives the lie to that oft-made lefty claim that third world immigrants ‘economically boost’ European nations foolish enough to host them.

    How can someone, anyone who is too poor to afford to pay for their own accommodation on the open market, without being subsidised by the taxpayer *possibly* ‘boost the economy’?

    I just wish more people would see through these damned obvious lefty lies.

    1. Of course they don’t boost the economy, they drain it. Even if they manage to get employed they won’t pay enough tax to make up for what they get in welfare. All of this just brings the downfall of the EU that much closer. While the EU will do nothing to help the indigenous nations, their own people surely will.

  5. Belgium, along with Sweden, has had it. No surprise that both are net takers from the EU slush-bucket. Now they contribute to the EU economy even less.

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