Foreign Policy: Is Donald Trump Mad?

Donald Trump’s latest foreign policy pronouncements have revealed his total subservience to the Jewish lobby, and his complete failure to comprehend the cause of Islamist terrorism—and the origin of anti-American hatred across the world.

Trump’s latest announcements that immigrants be screened for “anti-Semitism,” that Israel is the U.S.’s “greatest ally” against radical Islam, and that arch neo-con warmonger John Bolton might be Secretary of State—have revealed that he has absolutely zero understanding of the dynamics of modern terrorism and world unrest.


Far from being America’s “greatest ally” in the fight against radical Islam, Israel is in fact one of the greatest causes of the upsurge in Islamist militancy.

Furthermore, America’s ongoing blind support for Israel is the single greatest reason for anti-American hatred in the world today.

The Muslim attacks of September 11, 2001, were, for example, Islamists striking at the U.S. because of that country’s support of Israel, not because they “hated freedom.”

The resulting U.S. invasion of Iraq—to which the rise of ISIS and the current terror nightmare can be directly traced—was directly caused by the Jewish lobby’s manipulation of the American government.

That invasion, as it turned out, was generated in terms of a long-term strategy by the Jewish lobby to destroy Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, using their U.S. government puppets.

The causal link between the Iraq war and the rise of ISIS has long been conclusively established and acknowledged.

Israel—and the Israel-supporting Jewish lobbies in the West—are therefore one of the primary causes of the rise of ISIS. For Trump to declare that Israel is the “greatest ally” in the fight against ISIS, is a scandalous lie.

In addition, his demand to “screen immigrants” is designed to appeal to the broad mass of European-American voters who already like his general anti-illegal immigration stance—but is as empty and as deceitful as his claim that Israel is an “ally.”

There is no reasonable way a “screening” process can determine if an immigrant—from anywhere—holds “anti-Semitic” views.

This is akin to saying that U.S. immigration officials will suddenly have the ability to read peoples’ minds and be equipped with crystal balls to predict the future behavior of immigrants.

In short, this call for “screening” is simply idiotic foolishness which can never be practically implemented.

Lastly, and most disturbingly, Trump’s suggestion that John Bolton be appointed Secretary of State, is final evidence of the deranged, warmongering, and unquestionably criminal foreign policy he has announced.


Bolton, appointed to the U.N. ambassador position by George Bush, supported the invasion of Iraq, and told the Washington Examiner last year that he had “no regrets” over the calamitous invasion which killed over a million people.


In March 2011, Bolton actually called for the murder of Libya’s rule Moammar Gaddafi to “end the regime right there.”


At the time, Gaddafi had surrendered his WMDs and was aiding the “war on terror”—and was the only government actually preventing a mass Third World invasion of Europe.

After the Obama administration, aided by the British and French governments, carried out Bolton’s murderous desires and killed Gaddafi, Libya disintegrated into anarchy and now hosts a significant ISIS presence.

With regard to Iran, Bolton openly called for the bombing of that country to “stop Iran’s bomb”—a reference to the completely mythical—and Jewish lobby invented—allegation that Iran was developing an “atom bomb.”


Even though all U.S. intelligence agencies, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) long ago reported that there was no Iranian nuclear weapons program, the Jewish lobby-controlled U.S. government—and puppets like Bolton—insisted that Iran was on the verge of building one.

If the U.S. had actually followed Bolton’s plan to “bomb Iran” and exert “regime change in Teheran,” there can be little doubt that hardline elements in Iran would have emerged, opening up yet another hot spot for Islamist extremism.

Bolton’s disastrous pro-Israeli idiocies don’t end there either: during a speech in 2009, he actually called for thermonuclear war against Iran, saying that “Unless Israel is prepared to use nuclear weapons against Iran’s program, Iran will have nuclear weapons in the very near future.”

Leaving aside the fact that Bolton was once again lying about Iran’s mythical atom bomb, it is shocking that Trump is even considering appointing a pro-nuclear war lunatic as Secretary of State.

The choice between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections demonstrates just how awful that election has become.

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  1. Great article TNO. All of these idiotic and delusional pro-Tump supporters on the “alt right” need a massive reality check, especially over at DS. Ultimately, I’m afraid, there is no political solution for the mess we are in. Everyone is controlled – even the “nationalist” parties in Europe.

