More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested in Germany

Another four Islamic State (IS) refugee-terrorist have been arrested in dawn raids on Thursday, February 4, at three “asylum centers” across Germany—with the cell leader being detained in an in an “asylum home” in Attendorn, North Rhine-Westphalia, after entering the country as a “refugee” last year.


IS-arrest in Berlin on Thursday morning.

According to reports in the German media, the arrests pre-empted a major IS attack in Berlin and other unspecified cities in Europe. The Berlin attack was scheduled to take place at the famous Alexanderplatz in the city, a major tourist hub next to the city’s iconic TV station tower.

Two of those arrested were invaders who entered Germany previously, and had obtained jobs working for a tourist bus company on the Alexanderplatz. This was, police said, how the group had decided on that venue as a target.

The cell leader, a 35-year-old Algerian, was arrested on Thursday in an “asylum home” in Attendorn, North Rhine-Westphalia, police said.

He entered Germany in autumn 2015 as a “refugee,” police confirmed, coming up through the “Balkan route” and being registered as a “refugee” in Bavaria.


Police vans line up outside the invader center at Attendorn.

Despite assurances by political leaders in German that they were “checking” the nonwhite flood, the system has clearly failed as it now appears that the IS leader already had an arrest warrant issued for him by the Algerian government for receiving military training in Syria.

This arrest warrant had been circulated to Interpol, but it now seems that the German authorities are failing to do even the most basic cross-checks.

Earlier, the head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, warned that the massive numbers of nonwhite invaders had made it impossible to check them all, and that only a fraction had even been registered. Wendt accused the German government of lying to the public over this matter—and the latest events have proven him correct.

According to the reports, in Berlin alone, some 450 policemen searched four homes and two businesses, arresting the other suspects who are aged between 26 and 49.

In addition, police raided another “asylum home” in Hannover, Lower Saxony, where yet another refugee-terrorist was arrested—although that one was unconnected to the Berlin arrests.

The Hannover arrest, was, the police said, linked to an IS cell originating from the Molenbeek in the Belgian capital of Brussels. According to the reports, police also raided an apartment housing nonwhite invaders in the city, during which explosive-seeking sniffer dogs were deployed.

The police also raided an “asylum center” in Isernhagen, Lower Saxony, where a former restaurant has been converted into “refugee accommodation.” A woman was arrested there, but the police at time of writing, had not provided any further details.

This is not the first time this year that German police have raided “asylum centers” in search of IS refugee-terrorists. On January 22, 2016, police raided a “refugee house” in Recklinghausen, in search of IS terrorists linked to Paris attacker Walid Sahili. Nine nonwhites were arrested in that raid.

The Recklinghausen “asylum center” was where Salihi had lived prior to taking part in the Paris terrorist attacks. He had used at least seven different identities in Germany to disguise his movements and to swindle seven “asylum seeker” allowances out of the state.

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  1. Well, it is not surprising, there have been people warning this would happen as long as almost a year ago. Since then, obtaining false documents has been achieved and there are those that have supported these criminals who should also be rounded up and prosecuted. Why, oh why, was it so impossible for elected representatives to actually consider this was a possibility and then chose to ignore it by calling those who advocated it were just racists!

    1. Being interested in geopolitics I have been posting since August when I saw Merkel’s peculiar behavior and thought ‘this is insane’. This is not going to end well. Fascinating watching a con artist at work. Europeans have been betrayed. Europe is forever changed.

    2. Unfortunately the press sources of IS have been far more honest and forthcoming than our own, they said they were ‘salting’ these economic chancers with their people, and it was always obvious that that was what would transpire. I reckon I could make a fortune in the corridors of power with my crystal ball!

  2. Firstly, I fail to see why an Algerian qualifies for asylum or refugee status – or is Algeria at war and we didn’t notice ? Secondly, how can our idiot politicians keep lying to us about how it’s vital for the safety and security of the UK to remain in the EU, when it must be obvious to even the most gormless half-wit that the current situation in Europe poses the greatest possible threat to our safety and security ?

    1. The whole scenario beggars belief, IMHO by giving £55 million a day to the EU which is a corrupt organisation, added to which much of the overseas aid goes to corrupt countries, then every person who continues to support both has to be tainted with the promotion of corruption as well.

    2. Now Cameron and his other actors will finish the con job to prevent the UK from saving themselves from the madness. Betrayal on a massive scale. Many British politicians smell money and further promotion if they can prevent a Brexit. Stop making Britain a tax haven. Billionaires are the only winners in that game. There is no trickle down wealth from billionaires just greed.
      Vote UKIP.

  3. The whole ‘refugee crisis’ illustrates how far removed from reality the ruling classes have been brought by advocates of ‘political correctness’. Whilst there is a need to bolster populations with falling birth rates, surely it could be done without putting Europes civilisations at risk. Many politicians in Europe have been traitors to their own kind.

  4. Well, it’s now the truth. The rapefugees include ISIS terrorists. Between rape by Morrocans and Egyptians, pedophilia by Afghans, and honor killings by Pakistanis, what’s left to come to Germany? Oh, I forgot female genital mutilation. Germans, is this what you want? If not, GET RID OF MERKEL NOW and REVISE THE REFUGEE POLICY!! Or 1,000,000 more are coming this year.

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