“Flemish Culture too White”

Flemish culture is “too white,” an official subcommittee from the Belgian government’s Department of Culture, Youth, Sport, and Media has announced.

The report also revealed that Flemish theaters and dance houses were to be denied grants because of their “lack of diversity.”


The Beoordelingscommissies (evaluation committees) are an official organization of the Department of Culture which, according to their official website, “advise the minister of culture in the assessment of grant projects within the various decrees and regulations of the Flemish government.”

The current minister, Sven Gatz, is a member of the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten, or “Open Vld”).

According to a report in the Belgian De Morgen newspaper, the “Flemish culture is too white” comment “largely explains why some of the world-renowned theater and dance houses barely get a pass mark in the matter of grant distributions.”

te blanke

The commission noted that the “only non-Western producer in Antwerp’s famous Toneelhuis (”Playhouse”) performing arts theater was one Mokhallad Rasem.

“Diversity is completely absent within the permanent staff of the Toneelhuis, even among the security staff,” the commission said.

The De Morgen article went on to add that this “whiteness” became significant when “reading about how the commission decides to give grants to those cultural groups which attach importance to diversity within their organizations.”

In other words, the Flemish government is actively withholding subsidies from cultural organizations which do not artificially promote nonwhites as part of “Flemish culture.”

 The commission also pointed out that a number of leading Flemish dance companies, including Anne Teresa’s De Keersmaeker (Rosas) and Alain Platel’s permanent employees “are not diverse.”

Even worse, the commission said, was the racial makeup of the controlling boards of those dance groups: “All members of the board have the same sociocultural and economic profile. There is no diversity of origin, and also in terms of age, there is a predominance of over-50s…”

In 2012, the then Flemish integration minister Geert Bourgeois (currently Minister-President of Flanders and Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy and Immovable Heritage), ordered the printing of “Starter Kits for Family Migrants” to be distributed from the Belgian consulate in Casablanca, Morocco, to would-be immigrants to Belgium.

These “starter kits” explained that “immigrants” have to follow a “civil integration program” and that leaving their home country will change their lives “radically.”

At the time, Bourgeois defended criticism of the project, telling Flemish TV that “53 percent of the Moroccan community in Belgium lives below the poverty threshold. Eighty percent of the women do not work. Thirty-six percent of Moroccans don’t speak our language well and one quarter of them are not even able to speak to their neighbors. It is a big societal problem.”

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    1. porky said to us in the UK that there were too many white faces……now the europeans are getting the same..treatment… soon there will be civil unrest in the UK and if you lot don,t get rid of merkel and her playmates you will go the same way

      1. Porky is a traitor. He says immigration has nothing to do with terrorist. Why do you think his face is always red. Lack of Oxygen.

    2. If they’re going to withold grants, it’s time the ‘white’ tax payer witheld taxes. Let the non-whites pay as apparently these amenities are there for them. As the non-whites have shown they regard westerners dancing as a grope party, or worse.

  1. I want to complain about Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia etc being too black. Why are they not diversifying? I’ll tell you why. They are countries with 99% of the population being black! Does Belgium want to send them gays, transgender, disabled, non-black Christians?

  2. The EU in its infancy was to prevent wars within Europe ever again. IMHO, it’s failed, there is going to be a lot more bloodshed in the very near future, either by non-whites or patriots who will have had enough of their country being subjected to a massive change of lifestyle by one woman!

  3. ” Flemish theaters and dance houses were to be denied grants because of their “lack of diversity.”

    What about the lack of diversity of the taxpayers?

    1. Best comment this year! Somebody should put the question to those morons in the Department of Culture, Youth, Sport, and Media.

    1. Years ago I met many Californians living in Montana town. I’m sure they would welcome you in Montana. It’s time to move as they did to the Rocky Mountains.