    1. Hi Anglo Saxon I agree with what you say. I say that political parties who have no roots in the past in the ancient European heritage and history are doomed to fail. The reason why the Third Reich for the Jews, libtards, leftists, marxists is an uncomprehending elemental event is their disconnection from Existence itself, while the Reich was in line with the order of the Universe.
      The nationalistic parties in Europe who still think they need Jewish Money are ultimately only buying time for the appearance of order. They will not solve anything at all, because with conventional (delusional) “improvement” ideas the whole mess we are in now cannot be solved.

  2. So Trump is the other ultra pro jewish candidate for the presidency.
    He is no different to Killary. So the election will make no difference.
    And so many naively hoped he might bring a pleasant surprise of honesty and caring about America to the Whitehouse with his throw away one-liners and being self funded.

    1. And we hope the same of Geert Wilders the zionist opposition to muslim immigration in Europe. He is just going along with the zionists, once in power he will reveal his true patriotic nationalist sentiment and discard his jewish handlers. Any precedents for this?

  3. John Bolton and his mustache are a disaster, US foreign policy should be neutral and self-defense oriented, but… I don’t agree with the author that Iran isn’t trying to build a nuclear weapon.

    They are. It’s in their national interest to do so. The question is whether a nuclear Iran is a threat to the U.S.. It would not be if the US was neutral and we minded our own business. A nuclear Iran IS a threat to Israel. But that is Israel’s problem, not the American people’s problem.

  4. Trump has to get the sci-fi envangies to vote for him. They form a significant block of voters. Jews only make up a couple % points. This is directed at the evangies.

    1. To some extent this may be about courting the evangelical “Christian” vote.

      But I suspect that this is more about saying that he is willing to co-operate. The Jewry already knows that Trump is not an old-fashioned American or European nationalist. They were always at least to some degree anti-Semitic. They would all have freaked out if one of their children would have married a Jew. Even Ross Perot tried to prevent his daughter from marrying a Jew, and also succeeded in preventing that from happening.

      If Trump had tried to raise their children to be at least somewhat anti-Semitic I don´t think that two of his children (Ivanka and Eric) would have ended up with a Jewish spouse.

      But not being an anti-Semite is not the same always, or most times, be willing to co-operate. There are people who accept that their children marry Jews but are still not fanatic supporters of Israel. Even some Jews and half-Jews are not fanatic supporters of Israel. Some of them even dislike Israel for various reasons. Some Orthodox Jews say that Israel should not have been created before the Jewish Messiah has arrived. Some non-religious Jews and half-Jews think that it was unfair to kick out the existing Palestinian population since they had not done any harm to the Jewish people during WWII. In Sweden, polls in the past have indicated that about 10 % of the Swedish Jews are not Zionists.

      So AIPAC and American media owners may question to which degree Trump is willing to co-operate. They don´t approve of his idea on wall on the border to Mexico and reduced immigration to the US and they probably also don´t like his protectionism either. The question is to which degree Trump would be willing to co-operate on non-core issues. By saying that he would consider to pick John Bolton as Secretary of State he gives those who control the big media and are manufacturing the voting machines a hint that he would not be too obstructive on non-core issues.

  5. Only European-Americans await address and recognition, which will never happened. Other groups are a priority. This crowd knows it, no need to preach. With Jews remaining in power, the great genocide of the white race will go on as planned.
    Law, order, safety, blach, blach…
    ” When they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes.”

  6. There you go. The Jewish Lobby will never permit any presidential candidate to be anti-Jewish. I will not write antisemitic as this term is so used up and also falsely applied by most.
    What we can except at any case is the speeding up of major conflicts be it with Clinton or Trump, because the seeds have successfully been planted by the forces of Darkness.
    The only danger with Trump for the Jewish warmongering Lobby is that he might not be 100% controllable. SO there is probably a chance of some glimpses of reason. Of course I wouldn’t take it for granted, but let’s say in the best case.
    While with Clinton..better no hoping at all.
    Even the hardcore leftist got offended by Bernie Sanders retreat in favor of Hillary Clinton.

    Well the good thing is that all the disappointments will might lead to a wake up for some people.

  7. When you examine John Bolton’s career it reveals how power is really exercised in the modern world and how elections are just a side show to distract the public. John Bolton has been described by Wikipedia as a ‘politician’, but as far as I know he has never been elected to position of responsibility. I think that it would be more accurate to describe him as a highly politicized civil servant who works tirelessly behind the scenes to promote the globalist and Zionist agenda. He is part of a large international network of officials, academics, politicians, and bankers collectively known as ‘the Bilderbergs’ who plan the future in various forums, think tanks and lobby groups. It does not matter which stooge gets elected as president because this international elite know that their long term plans will continue on course despite them or with their assistance.

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