    2. Pegida-Fighter, your comment is so critical and this continues to be a huge problem in the USA. I am 47 and did not grow up seeing this so much. Even in the 1980s when certain music and dance became popular, a lot of us white teens liked it. I went to a small high school that had a very small black population but they were not “ghetto” black people. Many of the black families in the town i lived in in the USA in New Jersey were of white collar back ground. Many white and black were friends, however, we did not inter-racially date.
      By the early 90s I saw this changing. Not only were white & black dating as kids, but the culture of the black children/teens was changing with the whole gangster thug mentality, calling women “bitches” and “Hos”, and for some unGodly reason I will never understand, young and impressionable white girls seemed to find this attractive and I would see young white girls out & about with these horrid looking creatures, wearing their pants belted below their asses with their underwear fully showing. It’s been steadily downhill ever since.

    1. The whites of south Africa should be allowed to come to Europe if they want not theses other interlopers that no one wants. Sick of having it rammed down our throats about our obligation to b-l-a-c-k people. Cant believe the thousands that marched through L ondon yesterday in support of migrants open borders ect. Are they completely classed as sain?

  4. 80 percent don’t work. Just stay at home hatching more welfare cases. Belgium is becoming a third world country and is too stupid to know it. Move to North America. Let the idiots support their own stupidity.

    1. North America – Canada’s new PM the wonder boy, Trudeau, has opened the door to Syrians. Some of these families are educated & lost their homes/businesses, feel for them but, it’s what sneaks in among them, as is happening in Europe that is frightening.

      1. Former schoolteacher Trudeau is following in his fathers footstep. Lot’s of future voter type immigrants, bankrupting the oil patch ( advises to find job in some other vocation) and spends billions . Election promise deficit of $10B will now be $30B . He does not have a clue.
        In four more years deficit will be higher.

  5. Tokenism, positive discrimination. Well, Belgium’s going the same way as Sweden – down the tubes. What these pillocks don’t understand is that the theatres, dance groups and so forth ARE the culture and this sort of attack will destroy it. If things are to change they’ll change in their own time. It just amazes me that the Belgian people don’t hold serious protests – go on “cultural strikes”, general strikes, demonstrate, set up a resistance….. but they’re too weak to stand against even their own government which may pay a deadly price when the Islamist finally get into power. SO naïve.

  6. ……just remind me, these attackers that committed those awful crimes in Paris end of last year, weren’t they living a life in Belgium ??? So this is what diversity is all about ?? Allow the cretins to live in your country, let them commit atrocities elsewhere, cos it’s all in keeping with multi-culturism & Diversity……they’ve gotta be kidding !!!

    1. No education. No desire to get an education. Their culture is to just sit around have more babies and complain that they are being mistreated because they were not given an expensive home and an expensive car. It’s not just these immigrants who stay stupid.

  7. Soon they’ll complain about not seeing enough blacks and North-Africans in the famous old Flemish paintings! You can take a guess of what may follow 🙂 Must get out my old paint brushes; there may be a job in sight as a retoucher.

  8. “Flemish Culture too White” – what a load of rubbish. Just like Cameron saying too many whites. The current european politicians are not worth spitting on. They are being walked over by the Marxists. Civil war or world war three in the making all down to the EU. The EU is a evil force and not what it proclaims the great utopia which has stopped war in europe.

  9. Belgium do not have a remarkable history of fighting to keep their country free from dictatorship which says it all. Weak governments, weak population.

    1. Bryn, How much do you know about Belgium and its history? Just an in passing: you should know what Julius Caesar said about the Belgae? Just a start.

    1. Why ?
      `Cos they had far too much bl**dy sense.
      A conscious decision to ensure their own cultures remain inviolable.
      Who the hell actively imports trash knowing it will destroy everything about their country, their culture and way of life of their people.

  10. So now the terrorists have attacked in Belgium, wake up Europe, vote your current governments out, they care nothing for you, vote in pro white governments, it is your only hope.

  11. I’m trying to picture Muslim women ballerinas in Flanders but after today’s terrorist attack in Brussels, that vision is not working for me.It never will . Belgium you are destroying your culture ! Do you all have your heads stuck where the sun does not shine ? Belgium is committing suicide !

  12. Leftish politicians as usual do ani-white propaganda. Mr minister, go to Africa, make friendship with some non-white people there, do not bring them here, as we don’t want them in Europe. It seems that treating white people in a bad way is just racist. So you are leftish racist!!!

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